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Code Name V; Batch 5; Five; the Villain; Prisoner #5;



V for Vendetta

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V developed enhanced strength and stamina after being subjected to an experimental chemical process at the Larkhill Resettlement Camp

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Shadow Gallery, London

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Quality Communications

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Warrior Magazine #1 (Reprinted in V for Vendetta #1)
Image:Quote1.png Remember, remember, the 5th of November, the Gunpowder Treason and plot; I know of no reason why Gunpowder Treason should ever be forgot. Image:Quote2.png
-- V




The background and identity of V is largely unknown. He is at one point an inmate at the infamous "Larkhill Resettlement Camp", one of, if not the worst of many concentration camps where political prisoners, homosexuals, Jews, Pakistanis, Muslims and probably all non-Europeans are exterminated by Britain's new fascist regime, Norsefire. While there, he is part of a group of prisoners who are subjected to horrific medical experimentation, conducted by Dr. Delia Surridge, involving artificially-designed hormone injection. Lewis Prothero is the camp's commandant, and a paedophile priest, Father Anthony Lilliman, is at the camp to lend "spiritual support". All prisoners so injected soon die under gruesome circumstances, with the sole exception of "the man in room five" ("V" in Roman numerals). Although there is nothing physically wrong with him, Surridge theorizes that his mind had been warped by the experimentation. Still, his actions seem to maintain a twisted logic to them. The experiments actually yield some beneficial results: he develops Olympic-level reflexes, increased strength, and incredibly expanded mental capacity (as demonstrated consistently throughout the novel, V is a genius in the fields of explosives, martial arts, philosophy, literature, politics, computer hacking and chemistry).

Over time, the man is allowed to grow roses (violet carsons) and raise crops for camp officials. The man eventually starts taking surplus ammonia-based fertilizer back to his cell, arranges it in bizarre, intricate patterns on the floor. He then takes a large amount of grease solvent from the gardens. In secret, the man uses the fertilizer and solvent to make mustard gas and napalm. On a stormy night (Nov. 5th), he detonates his homemade bomb and escapes his cell. Much of the camp is set ablaze, and many of the guards who rush in to see what happened are killed by the mustard gas. The camp is evacuated and closed down. He adopts the new identity, "V", and dons a Guy Fawkes mask and costume. V then spends the next five years planning his revenge on the Norsefire government, building his secret base, which he calls the "Shadow Gallery". He then kills off most of the over 40 surviving personnel from Larkhill, making each killing look like an accident. However, he saves Prothero, Lilliman and Surridge for last, showing only the remorseful Surridge a bit of mercy by using a painless poison.


V's true identity is a mystery, and he visibly removes his mask only once during the entire story (at Surridge's request), at which point his back is to the reader.

He doesn't even consider "V" his "name", saying "I do not have a name. You can call me V". The only explanation given regarding V's past is Surridge's diary, which V leaves out in the open for the "Finger" (Norsefire's secret police) to find after he kills her. Inspector Finch, the head of London's police department and one of Norsefire's most powerful officials, reads through the diary, but points out that V wanted them to read it. V also tore out many pages, which possibly left clues to his true identity before arriving at the camp. Finch further speculates that V fabricated the version of Surridge's diary which he left with her body, just to confuse the police.

In the comic and graphic novel Delia Surridge states in the diary "Physically, there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with him. No cellular anomalies, nothing". His confidante Evey Hammond speculates in the comic that V might be her own father, who was arrested years before as a political prisoner; V denies it, however, and Moore has confirmed that V is not Evey's father. There is also some speculation that V could actually be Valerie, the prisoner in the cell next to his whose autobiographical letter inspires V not to give up (and which he later passes on to Evey). However, Prothero and Surridge both describe V as the "man" from room five (V claims Valerie was the "Woman in room four" and also that he did not write Valerie's letter), which would seem to dispel this theory.

As Finch comments on the pages V tore from Surridge's diary, "What was on the missing pages, eh? His name? His age? Whether he was Jewish, or homosexual, or black or white?". He later describes himself to Finch as "an idea". Late in the story, Evey, having taken over V's mission, also appears to consider herself anarchy incarnate. In effect, V is an Everyman: potentially, anyone oppressed by their government could become a revolutionary avenger.


