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Trema, an unsent who had started to resent the living.
"Enlightened rule by the dead is preferable to the misguided failures of the living."
Maester Kinoc, justifying the fact that Unsent are allowed to rule the Yevon church.

Unsent is a state of being in Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2, as well as the common name for those in that state. When a person dies, the spirit of the person goes to the Farplane with the help of a Summoner performing a ritual called the Sending. If a person's spirit is not sent, it will simply remain as that, an "Unsent". Unsent are typically overcome by malice and often begin to resent the living, eventually becoming fiends. Some Unsent are able to exist on Spira retaining a corperal state and a rational mind. Unsent like Maester Seymour and Lady Yunalesca were, at times able to adopt the shape of a fiend at will. Some spirits, however can find their way to the Farplane without a Sending if they accepted death before actually dying, as seen with Tidus's mother.

Known Unsent


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