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Up to date as of February 07, 2010

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Future update This article or section contains information about a scheduled future release or update.
As such, the information found in this article should consist only of facts said in official Jagex® releases, but NOT speculation.
Remember: The RuneScape Wiki is NOT a crystal ball.

The following is a list of upcoming updates, derived from official Jagex content:


Skill updates



Lil Duck 99 asks: Do you plan on updating old skills such as Mining, Smithing that essentially lost most of it's purpose other than show?

Mod Mark: Yes.

— Mod Mark, [1]

Note: The mining updates have probably already happened, due to the release of Dragon pickaxes, Concentrated coal rocks and Concentrated gold rocks.


Fiks1 asks: Will we see an update for construction anytime soon? It's gone quite a while without anything. Then there's all of the current known bugs with Player Owned Houses like chairs turning the wrong way etc. Are you working on fixing that?

Mod Mark: Yes. We recently made an update to Construction in which we fixed many bugs, and we do plan to add more rooms (like the recent menagerie) in the future. It’s tough to add new features when we knew that aspects of the graphics were broken - we had to fix them rather than add more broken content.

— Mod Mark, [1]


Mod Emilee:"Why wasn't there any new range/magic prayers?"

We did neglect the mages and rangers a little with the new prayers, but then Zaros prayers were primarily designed to be used by meleers, just as the original prayers were.

We do have plans for future prayers, specifically designed for mages and rangers, and we will be adding them in the future; just as we did with the original prayers.

The balancing behind the combat triangle is important to us and we are looking at the other non-melee equipment and abilities as we speak! More to follow next year. :)



Crash Jordan asks: Can we ever expect more features to be added to the highsores(sic)?

Mod Fetzki: The highscore module is a very old one and we are currently looking at a major rewrite, which should enable us to add more features in future.

— Mod Fetzki, [1]

This might refer to the recently released Adventurer's Logs, or the Barbarian Assault statistics.

Distractions and Diversions

Court Cases

I've coded a prototype case involving a certain 'Mugger (level: 6)'. Mod Mark played through it and loved the gameplay, so I've been given the go-ahead to code the rest of the project.

Currently, you'll be given a case and get to choose whether you want to prosecute or defend the accused. Then you read a few documents on the background of the case and do a bit of sleuthing. When you feel ready, you start the trial and present all your findings to the jury, just like you did in King's Ransom, but with a few new surprises...

— Mod Nancy, [3]


Elemental Workshop III

Zameruz asks: Will there be a new Elemental Workshop quest, because there's a kinda gate with a body symbol on it?

Mod Mark: Yes, it’s being concepted right now. I would expect to see it sometime next year.

— Mod Mark, [1]

Fairy Tale quest series

Mod Tytn quotes: I’ve just finished the development work on Fairy Tale 3 and I should be happy, relieved and pleased with myself.[1]

Myreque quest series - Part 5

J O S4 asks: When are you releasing a new part of the myreque Quest series? Its one of my Favourites.

Mod Mark: The developer for that storyline was very busy with While Guthix Sleeps for a long time and, since then, has been working on other projects (including, recently, a different storyline). After that, they will work on Myreque part 5! We actually have a nearly finished design brief for the next quest in the series, but it’s not in development yet.

— Mod Mark, [1]

Several more Grandmaster quests to come

Og Gangsta66 asks: Will the next Grandmaster quest have requirements that make it this grade (as you did with Curse of Arrav, where the requirements made it a Master quest), or will the gameplay and the puzzles itself base it on its Grandmaster grade?

Mod Mark: We are currently planning a Grandmaster quest that will have several level 80 requirements*. I know to some people that is still low-level, but over the last year we have raised our top quest requirements significantly, and will continue to do so over the next year.

* Please note that this might not be the next Grandmaster quest we release.

— Mod Mark, [1]
  • One of the Grandmaster quests Jagex said to be released is Nomad's Requiem, which was released on 11 January 2010. However, this is not the level 80 requirements quest, as none of the requirements for Nomad's Requiem are level 80 or above.


Achievement Diary set

Snrubnayrpk asks:

I Counted the areas of runescape that could be grouped into a achievement diary, there are too many areas to reward a item for each equip slot, Will you just release more sheilds and rings or get more creative with the reward items?

Mod Mark: Not all areas need to have an Achievement Diary. Interestingly, we do plan to have an Achievement Diary set with a potential set bonus. Who’s to say that there won’t be more areas, or indeed more slots, in a few years’ time?