Four years after his escape from Larkhill, V begins his vendetta against the government by blowing up Parliament on November 5, Guy Fawkes Day. V then kidnaps Prothero, who is now the "Voice of Fate" on the government's propaganda radio, and drives him insane by destroying his prize doll collection in a satire of the exterminations that occurred at Larkhill. V kills now-Bishop Lilliman by forcing him to eat a communion wafer laced with a lethal dose of cyanide. Norsefire had infused a perversion of religion into their rhetoric, saying that those who were exterminated were not pure in the eyes of God, and V's black joke was in forcing Lilliman to put some of his religious rhetoric to the test of transubstantiation. V then kills Surridge, the one Larkhill official who feels remorse for her actions, by injecting her with a poison which painlessly kills her. Having thus leveled the playing field, V moves his plans forward.

V stages an attack on the government's propaganda broadcasting station, strapping himself with explosives and forcing the staff to follow his orders under threat of detonating them. V then broadcasts a message to the people, telling them to take responsibility for themselves and rise up against their government. Finally, V destroys the government's CCTV surveillance buildings, eroding its control over British citizens. However, V is mortally wounded when he is shot by Finch, and he staggers back to the Shadow Gallery, where he dies in Evey's arms. Evey then puts him in state, surrounded by lilies (scarlet carsons in the film) and gelignite, in an Underground train which stops at a blockage along the tracks right under 10 Downing Street, where the explosives-laden cab detonates, giving V a viking funeral, as per his final request of her, in the process. Evey then takes on the mantle of "V".

Powers and Abilities


Artificially enhanced physiology, reflexes and mental capacity.


skilled armed and unarmed hand to hand combatant, demolitions expert, arsenal of weapons and equipment.



V employs a vast array of unique gadgets in his anarchy crusade, not the least of which is a hand-held smoke generator, which he uses to obfuscate his presence from oppoents.


One of the weapons that V employs is an artificial hand with a time-delay detonator. He once used this explosive appendage to ward off several Fingermen.


  • V's physical body may have been mutated as a result of the Batch-5 experiments. Dr. Delia Surridge once described him as "ugly", but later referred to him as "beautiful". The true meaning behind her second sentiment is unknown. It has been theorized that V may have in fact been a woman whose physique and mental profile had been reconfigured as a result of the Batch-5 experiments. [1] However, V himself posits that this was actually an old stage actress named Valerie who occupied the cell next to his at Larkholl. V's body was also horribly burned as a result of his escape attempt from Larkhill. The full extent of the damage however is unknown, though it is generally believed that he suffered 3rd degree burns over his entire body.


  • In an interview with Alan Moore Engine Comics writer Daniel Whiston asked "Can you tell us who V really is?", to which Moore responded "V's exactly what he looks like: he's an idea, with a mask and a hat and a cloak. He's much more symbol than reality."[2]

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  1. Who is V? An analysis at Shadow Galaxy
  2. The Craft: An Interview with Alan Moore

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V is the 22nd letter of the English alphabet. It begins such words as vampire, valley, and villager. V was the last of the letters of the alphabet to become a sponsor of Sesame Street; it didn't become a sponsor until Episode 0050.

The letter V appeared in Sesame Street episode 3800 with Snuffy, Big Bird, and Elmo, and in episode 3857, briefly partnering with the number 8 (a pairing presumably not intended as a plug for a certain vegetable juice).

Songs about V

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Original Timeline
(Oceanic Flight 815 crashes on the Island)
Boone Carlyle
Boone Carlyle
Portrayed by
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Centric episode(s)

Boone Carlyle
Also known as
Date of birth
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Malibu, CA, USA
COO of his mother's wedding business
In Australia... rescue Shannon from her "abusive" boyfriend
On the plane... escort Shannon back to Los Angeles
On the island...
Family members
Sabrina Carlyle - Mother
Adam Rutherford - Stepfather
Shannon Rutherford - Stepsister

S1 - S2 - S3 - MP - S4 - S5 - S6

Boone Carlyle was a middle section survivor of Oceanic Flight 815, and Shannon's stepbrother. Before the crash he had been used by Shannon for money and as a result of this, his love for her was revealed and they had a one-night stand. Throughout his time on the Island, Boone would spend a lot of his time with Shannon before finally getting over his love for her and letting her go. He later became Locke's apprentice when the two discovered the Hatch and formed a close bond. Unable to open it, they followed a dream Locke had and found a plane sitting on a cliff. Boone climbed up into the plane but suffered severe injuries when the plane fell to the ground. Despite the best attempts from Jack to save him, Boone realized he was going to die and told Jack to let him go. After his death, Locke later described him as a "sacrifice the Island demanded."


