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This article is about a creature. You may be looking for the form of lightsaber combat, Form VII: Juyo / Vaapad.


Planet of origin


The vaapad, also known as the juyo, was a creature native to the Galactic Republic energy-world of Sarapin and its moons.

Vaapads were brown ball shape multi-tentacled creatures with two yellow eyes, with the number of tentacles varying from as low as seven to as many as twenty-three on the largest example ever examined. The tentacles of a live vaapad were almost impossible to count, as they moved extremely quickly to destroy its prey.

Mace Windu developed a lightsaber style based upon the vaapad. The style used quick and deadly strikes to overcome the enemy, much like how the vaapad would use its tentacles on prey. Windu created this style with aid from Sora Bulq, although Windu and his former apprentice, Depa Billaba, are considered to be the form's only masters.


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