— Mod Mark, [1]

Dragon crossbow

Kaiba184 asks: Ok i really only got one question that has probably already been asked, but are you guys planning to introduce a dragon crossbow anytime soon?

Mod Mark: Yes, but not until we have rebalanced the combat triangle.

— Mod Mark, [1]

Dragon warhammer

Lil Duck 99 asks: Will there be a ever be a Dragon Warhammer introduced into the game?

Mod Mark: Yes.

— Mod Mark, [1]

Dragon ore / dragon bar

Australiank asks: Will there ever be Dragon Ore (or Dragonite)? Used to create Dragon bars, of course...

Mod Mark: Probably! Though the owners of such ore wouldn’t be too happy about losing it, and we wouldn’t like it much if they came looking for it...

— Mod Mark, [1]

New Armour and weapons

Andrey138 asks: As a result of new elite content (slayer creatures, new dungeon, etc.) will there be any new equipment released that would actually render things like a whip or godsword obselete in terms of stats/exp rates when training? (A suggestion would be to do so but restrict them from PvP usage because of high KO capability. They should actually be the only ways to stand a chance against future insane bosses and such.)

Mod Benny: We have a big set of equipment planned that will have level requirements ranging all the way up to 99; however, these will only be available within restricted settings. Releasing more powerful weapons to the entire game would have big consequences for existing content (especially PvP, as you’ve already pointed out), so we need to have a good look at the whole of combat before we can take items to such powerful levels that they would make current items obsolete.

— Mod Benny, [1]
Jagex' New Year message: (...)So, what is the new year going to bring? (...) And yes, there will be new combat equipment as well, and also a new Grandmaster quest – but more on that closer to release. (...)


2010: Year of skill completion

Onewhisper asks: Many players, myself included, have asked for high level content, Jagex has confirmed multiple times that you will be creating this content soon. Any chance we can get a development diary about it?

Mod Fetzki: Skill-related updates are much harder to blog about without giving away too many spoilers, too. We can understand completely that you are eager to learn what we have planned for the higher end of the skills, but I can only assure you that there is at least one update aimed at the higher end of a skill in every month until the end of this year. We will also continue to fill out skills next year.

— Mod Fetzki, [1]

Impetuous Impulses

First we’d like to make the Hunter experience earned a bit more rewarding so that you have the satisfaction of gaining XP as well as the drops. Then we’d also like to give high-level hunters a few new implings to hunt. We have a few other things in store for this update, too, but what would be the fun if you knew everything in advance? :)
— Mod Maylea, [4]

New Dungeon

Andrey138 asks: What is the progress on the current high level dungeon? Does it have more to do than the Godwars Dungeon? Is it more challenging and poses unique things to do like in Corporeal Beast and Tormented Demons?

Mod Mark: It’s full of unique challenges and boss fights. I read through one of the design briefs for the boss monsters and the death mechanic was very... different. Some of the biggest NPC hitpoint counts in the game will exist here.

— Mod Mark, [1]

Combat Triangle Balancing

Q) I know that J mods have acknowledged the combat triangle as not being as equilateral as it should be. Are there any plans to fix it, mainly with mage,

and partially with range?
A) Yes, we plan to fix it. It’s too early to tell how this will be done.

— Mod Mark, [1]

Keyboard control

Shamushand asks:

In your opinion, do you think RuneScape will ever surpass it's current engine limitations, like having our characters walk in a grid, or having the game run in 600 millisecond 'ticks'? Do you have any more advanced graphic features planned (bloom, Depth of Field, etc)? Do you think we'll ever have the ability to control our characters with the keyboard, like some other MMO's?

Have you been spying on us? Are you one of our staff in disguise? :P These questions are remarkably similar to questions we have been asking ourselves internally. To answer your questions: maybe, yes and yes.

— Andrew Gower, [5]


More Elite diaries to be created

Jagex asked on the future updates on RSOF for player's suggestions on possible future elite tasks and rewards. As this thread is posted in future updates section (and not suggestions section) and there's a develop blog in the same section created, it is to be assumed there will be more elite diaries in the future.[6]

Barbarian Assault and Gnomeball Updates

Upgrading everything was not achievable in one year, and, frankly, defining a whole year as a year of upgrades was an overstatement. There are many things we are yet to upgrade that were right at the top of our list, like Tournaments, Gnomeball and Barbarian Assault. We haven’t forgotten them.
— Mod Mark, [1]

Note: the Barbarian Assault update was released on the 19th of January 2010.