Before the crash


Boone comforts Shannon at his step-father's wake. ("Abandoned")  (promotional still)

Boone Carlyle was the son of Sabrina Carlyle, and stepson of Adam Rutherford. When he was six years old, he had a nanny named Theresa. He called her to his room constantly because he was angry with his mother for leaving him alone all the time. One day, Theresa fell down the stairs and broke her neck while responding to one of Boone's many calls. Boone's mother married Adam Rutherford when Boone was ten. He was the stepbrother of Shannon Rutherford, who was two years younger than he. At some point in his teens, Boone worked as a lifeguard. ("Pilot, Part 1")  ("Deus Ex Machina")  ("Abandoned")

According to Shannon, he didn't believe in guns and went on marches. Though he denied this, it is most likely he was embarrassed about it. Shannon also told Hurley that Boone was a political Liberal. ("Pilot, Part 2")

Supporting Shannon

Boone at an Australian police station ("Hearts and Minds")  (promotional still)

By the time he had turned 20, Boone was living in New York. After flying back to Los Angeles for Adam Rutherford's funeral, Boone comforted Shannon, and gave his underage stepsister some alcohol to mollify her grief. He told Shannon she could live with him in New York if it would help get her career as a dance instructor started. After Shannon got the job, Boone was then offered a job by his mother. He accepted the job as the Chief Operating Officer of the wedding clothing subsidiary of his mother's company and had to move from New York. Shannon had asked him to ask his mother for some money, but he came back empty handed. He said his mother knew why he asked for the money. Boone then offered Shannon some of his own money to get her started in New York without him, but she refused because she wanted to prove herself. ("Abandoned")

Being conned

Although he would not openly admit it to anyone, Boone was in love with Shannon and often rescued her from abusive relationships by paying off her many suitors. While he was at a tennis court with Nicole (who may or may not have been his girlfriend), Boone received a phone call from Shannon pleading for him to come and help her. She was living with a man named Bryan in Sydney, and she told Boone things weren't so good. Boone flew to Australia and, although she initially denied there was anything wrong, Shannon showed him a bruise on her forehead discreetly, as Brian kicked Boone out of their house. He went to the police station, and while talking to the detective, Boone saw a violent American being hauled off to jail after being interrogated. Boone pleaded with Malcolm to help and even tried to use his family name to gain leverage. However, Malcolm was unwilling to help because Boone and Shannon were not blood related, and joked that they were not the "dating police." Boone decided to take matters into his own hands.
Boone dicovers Shannon and Bryan's con. ("Hearts and Minds")  (promotional still)
In the past, he had paid at least three men to leave Shannon, so he went to a marina where Bryan was working and gave him a check for $50,000, and made him promise never to see Shannon again. Later, when Boone went to Shannon's house to take her back home to America, Bryan was still there. When Boone confronted him, Bryan said that because of what Sabrina Carlyle had done to her, Shannon had set Boone up knowing he would pay Bryan off, and then he and she would share the money. Boone then attacked Bryan, but Bryan won the fight and Boone left the house embarrassed. That night, Shannon appeared at Boone's hotel room and told him Bryan had left her and taken all of the money. Intoxicated, she seduced Boone, and they had sex. Afterwards Shannon suggested that they return to Los Angeles and act like nothing had happened, leaving Boone feeling very confused and dejected. ("Hearts and Minds")

Flight 815

Boone giving Shannon her medication. ("Exodus, Part 2")
At Sydney Airport, Boone attempted to upgrade their seats to first class. When he told Shannon the agent wouldn't upgrade it because Shannon had been difficult during check-in, she stormed off to try again. In response to Boone questioning how immoral she could be, she notified an airport cop that "some Arab guy" had left a suspicious bag in the waiting area, trying to prove herself.("Exodus, Part 1")

Boone took Shannon to the food court to relax before the plane took off; however, Shannon continued to yell at him about not getting the upgrade to First Class. Boone found a table next to Paulo and Nikki, and asked Paulo if they could borrow a chair. Before he could sit down, Shannon stormed off and told him to "stop flirting with random guys," and Boone followed her out of the food court.("Exposé")

