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Up to date as of February 05, 2010

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This major game update was released on July 2, 2008, officially announced here.


Update Teasers

  • Improved NPC Chat System - (First Update Teaser)
  • Revamped Areas and New Hunting Grounds - (Second Update Teaser)
  • New Quests - (Third Update Teaser)
  • Tutorials - (Fourth Update Teaser)
  • Great New Features and Numerous New Items - (Fifth Update Teaser)
  • New Creatures - (Sixth Update Teaser)


The following changes will be made known so far:

New Creatures


Name Image:Trans.gif Exp HP sum/con Loot
Blazing Fire Elemental Image:Blazing Fire Elemental.gif 450 650 --/-- 0-40 gp, 0-4 Flaming Arrow, Glimmering Soil (semi-rare), Fiery Heart (semi-rare?).
Blistering Fire Elemental Image:Blistering Fire Elemental.gif 1300 1500~ --/-- 0-170 Gp, 0-3 Small Rubies, Fiery Heart, Glimmering Soil (semi-rare), Wand of Draconia (rare)
Bog Raider Image:Bog Raider.gif 800 1300 --/-- 0-129 gp, Boggy Dreads, Great Health Potion, Ultimate Health Potion (semi-rare), Great Spirit Potion (semi-rare), Belted Cape (rare), Springsprout Rod (rare), Plate Legs (rare), Hibiscus Dress (very rare), Paladin Armor (very rare).
Charged Energy Elemental Image:Charged Energy Elemental.gif 450 500? --/? 0-124 gp, 0-3 Flash Arrow (rare), Energy Soil (rare).
Cockroach Image:Cockroach.gif 0 1 200/200 Cockroach Leg (always).
Deathspawn Image:Deathspawn.gif 0 225 --/? Nothing (turns into a Dirty Fur).
Dreadbeast Image:Dreadbeast.gif 250 800 --/800 0-80 gps, Big Bone, Skull (rare), Bone, Plate Armor (rare), Green Mushroom (very rare), Hardened Bone (very rare), Bone Club (semi-rare), Bone Shield (rare), Health Potion (very rare).
Dwarf Miner Image:Dwarf Miner.gif 60 120 420/420 0-10 gp, 0-3 Meat, Studded Armor, Leather Legs, Pick, Bag, Axe,Dwarven Ring, Iron Ore (very rare).
Earth Elemental Image:Earth Elemental.gif 450 650 --/-- 0-129+ gp, 0-30 Earth Arrows, Mace, Steel Shield, Morning Star, Blank Rune, 0-10 Small Stones (semi-rare), Strong Mana Potion (semi-rare), Lump of Earth (semi-rare), Rusty Armor (Common) (semi-rare), Small Topaz (very rare) 0-2, Small Amethyst (very rare).
Earth Overlord Image:Earth Overlord.gif 2800 4000 --/-- 0-168 gp, 0-3 Platinum Coins, Shiny Stone, 0-2 Small Emeralds, 0-15 Small Stones, Mother Soil (always), Terra Mantle (rare), Swamplair Armor (very rare).
Energy Elemental Image:Energy Elemental.gif 550 500 --/-- 0-170 gp, Bag, 0-10 Flash Arrow, 0-5 Throwing Star, Mana Potion, Strong Mana Potion, 0-3 Small Amethysts (semi-rare), Crystal Sword (semi-rare), Obsidian Lance (semi-rare), Crystal Ring (rare), Energy Ring (rare), Silver Amulet (rare), Guardian Shield (very rare), Wand of Cosmic Energy (very rare).
Energy Overlord Image:Energy Overlord.gif 2800 4000 --/-- 0-100? gp, 0-3 Platinum Coins, Pure Energy(always since summer update 2009), Voltage Armor (Rare).
Eye of the Seven Image:Eye of the Seven.gif -- -- --/-- Won't give any loot because you can't kill them.
Fire Overlord Image:Fire Overlord.gif 2800 4000 --/-- 0-125? gp, 0-3? Platinum Coins, Lavos Armor (rare), Magma Coat (rare), Eternal Flames(always since summer update 2009), Fiery Heart (always).
Goblin Assassin Image:Goblin Assassin.gif 52 75 --/360 0-9 gp, 0-4 Small Stones, Fish, Bone Club, Moldy Cheese, Leather Helmet, Short Sword, Small Axe, Bone, Dagger, Bag, Leather Armor.
Goblin Scavenger Image:Goblin Scavenger.gif 37 60 --/310 0-9 gp, 0-4 Small Stone, Fish, Leather Helmet, Moldy Cheese, Dagger, Short Sword, Leather Armor, Bone, Small Axe, Bag, Bone Club.
Grim Reaper Image:Grim Reaper.gif 5500 3900 --/-- 0-245? gp, 0-4 Platinum Coin, 0-4 Orichalcum Pearls, Concentrated Demonic Blood, Scythe, Ultimate Health Potion, Demonic Essence, Mystical Hourglass, Great Mana Potion, Magic Light Wand, Dark Shield (semi-rare), Rusty Armor (Rare) (semi-rare), Glacier Kilt (very rare), Underworld Rod (rare), Skullcracker Armor (very rare), Nightmare Blade (very rare), Death Ring (very rare), Black Hood (very rare).
