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The v'tosh ka'tur was a Vulcan term which translates as "Vulcans without logic. In the 22nd century, the term was taken as a name by a diverging branch of the Vulcan people who were considered 'outcasts' by their brethren.

This is because the group believe that emotions should not be repressed but actually work in balance with logic. To continue their line of beliefs without interference from the Elders, the group journeyed in a starship and left their homeworld of Vulcan.

Around 2143, the group claimed that they had achieved a balance between cthia and emotion. (ENT episodes: "Fusion", "Stigma")

In 2270, Spock was accused of being v'tosh ka'tur after he had performed a mind meld with V'Ger and had decided to try balancing logic with emotion. (TOS novel: Ex Machina)

This line of thought was similar to that proposed by followers of Tu-Jarok.

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