After boarding Flight 815, Boone sat in Business Class seat of 9E, next to Shannon. While in their seats, Shannon searched for her asthma medicine that she forgot to pack. Boone, who remembered to bring it for her, smiled, pulled the medicine out of his pocket and handed it to her. ("Exodus, Part 2")

On the Island

Days 1-42 (Season 1)

Boone after the crash, searching for a tracheotomy pen for Jack. ("Pilot, Part 1")  ("Exposé")  (promotional still)
After the crash of Flight 815, Boone helped Jack in getting many of the passengers away from the exploding wreckage. While he was willing to help, Boone did several things wrong in the panic of the moment. He incorrectly applied CPR to Rose, blowing air into her stomach, before Jack stopped him and sent him to get pens to perform a tracheotomy. He then ran around asking other survivors (including Nikki - who seemed utterly perplexed by his request) for pens, and retrieved a large amount of them which Jack never used. Later that day Boone offered Shannon a chocolate bar, and she refused, saying she would eat something better on the rescue boat. Eager to redeem himself from his earlier mistakes, Boone was put in charge of watching the injured survivors while Jack set out to the cockpit. ("Pilot, Part 1"), ("Exposé")

The next day, he went out with Sayid, Kate, Charlie, Shannon and Sawyer to get to high ground and send out a distress call. They were walking through the jungle when a polar bear charged at them. Sawyer shot and killed it, and they were left to ponder where it could have possibly come from. They were ultimately unsuccessful in acquiring a signal, as all channels were blocked by a distress signal that had been repeating for sixteen years. ("Pilot, Part 2")

Boone giving sunglasses to Shannon. ("Tabula Rasa")  (promotional still)
They made camp for the night on their way back down from the mountain, and while everyone was sleeping Boone lifted the gun off Sawyer. When everyone asks why he did so, he said somebody needed to stand guard with the gun. The group gave the gun to Kate, thinking she was trustworthy. ("Tabula Rasa")

Boone argued with Shannon, telling her she could not provide for herself. This prompted her to flirt with Charlie so he would catch a fish for her. When Charlie returned with a fish, Boone accused her of being too manipulative. That night, Boone and Hurley helped with Claire's memorial service for those who did not survive the crash. ("Walkabout")

On day 6, Boone saw Joanna struggling to stay afloat in the ocean. He was the first one to enter the water in an attempt to save her but soon was pulled underwater by the same riptide. Jack, who entered the water shortly after Boone, saved him but was unable to get back in time to save Joanna. Boone was despondent and bitter, blaming himself for Joanna's death. He grew angry at Jack for going after him rather than Joanna, and tried to establish himself as useful and attempted to ration the camp's remaining water supply on his own. The other survivors mistook this as an attempt by him to steal all the water for himself. He was about to be attacked and harmed when Jack intervened on his behalf. ("White Rabbit")

When Jack attempted to persuade the rest of the survivors to move to the caves he discovered, Boone and Shannon decided to stay at the beach camp with Kate, Sawyer, Sayid, Michael, Walt and others as they believed there is a possibility that they may still be rescued. ("House of the Rising Sun")

While he was treated as an outsider for a brief time, he was quickly accepted back into the fold after he proved himself to have a helpful and friendly attitude after all. He assisted the survivors on several projects, including Sayid's attempts to triangulate the French signal, and rescuing Jack from the cave-in. ("The Moth")

Boone at the beach. ("White Rabbit")  (promotional still)
After Shannon's inhaler ran out, Boone went looking for her replacements in Sawyer's stash. Sawyer beat Boone for going through his stuff, and Boone ran to the caves to tell Jack and the other survivors what Sawyer had done. It later turned out Sawyer did not have the medicine, but Sun was able to help Shannon using some plants native to the Island. ("Confidence Man")

When Hurley built a golf course, Boone encouraged Shannon to come with him to see Jack, Hurley, Michael and Charlie play. At the game, Boone bet against Sawyer for two bottles of sunscreen for Shannon. ("Solitary")

When Hurley tried to take an island census, Boone informed him that Sawyer had the flight manifest. When he asked Hurley why he was making the census, Hurley told him about the attack on Claire at the caves. Shannon then refused to move there, to Boone's dismay. ("Raised by Another")