Ice Overlord Image:Ice Overlord.gif 2800 4000 --/-- 0-100 gp, 0-3 Platinum Coin, Crystalline Armor (rare), Flawless Ice Crystal (always).
Jagged Earth Elemental Image:Jagged Earth Elemental.gif 1300 1500~ --/-- 0-180 gp, Some Leaves, Twigs, Lump of Earth, 0-10 Small Stones, Seeds (rare), Iron Ore (rare), 0-2 Small Emeralds (rare), Natural Soil (rare).
Massive Earth Elemental Image:Massive Earth Elemental.gif 950 1330 --/-- 0-221 gp, 0-10 Small Stones, Meat, Plate Shield, Protection Amulet, 0-2 Small Diamond (rare), Plate Armor, Rusty Armor (Semi-Rare) (rare), Dwarven Ring (rare), 0-2 Small Topaz (semi-rare), Stone Skin Amulet (very rare), Terra Amulet (very rare), Diamond Sceptre (very rare).
Massive Energy Elemental Image:Massive Energy Elemental.gif 950 1100 --/-- 0-175 gp, 0-3 Small Amethyst, 0-14 Flash Arrow, Rusty Armor (Semi-Rare), Strong Mana Potion, Great Mana Potion, Lightning Pendant (rare), Spellbook of Warding (rare), Wand of Starstorm (rare), Energy spike sword (rare), Shockwave Amulet (very rare), Lightning Legs (very rare)
Massive Fire Elemental Image:Massive Fire Elemental.gif 1400 1200 --/-- Nothing (turns into a Fire Field).
Muddy Earth Elemental Image:Muddy Earth Elemental.gif 450 650 --/-- 0-127 gp, 0-3 Small Stones, Some Leaves, Lump of Earth, Natural Soil (semi-rare).
Lord of the Elements Image:Lord of the Elements.gif 8000 8000 --/-- 0-6 Platinum Coin, 0-2 Small Sapphire, 0-2 Small Emerald, Gold Ingot, Fireborn Giant Armor (rare), Earthborn Titan Armor (rare), Oceanborn Leviathan Armor (rare), Neutral Matter (Always, skinning only).
Overcharged Energy Element Image:Overcharged Energy Element.gif 1300 1750? --/-- 0-50? gp, Great Health Potion , Energy Soil , 0-2 Small Amethyst (rare), Berserk Potion (rare), Ring of Healing (rare) , Wand of Starstorm (very rare).
Roaring Water Elemental Image:Roaring Water Elemental.gif 1300 1750 --/-- 0-179 gp, Iced Soil (semi rare), 1-2 Small Sapphire (rare), 1-2 Giant Shimmering Pearl (rare), Northwind Rod (rare).
Sea Serpent Image:Sea Serpent.gif 2300 1950 --/-- 0-244 gp, 0-1 Dragon Ham, Sea Serpent Scale, Plate Legs, 0-3 Small Sapphire (semi-rare), Strong Health Potion (semi-rare), Strong Mana Potion (semi-rare), Serpent Sword (semi-rare), Spirit Cloak (semi-rare), Ring of Healing (rare), Northwind Rod (rare), Great Mana Potion (rare), Glacier Amulet (rare), Stealth Ring (very rare), Glacier Kilt (very rare), Focus Cape (very rare), Leviathan's Amulet (very rare), Crystalline Armor (very rare).
Skeleton Warrior Image:Skeleton Warrior.gif 45 65 350/350 0-15 gp, Bone, Torch, Sword, Mace, Brass Shield, 0-3 White Mushroom, Brown Mushroom (Semi-Rare).
Slick Water Elemental Image:Slick Water Elemental.gif 450 550 --/-- 0-130 gp, 0-3 Shiver Arrow (semi-rare), Iced Soil (semi-rare).
The Count Image:The Count.gif 450 1250 --/-- 0-? gp, 0-1? Skull, The Ring of the Count (always), War Hammer, Vampire Shield.
The Weakened Count Image:The Weakened Count.gif 450 740 --/-- 0-92 gp, Skull (Item), Vampire Shield (very rare), The Ring of the Count (always).
Ungreez Image:Ungreez.gif 500 8200 --/-- 0-90 gp, 0-6 Fire Mushroom, Great Health Potion, Great Mana Potion.
Wisp Image:Wisp.gif 0 115 --/-- Moon Backpack (very rare).
Wyrm Image:Wyrm.gif 1550 1825 --/-- 0-228+ gp, 0-10 Burst Arrows, 0-3 Dragon Hams, Strong Health Potion, Strong Mana Potion, Crossbow, Wyrm Scale, 0-3 Small Diamonds (semi-rare), Wand of Draconia (semi-rare), Lightning Pendant (rare), Focus Cape (rare), Wand of Starstorm (rare), Hibiscus Dress (rare), Shockwave Amulet (very rare), Dragonbone Staff (very rare), Composite Hornbow (very rare).
Young Sea Serpent Image:Young Sea Serpent.gif 1000 1050 --/-- 0-162 gp, 0-2 Dragon Ham, 0-4 Meat, Sea Serpent Scale (semi-rare), 0-2 Small Sapphire (semi-rare), Dark Armor (semi-rare), Stealth Ring (rare), Strong Mana Potion (rare), 0-2 Rusty Armor (Common), Battle Axe, Battle Hammer, Morning Star, Life Crystal.

