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Full Name: V'Las
Species: Vulcan
Gender: Male
Office Held: Administrator of the Vulcan High Command
In Office: Unestablished–2154
Preceded By: Unestablished
Succeeded By: T'Pau (First Minister)
Key Advisors: Talok (Romulan handler))

V'Las was the Administrator of the Vulcan High Command in the mid 22nd century and a traitor to the Vulcan people as a covert Romulan agent. V'Las conspired for decades with a Romulan deep-cover agent within the Vulcan High Command, known as Major Talok, to pave the way for the conquest of Vulcan by the Romulan Star Empire. (ENT episodes: "The Forge", "Kir'Shara".)

In 2152, following the discovery of a Vulcan espionage station hidden beneath the monastery of P'Jem, the sitting First Minister of the Confederacy of Vulcan was dismissed. V'Las's position of power as Administrator of the High Command was solidified, and he became the de facto head of government for Vulcan. (ENT episode: "Home".)

In 2154, V'Las had the United Earth Embassy on Vulcan bombed, and framed T'Pau of the pacifistic and traditionalist Syrrannite movement, which provided him a justification to bombard their base in Vulcan's Forge.

V'Las then alleged that the Andorian Empire was building a new weapon based upon Xindi technology. V'Las planned to launch a preemptive attack, which threatened destablize a number of local systems. However, Ambassador Soval was able to warn the Andorians, and the Enterprise (NX-01) put itself between the two sides.

During this standoff, Jonathan Archer and T'Pau were able to address the High Command and present the Kir'Shara, the lost record of Surak's writings. This revelation enabled Minister Kuvak, who had long questioned V'Las's decisions, to relieve V'Las of his position, and call off the attack on Andoria. (ENT episodes: "The Forge", "Awakening", "Kir'Shara")

Following the overthrow of V'Las, power was restored to the office of First Minister, and T'Pau became the new leader of Vulcan. (ENT novels: The Good That Men Do, Kobayashi Maru.)

Preceded by:
Administrator of the Vulcan High Command
Succeeded by:
Administrators and First Ministers of the Confederacy of Vulcan
Emblem of the Confederacy of Vulcan V'LasT'Pau Emblem of the Confederacy of Vulcan

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