Boone was a part of the search party that went looking for Claire after she was taken by Ethan. Boone and Locke split up from Jack and Kate, and began to form a bond. They talked of their lives before the crash, but Boone did not believe Locke had worked at a box company. When Locke threw a flashlight to Boone, it fell on top of a hatch buried in the ground. ("All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues")

Boone worked with Locke to break into the Hatch, stealing the ax to break the glass, and even lying to Shannon, at Locke's request, about what he was doing. Because he was away from the beach so much, Shannon started to form a relationship with Sayid, which Boone grew jealous of, especially when Shannon sang for Sayid. ("Whatever the Case May Be")

Locke built a trebuchet to open the Hatch but that ultimately failed. Boone told Locke the survivors were getting suspicious since they were not bringing back boar, but Locke replied, "What we're doing here is far more important." As Boone regularly went on hunting trips with Locke into the jungle, Locke began to notice his feelings toward Shannon. When Boone told him that he was going to tell Shannon about the Hatch, Locke drugged him and tied him up to a tree 4 miles east of camp. While tied up, Boone experienced a hallucination of being chased by the Monster and finding Shannon dead.
Boone and Shannon run away from what he thinks is the Monster. ("Hearts and Minds")  (promotional still)
He eventually found his way back to camp, and attempted to kill Locke for causing his sister's death. When Boone told Locke that Shannon had died in his arms, Locke asked Boone why there was no blood on him. Boone realized the entire thing was a hallucination, and when Locke asked Boone how he felt when Shannon died, Boone couldn't help but give the honest answer that he felt relieved. The experience helped Boone learn to let go of Shannon, and become more devoted to "listening to the Island" with Locke. ("Hearts and Minds")

When Michael and Walt fought on day 25, Walt found refuge with Boone and Locke, who taught the boy how to throw a knife. Later that day at the caves, Boone shrugged off a nagging Shannon, and instead of helping her, went off with Locke to find Walt's missing dog, Vincent. However, Boone and Locke stumbled upon Claire instead. ("Special")

Knowing Ethan would return for Claire, the survivors decided to have some people take shifts to act as guards all day and night. Boone volunteered to be one, but Scott was still killed when Ethan attacked coming not from the jungle but from the ocean. ("Homecoming")

After Charlie killed Ethan in a failed capture, things began to cool down on the Island. Sayid came to Boone to explain that he and Shannon were drawing closer. Boone became aggressive, and Sayid told him he was not asking Boone's permission. Boone told Sayid that Shannon had a thing for "guys who can take care of her" and would leave him eventually. ("...In Translation")

On day 40, Locke took Boone to the Beechcraft he had seen in a dream. On the way there, Locke confided in Boone about his paralysis and healing. Because Locke was having difficulty walking, he told Boone to climb into the plane to investigate.
Boone accepts his fate. ("Do No Harm")
Boone discovered the Beechcraft was really a Nigerian drug runner plane when he found a number of Virgin Mary statuettes all filled with heroin. He tried the plane's radio and briefly made contact with someone who claimed to be a survivor of Oceanic Flight 815. The plane fell with Boone still inside, and he was crushed. Locke carried him back to the caves, where Jack asked him what had happened. Locke said Boone had fallen off a cliff, then left for The Hatch. ("Deus Ex Machina")

Jack, with the aid of Sun, battled desperately to save Boone, even giving him some of his own blood in a transfusion, but Jack could not save him. He realized Boone's leg was compartmentalizing the blood and attempted to cut it off, but Boone stopped him, not wanting Jack to use all of the survivors medical supplies fighting to keep him alive. Boone died a few moments later. His last words were "Tell Shannon...tell her..." He died before he could complete his last phrase. ("Do No Harm")


Shannon is unable to let go of her brother. ("The Greater Good")

Boone's death coincided with the birth of Aaron Littleton to Claire. As Claire brought her newborn son back to the beach, Sayid and Shannon returned from their romantic day together at a stretch further down the beach. Against the backdrop of the joy of Claire's newborn, Jack was forced to deliver the heartbreaking news to Shannon that her brother had died. ("Do No Harm")

Boone's death was felt by the entire camp - specifically Shannon. She seemed unable to cope with his death, and sat with his corpse in the caves. Later that day, Boone was buried along with the other deceased survivors in the graveyard. Shannon did not speak at his funeral, but Sayid instead when Shannon was unable to, and when Locke showed up, Jack attacked him for causing Boone's death. However, it would be Shannon who attempted to avenge her brother's death as she held Locke at gunpoint in a confrontation. She pulled the trigger, but was prevented from hurting Locke by Sayid as he pushed her out of the way - this seemed to dampen their blossoming relationship ("The Greater Good")