New Bosses

Name Image:Trans.gif Exp HP sum/con Loot
Arachir the Ancient One Image:Arachir the Ancient One.gif 1800 1600~ --/-- 0-98? gps, 0-5 Platinum Coins, 0-1? Black Pearls, Skull, Strong Health Potion, Ring of Healing, Vampire Shield, Bloody Edge (rare), Vampire Lord Token (always).
Barbaria Image:Barbaria.gif 355 600 --/-- Chain Armor , 0-33? gp, Torch, Fur Bag, Grey Small Book, Hunting Spear, Mammoth Fur Cape.
Big Boss Trolliver Image:Big Boss Trolliver.gif 105 150 --/-- 0-64~ gp, 0-3 Meat, Spear, Studded Club.
Captain Jones Image:Captain Jones.gif 825 800? --/-- 0-150 gp, Crown Legs, Focus Cape, Stealth Ring, Spike Sword
Diblis the Fair Image:Diblis the Fair.gif 1800 1500~ --/-- 0-99 gp, 0-5 Platinum Coin, Skull, Black Pearl (semi-rare), Ring of Healing (semi-rare), Strong Health Potion (semi-rare), Vampire Shield (rare), Spellbook of Lost Souls (very rare), Vampire Lord Token (always).
Foreman Kneebiter Image:Foreman Kneebiter.gif 445 570 --/-- 0-100 gp, Battle Shield, Iron Ore.
Grandfather Tridian Image:Grandfather Tridian.gif 1400 1800 --/-- 0-80 gp, Piggy Bank, Strong Mana Potion, Brown Mushroom, Wand of Inferno, Skull Staff, Voodoo Doll, Music Sheet (first verse), Music Sheet (second verse), Music Sheet (third verse) Music Sheet (fourth verse), Wand of Voodoo (rare).
Gravelord Oshuran Image:Gravelord Oshuran.gif 2400 3100 --/-- 0-97 gp, Strong Mana Potion, White Pearl, Black Pearl, Ring of Healing, Blue Robe, Lightning Boots, Spellscroll of Prophecies, Spellbook.
Hairman The Huge Image:Hairman The Huge.gif 335 600 --/-- 0-60? gps, 0-2? Bananas, Ape Fur (semi-rare?), Plate Armor (semi-rare?), Power Ring, Protection Amulet.
Hell Hole Image:Hell Hole.gif -- -- --/-- Won't give any loot because you can't kill them.
High Templar Cobrass Image:High Templar Cobrass.gif 515 410 --/-- 0-100gp, Salamander Shield, Plate Armor, Steel Helmet, Vase? (rare), Lizard Scale (always?), Lizard Leather (always?)
Rotworm Queen Image:Rotworm Queen.gif 75 105 --/-- 0-86 gp, 0-47 Worm, Gland (rare).
Rukor Zad Image:Rukor Zad.gif 380 380 --/-- 0-50 gp, Steel Shield.
Sir Valorcrest Image:Sir Valorcrest.gif 1800 1600~ --/-- 0-93 gp, 0-5 Platinum Coins, Vampire Lord Token (always), Skull, Sword Ring, Ring of Healing, Strong Health Potion, Vampire Shield (rare), Chaos Mace (very rare).
Smuggler Baron Silvertoe Image:Smuggler Baron Silvertoe.gif 170 280 --/-- 0-26 gp, 0-2 Meat, Mace, Short Sword.

