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Unrevisitable locations are locations that are accessed automatically during the storyline and inaccessible upon being left, thus, only visitable once in the entire playthrough.



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Final Fantasy II

Final Fantasy II gave origin to the first unrevisitable locations: the Dreadnought, The Palamecian Empire's airship which the player party destroys, Leviathan, the sea monster from whose bowels the party is able to escape, the Cyclone, which is destroyed by the Wild Rose Rebellion and Palamecia, which is replaced by Pandaemonium after the party escapes from it.

Final Fantasy III

Again, there are some unrevisitable locations in Final Fantasy III: Castle Hein, which is restored as the party escapes it, Wrecked Ship after Kraken's defeat and Doga's Grotto, which disappears once Doga and Unei are defeated. Also, the World of Darkness, the final area, has no exit other than the game's end.

Final Fantasy IV

In Final Fantasy IV, there are four unrevisitable locations: the Tower of Zot, the two portions of the Tower of Babil and the Giant of Babil.

Final Fantasy V

Karnak Castle becomes an unrevisitable location after the destruction of the Fire Crystal. Gohn, Xezat's Fleet and the Barrier Tower are also destroyed after being visited. Several locations are destroyed soon after entering the third world, making them unrevisitable as well.

Final Fantasy VI

Several locations in Final Fantasy VI are no longer accessible after a certain point. After the Apocalypse occurs, Vector is replaced by Kefka's Tower, and Mt. Kolts, the Returner Hideout, Lethe River, Baren Falls, the Phantom Forest, the Serpent Trench and the Crescent Mountain Cave can no longer be visited. Many other locations are also heavily altered after this point.

The Imperial Camp, Phantom Train, Cave to the Sealed Gate, Floating Continent and Dreamscape are also inaccessible after they have been completed.

Final Fantasy VII

After exiting Corel Prison, it is not possible for the player to re-enter it. Trying to will take them to one-screen in the desert where all directions take them to the world map. The upper sectors of Midgar are also unrevisitable locations. The Cargo Ship cannot be returned to after the departure at Costa del Sol which means the player cannot get the unique Ifrit materia if they missed it.

The Temple of the Ancients is visitable only once, which holds many strong weapons and the Bahamut materia. After leaving the Cave of the Gi the player may not return through the door back to it in Cosmo Canyon.

After leaving Gaea's Cliff, Mr. Holzoff doesn't let the player back into the mountains, therefore not allowing the player to return to the Whirlwind Maze, where the Neo Bahamut materia is located, or the parts of Northern Crater seen on the first visit. The areas of Junon players are taken to after the events of the first visit to Northern Crater cannot be returned to.

Once Mideel is destroyed by the Lifestream, it may not be returned to in its original state. After the recovery of Cloud, the player cannot return to his subconscious.

The Shinra No. 26 cannot be revisited after escaping from it during its launch into space.

Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-

There are several unrevisitable locations throughout the storyline of Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-, such as Banora, Modeoheim and Nibelheim.

Also, since the game is largely linear, once a player completes a Chapter, they can never return to that location, save for Missions. Any sidequests, like those found in the non-linear Midgar levels, are missed completely once the goal is completed.

Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII-

The game is entirely linear, so all locations are unrevisitable unless the storyline takes you back there. Old battles can be replayed though by the player simply going back to that Chapter and selecting the point at which they want to start the game up again.

Final Fantasy VIII

The boss fight against Adel leads straight to Time Compression, and while the player can still access the world map, nearly all locations are inaccessible.

Additionally, all instances in which you play as Laguna Loire are non-repeatable, including certain areas that can't be revisited.

Final Fantasy IX

Cleyra is only accessible once in the game, as it's later destroyed by Queen Brahne. The Industrial Area of Lindblum is inaccessible after being attacked by Atomos. The Ice Cavern cannot be revisited after the Mist has receded from the Mist Continent, as access will be blocked by various obstacles at various points. South Gate cannot be revisited. The Desert Palace cannot be revisited after visiting it during the storyline.

After going through the passage to Terra, many areas will be inaccessible once the party returns to Gaia.

Final Fantasy X

Dream Zanarkand is an unrevisitable location, as is the Al Bhed Salvage Ship and the ruins beneath. The Ridge and Beach areas of the Mushroom Rock are inaccessible after the events of Operation Mi'ihen and the player cannot travel underneath the lake ice of Lake Macalania after initially falling down there. The Al Bhed Home can only be visited once, as the Al Bhed destroyed it. Bevelle, which includes the Via Purifico, cannot be re-entered (except the Highbridge).

Final Fantasy XII

The Royal Palace of Rabanastre, Dreadnought Leviathan, and the Draklor Laboratory are the only unrevisitable locations from this game.

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