Shannon became increasingly more unable to cope and refused to let go of her brother's memory - even going as far as to drag both their suitcases to the caves during the first exodus of the beach camp. She was aided by Sayid, and their relationship seemed to repair itself as he allowed her to grieve. As the raft prepared to sail, Walt gave Shannon custody of Vincent to help make her feel better after the loss of Boone. ("Exodus, Part 1")

Locke revealed to Desmond that he had felt extremely guilty, because he had been a great influence on Boone, and this had eventually resulted in his death.("Live Together, Die Alone")

Boone, guiding Locke in his vision. ("Further Instructions")  (promotional still)

Twenty-seven days after Boone's death, Locke was in search of further instructions from the island. He set up a sweat lodge and consumed some of the same paste that he had put on Boone earlier on during their stay on the island . It seemed that nothing was going to happen when Boone appeared from beside John in the sweat lodge.

When Locke tried to apologize to Boone, he acknowledged (with a hint of sarcasm) that he was a "sacrifice the Island demanded," as Locke had repeatedly described him. Boone led Locke away, but John discovered that he had lost the use of his legs. Boone put him in a wheelchair.

Boone led John around Sydney Airport, and warned him that it was up to him to save another survivor's life. Locke saw Charlie and Claire. Boone responded they were "fine... for a while" (hinting at Desmond's later premonition of Charlie's imminent death.) Locke saw Jin and Sun arguing, but Boone assured him that Sayid would lead them to safety, and that Hurley and Desmond would be fine as well. After John saw Jack, Kate, and Sawyer being accosted by Henry, Boone told him that he must clean up his own mess before he could help them. Boone, realizing John wouldn't comprehend on his own, led Locke to the top of the escalator. There, John found Eko's stick, covered with blood. Boone, now pale and bloody, as he was when he died, told Locke to save Eko before it was too late. ("Further Instructions")

According to the fabricated story of the Oceanic Six, Boone was one of the three people who survived the initial crash but died before rescue. According to Jack, Boone had massive internal injuries, and died soon after the crash. ("There's No Place Like Home, Part 1")

During the Island's increasingly frequent time shifting, the survivors returned to the night of Boone's death, and Locke witnessed the lighting of the hatch. He then explained to Sawyer why he had been banging on the hatch, and he then exclaimed that Boone's death, and the person he was, helped him get to where he is now. ("The Little Prince")

Flash-sideways Timeline (Season 6)

Aboard Flight 815

During the flight, he talked to Locke. Boone said he went to Australia to rescue his sister from a bad relationship and bring her home, but she refused and stayed in Sydney with her partner. Locke said he went on a walkabout for ten days in the Australian outback, which greatly impressed Boone, who remarked if the plane did crash, he'd stick with Locke. They were both sitting next to Frogurt.("LA X, Parts 1 & 2")