{{Infobox_Creature|List=List|GetValue= | name = Stonecracker | hp = 5500+? | exp = 3500 | ratio = 0.800? | summon = -- | convince = -- | isboss = yes | creatureclass = Humanoids | primarytype = Giants | secondarytype = Misc (Hybrids) | abilities = Melee (0-500), Earth Boulder (200-280), Strong Haste, Self-Healing. | maxdmg = 780+

| immunities = Invisibility, Paralysis | physicalDmgMod = 99%<? | holyDmgMod = 99%<? | deathDmgMod = 100%? | fireDmgMod = 100%? | energyDmgMod = 70% | iceDmgMod = 100%? | earthDmgMod = 25% | drownDmgMod = 100%? | hpDrainDmgMod = 100%?

| behavior = This boss will behave similar to a Behemoth, only with stronger attacks and the ability to heal itself. | sounds = "HUAHAHA!". | notes = New boss that appeared in Summer Update 2008. He is a random spawn with no announcement.

The Big Bad One Image:The Big Bad One.gif 170 300 --/-- 0-2 Wolf Paws, 0-2 Ham, 0-4 Meat, Wolf Trophy.
The Frog Prince Image:The Frog Prince.gif 1 55 --/-- None
The Old Whopper Image:The Old Whopper.gif 750 785 --/-- 0-106 gp, Meat, Ham.
Warlord Ruzad Image:Warlord Ruzad.gif 1700 2500 --/-- 0-59 gp, 0-4 Throwing Stars, Meat, Fish, Scimitar, Brass Legs, Plate Legs, Dark Helmet, Orcish Axe, Protection Amulet, Plate Armor.
Xenia Image:Xenia.gif 255 200 --/-- 0-45 gp, Sabre, 0-2 Skull, Studded Shield?
Yaga the Crone Image:Yaga the Crone.gif 375 620 --/-- 0-8? Cookies, Broom, Coat, Cape, Star Herb, Wolf Tooth Chain, Garlic Necklace, Necrotic Rod (semi-rare), Spellbook of Mind Control (semi-rare)
Zevelon Duskbringer Image:Zevelon Duskbringer.gif 1800 1400 --/-- 0-75 gp, 0-5 Platinum Coin, Black Pearl, Strong Health Potion, Ring of Healing, Vampire Shield (very rare), Vampire Lord Token (always).
Zarabustor Image:Zarabustor.gif 8000 5100 --/-- 0-150 gp, 0-2 Small Sapphire, 0-1 Assassin Star, Poison Dagger, Blue Robe, Might Ring, Skull Staff, Golden Armor, Lightning Legs, Spellbook of Mind Control, Ring of the Sky.

