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Average height

1.22 meters

Skin color


Hair color


Eye color



Beady eyes, oblong heads

Famous members

Senin Vant

One of two Near-Human species native to the sinkhole world of Utapau, the stocky Utai toiled as laborers in the sinkhole cities and caverns of their homeworld. Utai society existed side-by-side with that of the gaunt Pau'ans.


Biology and appearance

Where the Pau'ans were tall and thin, their Utai cousins were generally short and chubby. Utai had pale, hairless skin and large, oblong heads. Two glassy black eyes protruded on thick stalks from the Utai's face, which was otherwise unremarkable, aside from a small, puckered mouth. Utai had stubby, four-fingered hands and were capable workers and mechanics.


Utai workers in Pau City.

An age ago, the Utai were the sole inhabitants of Utapau's plummeting sinkholes, living in dwellings nestled among the crevices of the rocky walls. A planetary climate change forced Utapau's other primary species, the Pau'ans, to migrate underground. The two species formed a mutually beneficial society, merging their disparate civilizations and generally living in peace.

A natural hierarchy formed, with the Pau'ans well placed as the rulers and politicians of the Utapaun cities, while the more hands-on Utai served as laborers and workers. Utai also served as the keepers of the varactyl—super-fast lizard beasts used as mounts on Utapau—and over the years have learned how to tame the creatures.

Behind the scenes

An Utai.

Despite their appearance, the Utai have been identified as Near-Human in such sources as the Revenge of the Sith novelization.


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