  • Boone has appeared in 8 episodes after his death, the most of any deceased main character to date: "The Greater Good" as a corpse, "Exodus, Part 1", "Exodus, Part 2", "Abandoned" and "The Other 48 Days" in flashback, "Further Instructions" in a hallucination, "Exposé" in a flashback and "LA X, Parts 1 & 2" in a flash-sideway.
  • Boone was the ninth character to ever have a flashback.
  • Boone's total episode count so far is 26 (one uncredited--in "The Other 48 Days" his voice was heard over Bernard's radio); he died in his 18th episode.
  • Boone was the first of Lost's main characters to die. He died with his eyes open. (eyes) (Life and Death)
  • Boone's name is the first name of any character to be said on the show. Soon after the crash, Shannon shouted Boone's name on the beach, prior to his introduction to the viewer. ("Pilot, Part 1")
  • Boone was originally going to be called Boone Anthony Markham V (Called Five by the group). Being called "Five" would be almost a direct reference to "Fiver" a character in the book Boone took on the trip, "Watership Down."
    • On the Season 1 DVD special features, it is revealed that they ran a search and replace on the "Pilot, Part 1" script, it accidentally changed this story to have Jack say: "1, 2, 3, 4, Boone".
  • Aaron and Boone have names that, combined, give the name of Aaron Boone, a New York Yankees baseball player who hit an home run against the Boston Red Sox.
  • Boone has never met Ben, Juliet, Desmond, Ana Lucia, Mr. Eko, Libby, Daniel, Charlotte,Miles, Richard, Lapidus and Ilana, however, he has met all of the middle section survivors.
    • The only tailie he had any contact with was the non-main character Bernard.
  • The Chinese figure on Boone's singlet means the number 84, which is a reference to Yin & Yang - a central symbol in Taoism.
    • 84 is the first two of the Numbers in reverse order.
    • 84 is the sum of 42, 23, 15, and 4.
  • Despite his early death, Boone serves as a plot device or character motivation in every season: In season 1, his death causes Locke to continue his quest to enter the Hatch -- which, as revealed in season 2, keeps Desmond from committing suicide -- referred to in both seasons as "the sacrifice the Island demanded." In season 3, a spirit vision of Boone gives Locke the impetus to find the gravely injured Mr. Eko. In season 4, Boone is said to be one of three survivors to survive Flight 815's initial crash but perish before rescue as part of the Oceanic 6's cover story. In season 5, Locke witnesses the night of Boone's death and implicates it as pivotal in becoming the person he is now.
  • Boone may be based off of Sam, a boy in the Lord of the Flies, and who has a twin named Eric. He may also be based on Simon, whose death was also rationalized as a sacrifice to the Island.
  • The genesis of Boone's death was him going along with Locke and discovering the hatch in "All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues". This only happened due to a replacement: originally, two new guest characters went with Locke and Boone was not necessarily slated to die. But rewrites produced his death later in the season.[1]

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Release date Unknown edit
Race Fremennik Human
Members NPC? Yes
Quest NPC? While Guthix Sleeps
Location Not Applicable
Sells items? Not Applicable
Skill requirement? Not Applicable
Quest requirement? While Guthix Sleeps
Gender Male
Examine An ancient human.
Notable features Prominent Fremennik seer, now deceased.
V------- touching the Stone of Jas.

V------- (named because of his many names) was a relatively prominent Fremennik seer of the early Fourth and early Fifth Ages. V------- was well known at the time, and several modern researchers, such as the mage Movario once speculated that he may have been responsible for discovering the Stone of Jas.

According to the Moonclan Manual (sold by Baba Yaga), V------- was a seeker of the Stone of Jas, but whether he actually found it or not is left unclear. However, it is hinted that, at least while close to the previous location of the Stone of Jas, he first discovered magically altered rocks that over time became source of the form of magic that the Moon Clan use today. Since one of the 'stones' which V------- found eventually became the Astral Altar, it is possible that not only Runes but also Runecrafting altars stem from the Stone's power.

During While Guthix Sleeps, players see a cutscene of V-------, at this point quite short and stumpy looking, touching the Stone of Jas and suddenly growing to normal human height. This discovery led to the separation of the Fremmenik and the Moon Clan.

Because the cutscene shows V------- growing to normal human height, and V-------'s discovery led to the split from the Fremmenik, it is unknown how the rest of the human race grew to these dimensions, as the modern Moon Clan seem to be of the same height as the other human civilizations. It is possible that when the other civilizations discovered magic for themselves, they too began to look like the modern humans today.

List of known names

His name differs from player to player. Below is a list of known names:

  • Vasador
  • Valador
  • Valator
  • Vanjute
  • Vanjuta
  • Verisad
  • Vistola
  • Vlatoad
  • Vonjuta
  • Vudisor
  • Vundiar
  • Vaasdor
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Star Wars Galaxies Server


See Vehicles.


Vet or veteran, is a term for players that have played for a vast amount of time. Those that have played for a year are considered to be, "One-Year Vets".


Short for Corellian Corvette, refering to a high level dungeon/quest or the Corellian Corvette that is located in Deep Space or Kessel sectors to be destroyed by player pilots.


Short for Village of Aurilia, the village of Force Sensitive people. The location on Dathomir where players do force sensitive quest on their path to become Jedi Initiate.

As of the NGE, the Aurilia was shut off to all players. Given that Jedi is now a starting career/profession, trips to Aurilia were no longer neccesary. Aurilia has been reopened with chapter 7.

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V is a television show humans watch. Shockwave finds it "illuminating" and "primitive."

Note: In the American comic, meanwhile, he watched The Honeymooners.

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