New Demon Bosses

Name Image:Trans.gif Exp HP sum/con Loot
Ushuriel Image:Ushuriel.gif 10000 40000~ --/-- 0-102+ gp, 0-30 Platinum Coins 0-3 Small Diamonds, 0-8 Small Sapphire, 0-14 Black Pearls, 0-6 Small Emeralds, 0-14 White Pearls, 0-17 Small Amethysts, 0-2 Great Health Potion, Great Mana Potion, Great Spirit Potion, Ultimate Health Potion, 0-8 Onyx Arrow, 0-30 Brown Mushroom, 0-2 Demon Horn,Crimson Sword, 0-10 Iron Ore, 0-20 Hardened Bone, Orb, Necrotic Rod, Snakebite Rod, Double Axe, Mind Stone, Magic Light Wand, Death Ring, Energy Ring, Stealth Ring, Gold Ring, Gold Ingot, Silver Dagger, Life Crystal, Silver Amulet, Protection Amulet, Devil Helmet, Might Ring, Stone Skin Amulet, Ice Rapier, Ring Of Healing, Demonic Essence, Wand Of Decay, Moonlight Rod, Fire Axe, Demon Shield, Giant Sword, Boots of Haste, Enchanted Chicken Wing, Mysterious Voodoo Skull, Green Gem, Blue Gem, Royal Helmet, Skull Helmet, Crown Helmet, Warrior Helmet, Thaian Sword, Huge Chunk of Crude Iron, Spirit Container, Warrior's Sweat, Spike Sword, Fire Sword, Rusty Armor (Rare), Dragon Slayer, Unholy Book (rare), Runed Sword (rare).
Madareth Image:Madareth.gif 10000 75000~ --/-- 0-150 gp, 0-30 Platinum Coins, 0-2 Demon Horns, 0-2 Small Diamonds, Demonic Essence, Rusty Armor, Rusty Legs, Mastermind Shield, Demon Shield, Mastermind Potion, Berserk Potion, Bullseye Potion, Axe Ring, Death Ring, Sword Ring, Club Ring, Ring Of Healing, Ultimate Health Potion, Great Mana Potion, Great Health Potion, Great Spirit Potion, Time Ring, Wand of Inferno, Wand of Starstorm, Wand of Voodoo, Magic Light Wand, Underworld Rod, Hailstorm Rod, Springsprout Rod, Lyre, Wooden Flute, Lute, War Drum, War Horn, Didgeridoo, Bloody Edge, Crystal Sword, Mercenary Sword, Relic Sword, Assassin Dagger, Nightmare Blade, Haunted Blade, Two Handed Sword, Ice Rapier, Boots of Haste, Demon Helmet (very rare).
Golgordan Image:Golgordan.gif 10000~ 40000~ --/-- 0-234 gp, 0-8 Black Pearl, 0-14 White Pearl, 0-10 Small Emerald, 0-3 Small Sapphire, 0-4 Small Diamond, 0-6 Onyx Arrow, Green Gem, Mind Stone, Magic Light Wand, Gold Ring, Death Ring, Gold Ingot, Demonic Essence, Protection Amulet, Silver Amulet, Snakebite Rod, Necrotic Rod, Stealth Ring, Ring of Healing, Silver Dagger, Ice Rapier, Great Health Potion, Double Axe, Fire Axe, Skull Staff, Giant Sword, Devil Helmet, Demon Shield.
Latrivan Image:Latrivan.gif 10000? 25000? --/-- 0-150? Gold Coins, 0-6 Platinum Coins, 0-13 Talons, 0-15 Small Amethyst, 0-4 Small Emerald, 0-9 Small Sapphires, 0-4 Small Diamond, 0-28 Black Pearls, 0-7 Onyx Arrow, Gold Ingot, Protection Amulet, Silver Amulet, Platinum Amulet, Stone Skin Amulet, Gold Ring, Stealth Ring, Energy Ring, Might Ring, Magic Light Wand, Wand of Decay, Necrotic Rod, Ring of Healing, Ice Rapier, Mastermind Potion, Devil Helmet, Fire Axe, Double Axe, Great Health Potion, Silver Dagger, Skull Staff, Boots of Haste, Golden Legs, Demon Shield, Giant Sword, Mastermind Shield
Annihilon Image:Annihilon.gif 15000 40000 --/-- 0-159? gp, 0-24? Platinum Coins, 0-? Gold Ingots, 0-2 Mastermind Potions, 0-4 Soul Orbs, 0-50 Viper Stars, 0-30+ Assassin Stars, 0-20? Small Amethysts, 0-2 Berserk Potions, 0-49 Infernal Bolts, 0-82 Power Bolts, 0-99? Flaming Arrows, 0-2 Demon Horns, 0-4 Giant Shimmering Pearl, Ultimate Health Potion, Great Health Potion, Guardian Shield, Halberd, Guardian Halberd, Violet Gem, Green Gem, Silver Amulet, Emerald Bangle, Stealth Ring, Ring of Healing, Diamond Sceptre, Red Gem, Yellow Gem, Blue Gem, Demon Shield, Mastermind Shield, Rusty Armor (Rare), Crown Shield, Tower Shield, Paladin Armor, Heavy Mace, Skullcracker Armor (rare), Onyx Flail (rare), Obsidian Truncheon (rare), Demonbone (very rare), The Stomper (very rare), Lavos Armor (very rare).
Zugurosh Image:Zugurosh.gif 10000 95000 --/-- 0-151 gp, 0-28 Platinum Coin, 0-27 Talons, 0-10 Soul Orb, 0-9 Yellow Piece of Cloth, 0-9 Brown Piece of Cloth, Rusty Armor (Rare), 0-10 White Piece of Cloth, 0-10 Blue Piece of Cloth, 0-8 Green Piece of Cloth, 0-10 Red Piece of Cloth, Rusty Legs (Rare), Gold Ingot, Great Spirit Potion, Silver Brooch, Ultimate Health Potion, 0-11 Black Pearl, 0-7 Small Saphire, 0-8 Onyx Arrow, Boots of Haste, Steel Boots, Stone Skin Amulet, Amulet of Loss, Great Mana Potion, 0-2 Great Health Potion, Jewel Case, Demon Horn, Golden Boots (very rare), Demonic Essence (always).
Hellgorak Image:Hellgorak.gif 10000 30000 --/-- 0-283 gp, 0-29 Platinum Coins, Demonic Essence (always), 0-25 Small Rubies, 0-22 Small Amethyst, 0-21 Small Diamonds, 0-25 Small Emeralds, 0-21 Small Sapphires, 0-25 Small Topazs, 0-22 Black Pearls, 0-25 White Pearls, Great Spirit Potion, Great Health Potion, Great Mana Potion, 0-2 Ultimate Health Potion, 0-2 Demon Horn, Crystal Necklace, Stone Skin Amulet, Golden Amulet, Ruby Necklace, Rusty Armor (Rare), Rusty Legs (Rare), Beastslayer Axe, Noble Axe, Butcher's Axe, Spirit Cloak, Focus Cape, Blue Robe, Crown Armor, Knight Legs, Crown Legs, Magma Legs, Steel Boots, Spellbook of Warding, Spellbook of Mind Control, Golden Armor, Golden Legs, Spellbook of Lost Souls (semi-rare), Vile Axe (semi-rare) Executioner (rare), Spellscroll of Prophecies (rare), Demonbone Amulet (rare), Voltage Armor (rare), Spellbook of Dark Mysteries (very rare), Demonwing Axe (very rare), Great Axe (very rare).