Unknown Skill, available to all players

We are working hard on a new skill, which will be available to free-to-play and members and which shows our continued commitment to the free game.
— Mod MMG, [7]
Q)Will there be new skills by the end of 2010 and are you working on one at the moment?
Paul's March 5, 2009 Q&A
Wort274 asks: When are you going to make a skill that everyone will love training?

Mod Fetzki: We hope that this will be the skill we are working on now! That’s why we are taking our time with this skill: we want to make it really good, which is why it won’t be ready until (hopefully) sometime in 2010.

— Mod Fetzki, [1]
Andrew: [The new skill] will be the biggest F2P update in ages, but it doesn't mean it will suddenly get new content every week...
Andrew, in Jagex Oficial Twitter.. February 4, 2010

Confirmation that Sailing isn't the new skill

I Pixill I asks: Probably a question you saw coming - Can you shine anymore light on the new skill that's coming?

Mod Mark Honestly, it’s not the Sailing skill. That was a crazy rumour based on a picture of a mage on a dock, who apparently is sailing a ship. He isn’t, and there is no Sailing skill. Interestingly, several of the team here at Jagex love sailing, so it did give us some cool ideas for the future. Oh, and the new skill is far better than sailing.

Mod Fetzki We couldn’t believe it when we saw the fake Sailing icon that someone had put on to the highscore list, but the community identified it as a fake very quickly.

— Mod Mark & Mod Fetzki, [1]

New Year message

Jagex' New Year message: (...) So, what is the new year going to bring? (...) That’s before we even mention the new skill that is coming in 2010!


Magic Graphics Update

"Animation Update: Pack 1" Developer Blogs

Tedaus: [...] In Pack 1 you said that emotes would be updated. However, they were left out and everything else in the pack was updated. Will they be updated in the next pack?
Mod Mark: We hit a bit of a snag with the animation packs. As you know, we’re working on new technology that will allow much of RuneScape’s graphics to run smoother, faster, at a higher definition, and which gives us many more options for the future. We thought we had finished with all the technology relating to the animations, but we weren’t, so rather than rework things (like emotes) now, then finish the tech and have to rework them again, we’ve decided to wait and just rework them once. That way, we can save time and use it to work on other things.

— Mod Mark & Mod Fetzki, [1]

Dragon graphical rework

Mod Knox's response to a thread about the new look of the Tutorial dragon.[9]

We are working on this - as mentioned in the recent Q & A

No time frame at this point - but I thought I should let you know.

We certainly don't need a supports list as... It is already happening!

Have a good day.

Fairy graphical rework

Mod Tytn's Development Blog announces with the release of Fairy Tale III that the city of Zanaris will be updated along with the inhabitants, constituting mostly of fairies. In Development Diary released earlier that year, Mod Joe, presents some screenshots of the what Zanaris would look in the near future. Although not confirmed, it is expected that throughout 2010 the third part of Fairy Tale quest series will be released along with Zanaris graphical rework that includes the fairies homes and landscape.

Game Guide

Player Moderator Article Update

We’re actually planning to update the moderator section of the KB entirely in the not too distant future, as it’s been a while and the team has evolved a fair bit since it was last updated. Player moderators still don’t receive any behind the scenes information on updates, though, so that section won’t change massively.
— Mod Paul M, [10]


Hey Mod MMG

Q) Will there be a Forum update this year that will let us use HTML/BB codes, A way to post different fonts, colures ect?

A) Hey Royiel, yes there will be..... but I don't know exactly when that will be.

1. Last year, avatars were introduced on the forums. An update which surely spiced things up a bit. As the community grows, do you have plans to update and maybe expand the forums in the (near) future? This year perhaps?

If everything goes to plan it will happen this year.

2. Also, rumors go that there is a big forum update in store for us. Can you confirm this?

Yes, we have spent the last few months working on a big forum update, but there is still more work to be done before we can launch it.

3. Are there any new features for the forums in development at the moment?


Runescape client

Hello there! My question is: have you ever considered the idea of a RuneScape client, and why/why not? Thank you and congratulations on all the success.

Yes, we are working on creating a client that can be downloaded if you don’t have Java installed or if you prefer not to play in your browser. This should be coming very soon.



Water Troll

Interview with Mark Gerhard on James Gosling's Toy Show[11]

See also


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