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Upland Liberation Front
General information

Depa Billaba


Depa Billaba

Notable members

Kar Vastor, Akk Guards, Korunnai


Haruun Kal

Historical information
Formed from

22 BBY

Other information

Rise of the Empire era



"The ULF is a name, thats all. I made it up! The Upland Liberation Front is a make believe bogey on which to blame every raid ambush and theft and petty sabotage and I don't know what all."
Depa Billaba to Mace Windu

The Upland Liberation Front (or the ULF) was a name created by Depa Billaba during the Clone Wars. She did this to represent the groups of Korunnai raiding the Balawai on Haruun Kal during the Summertime War. It was not really a group, just a name meant to intimidate the Balawai; it had no formal organization, command structure, or even a rank system. The Akk Guards were one of the ULF's few organized units.


  • Shatterpoint (First appearance)
  • Coruscant Nights I: Jedi Twilight (Mentioned only)

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