New Objects

Name: Image:
Covered Wagon Image:Covered Wagon.gif
Demon Oak
Desert Carriage Image:Desert Carriage.gif
Knight Statue Image:New Knight Statue.gif
Sorcerer Statue Image:Sorcerer Statue.gif

New Quests

New NPCs

Name Image:Trans.gif Job Buy/Sell Location
Arkulius Image:Arkulius.gif Headmaster yes Edron, Ivory Towers (above Lailene)
Black Bert Image:Black Bert.gif Black Marketeer yes Thais docks, second floor, to the right
Carlos Image:Carlos.gif Hungry Nobleman yes Small island south of Rookgaard.
Captain Haba Image:Captain Haba.gif Ship Captain yes Svargrond
Captain Kurt Image:Captain Kurt.gif Ship Captain no Island of Destiny
Chief Grarkharok Image:Chief Grarkharok.gif Unknown Occupation no Rumored to inhabit the Edron mountains
Druid Yandur Image:Druid Yandur.gif Druid no Island of Destiny
Guide Alexena Image:Guide Alexena.gif Guide no The dock of Carlin on Harbour Lane, here.
Guide Behil Image:Guide Behil.gif Guide no Darashia
Guide Davina Image:Guide Davina.gif Guide no Liberty Bay
Guide Elena Image:Guide Elena.gif Guide no Venore, here.
Guide Jonathan Image:Guide Jonathan.gif Guide no Edron
Guide Luke Image:Guide Luke.gif Guide no Thais boat dock at Harbour and Main Street.
Guide Rahlkora Image:Guide Rahlkora.gif Guide no Ankrahmun, near boat
Guide Thelandil Image:Guide Thelandil.gif Guide no Ab'dendriel
Guide Tiko Image:Guide Tiko.gif Guide no Port Hope, near boat
Jerom Image:Jerom.gif Unknown Occupation no Edron, near Stonehome.
Knight Hykrion Image:Knight Hykrion.gif Knight no Island of Destiny
Lailene Image:Lailene.gif Magic Robe Shopkeeper yes Noodles Academy of Modern Magic on Edron, in the south east tower, two floors up, here.
Paladin Narai Image:Paladin Narai.gif Paladin no Island of Destiny
Raffael Image:Raffael.gif Equipment Shopkeeper, Banker yes Island of Destiny
Santiago Image:Santiago.gif Fisherman no The small tutorial island south of Rookgaard.
Sorcerer Estrella Image:Sorcerer Estrella.gif Sorcerer no Island of Destiny
Zirella Image:Zirella.gif Unknown Occupation no Tutorial island south of Rookgaard.

New Items

The Item Design Contest will be introduced, but will only be possible to get when winning one or another competition.

New Amulets

Name Attributes Weight Dropped By
Jerom's Family Necklace 6.30 oz None.
Glacier Amulet 5.00 oz Sea Serpent.
Lightning Pendant 5.00 oz Massive Energy Elemental, Wyrm.
Magma Amulet 5.00 oz None.

New Helmets

Name Attributes Weight Dropped By
Mage Hat Arm: 3 9.00 oz None.

