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Unnamed Spartan (Harvest)
Biographical information
Birth date c.2511
Death date 2531
Physical description
Height Around 7'02" armored
Cybernetics Spartan Neural Interface
Affiliation and military information
Affiliation UNSC Navy
Battles Third Battle of Harvest
Class Class I: 2525
"Brother 'Crolunee, rejoice for the green monster is no more. Banished by the righteous might of our forces. My Needler has never had truer aim. Each shard unerringly found its mark across the field of battle. Why even now, the Unggoy make sport with the green abomination's helmet."
CMDR Ustaf 'Nbekee.

This Unnamed Spartan was a member of the SPARTAN-II program and was a commando in the UNSC Naval Special Warfare Command [1].


During a ground engagement, this SPARTAN single-handedly attacked enemy forces consisting of five infantry teams (25 soldiers) with a pair of M7 Submachine Guns. The Spartan managed to kill an Unggoy lance and their Sangheili commander, but was in turn killed by Commander Ustaf 'Nbekee with his needler. As a war prize, the Unggoy soldiers under the command of 'Nbekee were allowed to play games with the helmet.


  • It is possible this Spartan was Randall. As he was, according to Doctor Halsey, the only one of the three (the second being Sheila who died in the Battle of Miridem in 2544 and the last being Kurt) to be designated 'MIA' between Samuel-034's death and the Battle of Onyx and that falls in the criteria. A more likely possibility that it is Daisy as she died at Harvest.


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