New Armors

Name Attributes Weight Dropped By
Hibiscus Dress Arm: 0 19.00 oz Wyrm, Bog Raider, Boreth, Vampire Bride.
Tunic Arm: 0 15.00 oz None.
Girl's Dress Arm: 0 13.00 oz None.
Summer Dress Arm: 0 10.00 oz None.
Magician's Robe Arm: 6 25.00 oz None.
Ranger's Cloak Arm: 7 48.00 oz None.
Ethno Coat Arm: 7 25.50 oz None.
Spirit Cloak Arm: 8 26.50 oz Hellgorak, Nightstalker, Sea Serpent.
Focus Cape Arm: 9 21.00 oz Captain Jones, Nightmare Scion, Wyrm, Sea Serpent, Hellgorak.
Belted Cape Arm: 10 35.00 oz Bog Raider, Gladiator, Undead Gladiator.
Dark Lord's Cape Arm: 11 29.00 oz Morgaroth
Witchhunter's Coat Arm: 11 25.00 oz None.
Paladin Armor Arm: 12 65.00 oz Annihilon, Bog Raider, Zulazza the Corruptor.
Robe of the Underworld Arm: 12 31.00 oz Orshabaal
Dragon Robe Arm: 12 28.50 oz Morgaroth.
Greenwood Coat Arm: 12 28.50 oz Ferumbras
Robe of the Ice Queen Arm: 12 29.50 oz Ghazbaran.
Velvet Mantle Arm: 12 28.50 oz Ferumbras.
Divine Plate Arm: 13 75.00 oz Dracola, Ferumbras, Undead Dragon.
Frozen Plate Arm: 13 75.00 oz Ghazbaran, Leviathan.
Molten Plate Arm: 13 75.00 oz Morgaroth.
Swamplair Armor Arm: 13 84.50 oz Earth Overlord, Serpent Spawn
Lavos Armor Arm: 13 85.00 oz Annihilon, Fire Overlord.
Crystalline Armor Arm: 13 84.50 oz Ghazbaran, Ice Overlord, Sea Serpent, The Leviathan.
Voltage Armor Arm: 13 84.50 oz Energy Overlord, Hellgorak.
Skullcracker Armor Arm: 14 110.00 oz Annihilon, Grim Reaper, Juggernaut.
Earthborn Titan Armor Arm: 15 120.00 oz Lord of the Elements, Zulazza the Corruptor
Windborn Colossus Armor Arm: 15 120.00 oz None.
Oceanborn Leviathan Armor Arm: 15 100.00 oz Ghazbaran, Lord of the Elements, Leviathan.
Master Archer's Armor Arm: 15 69.00 oz None.
Fireborn Giant Armor Arm: 15 120.00 oz Morgaroth, Lord of the Elements.

New Legs

Name Attributes Weight Dropped By
Ranger Legs Arm: 4 35.00 oz None.

New Boots

Name Attributes Weight Dropped By
Patched Boots Arm: 2 10.00 oz None.

New Shields

Name Attributes Weight Dropped By
Spellbook of Mind Control Def: 16 24.50 oz Ferumbras, Ghazbaran, Hellgorak, Infernalist, Yaga the Crone, Zarabustor, Serpent Spawn.
Spellbook of Enlightenment Def: 18 19.50 oz Frost Dragon Hatchling, Mutated Rat.
Spellbook of Dark Mysteries Def: 16 28.50 oz Ferumbras, Ghazbaran, Hellgorak.
Spellscroll of Prophecies Def: 12 26.50 oz Ferumbras, Ghazbaran, Gravelord Oshuran, Hellgorak.
Spellbook of Warding Def: 22 21.00 oz Ghazbaran, Hellgorak, Massive Energy Elemental, Necromancer.
Spellbook of Lost Souls Def: 20 25.60 oz Diblis The Fair, Ferumbras, Hellgorak, Ghazbaran.
Rainbow Shield Def: 30 69.00 oz None.
Fiery Rainbow Shield Def: 36 69.00 oz None.
Icy Rainbow Shield Def: 39 69.00 oz None.
Sparking Rainbow Shield Def: 36 69.00 oz None.
Terran Rainbow Shield Def: 37 69.00 oz None.

New Distance Weapons

Name Attributes Weight Dropped By
Chain Bolter 55.00 oz Morgaroth
Composite Hornbow 52.00 oz Wyrm.
Elethriel's Elemental Bow 44.00 oz None.
Elvish Bow 39.00 oz Elf Scout.
Modified Crossbow 35.00 oz None.
Royal Crossbow 120.00 oz Morgaroth
Silkweaver Bow 22.00 oz Orc Marauder.
Slingshot ? oz None.
The Devileye 55.00 oz Morgaroth.
The Ironworker 150.00 oz Morgaroth
Warsinger Bow 45.00 oz None.
Yol's Bow 35.00 oz None.

New Melee Weapons

Name Attributes Weight Dropped By
Jagged Sword Atk: 21, Def: 14 +1 29.00 oz None.
Thaian Sword Atk: 45, Def: 29 61.00 oz Ushuriel
Nightmare Blade Atk: 46, Def: 23 -3 46.00 oz Ferumbras, Grim Reaper, Madareth.
Emerald Sword Atk: 49, Def: 33 +3 41.00 oz Ferumbras.
The Calamity Atk: 51, Def: 35 68.00 oz None.
Steel Axe Atk: 21, Def: 10 41.00 oz None.
Ornamented Axe Atk: 42, Def: 22 +2 61.50 oz Ferumbras
Hellforged Axe Atk: 51, Def: 28 +2 88.00 oz Ferumbras
Solar Axe Atk: 52, Def: 29 +3 110.00 oz None
Obsidian Truncheon Atk: 50, Def: 30 +2 65.00 oz Ferumbras, Morgaroth, Annihilon.
Onyx Flail Atk: 45, Def: 18 26.00 oz Annihilon, Hellspawn, Morgaroth.
Dark Trinity Mace Atk: 51, Def: 32 -1 99.00 oz
The Stomper Atk: 51, Def: 20 115.00 oz Annihilon, Morgaroth
Demonwing Axe Atk: 53, Def: 20 120.00 oz Ferumbras, Hellgorak.

Unnamed Melee Weapons

Image: Description:
Image:New Weapon 12.gif A new weapon.

New Wands and Rods

Name Level Type Avg. Damage Mana per Shot Range Dropped By
Northwind Rod 22 Ice 30 5 3 sqm Roaring Water Elemental, Sea Serpent.
Wand of Draconia 22 Fire 30 5 3 sqm Wyrm, Blistering Fire Elemental
Springsprout Rod 37 Earth 65 13 3 sqm Bog Raider, Madareth.
Wand of Starstorm 37 Energy 65 13 3 sqm Wyrm, Massive Energy Elemental, Overcharged Energy Elemental, Madareth.
Underworld Rod 42 Death 65 13 3 sqm Grim Reaper, Undead Dragon, Madareth.
Wand of Voodoo 42 Death 65 13 3 sqm Grandfather Tridian, Madareth

New Foods

Name Attributes Weight Dropped By
Baking Tray (With Dough) 12.00 oz None.
Beetroot stackable, edible 1.30 oz Badger
Chocolate Cake edible 5.00 oz None.
Cucumber stackable, edible 2.00 oz Hydra.
Jalapeño Pepper stackable, edible 0.30 oz None.
Lemon stackable, edible 0.20 oz None.
Lump of Chocolate Dough stackable 1.00 oz None.
Onion stackable, edible 1.40 oz None.
Plum stackable, edible 1.30 oz Elf.
Potato stackable, edible 1.70 oz Gargoyle, Nomad.
Raspberry stackable, edible 0.20 oz Infernalist, Smuggler.
Strawberry stackable, edible 0.20 oz Gargoyle


Name Attributes Weight Dropped By
Antidote Potion 1.75 oz None.
Bait 8.00 oz None
Cockroach Leg 0.10 oz Cockroach.
Energy Soil stackable 2.50 oz Charged Energy Elemental, Overcharged Energy Elemental.
Iced Soil stackable 2.50 oz Slick Water Elemental, Roaring Water Elemental.
Eternal Flames 2.50 oz Fire Overlord
Flawless Ice Crystal 2.50 oz Ice Overlord.
Gland stackable 0.50 oz Rotworm Queen.
Glimmering Soil stackable 2.50 oz Blazing Fire Elemental, Blistering Fire Elemental‎.
Iced Soil stackable 2.50 oz Slick Water Elemental, Roaring Water Elemental.
Mother Soil 2.50 oz Earth Overlord.
Natural Soil stackable 2.50 oz Jagged Earth Elemental, Muddy Earth Elemental
Oracle Figurine 8.00 oz None.
Pure Energy 2.50 oz Energy Overlord
Small Health Potion 1.75 oz None.
The Ring of the Count 0.75 oz The Count, The Weakened Count.
The Witches' Grimoire 13.00 oz None.
Vampire Lord Token stackable 0.05 oz Sir Valorcrest, Arachir The Ancient One, Diblis The Fair, Zevelon Duskbringer
Waterball 2.00 oz None.

NPC Chat System

When talking with a NPC a new channel will open in which you privatly talk with him/her. This means more players at the same time can talk with NPCs.

New Areas

Although no big new area is implemented in update 8.2 there are some small other area's implemented.

New Outfits

Update Images

NPC Chat System

Areas and Places

New Quests and Areas

Island of Destiny

Small Island South of Rookgaard

New Features

New Creatures

This article uses material from the "Updates/8.2" article on the Tibia wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.


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