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Unnamed Forerunner AI
Biographical information
Ended service


Physical description

Male AI Programming


N/A, no apparent physical form.

Political information and functions


Primary function

Protect the interior of the Shield World from the Flood

Notable battles

Battle of the Flood-controlled Shield World

"Security barrier breached, high order infection detected, unidentified alien intrusion detected, initiating Stage 3 Defense Protocols."
—When UNSC Spirit of Fire enters the Shield World

An Unnamed Forerunner AI was a construct located on the Flood-Controlled Shield World [1].



It is unclear whether it is in charge of the whole Shield World or just the Cleansing Rings. When the UNSC Spirit of Fire went into the underground section, the AI detected a "high order" Flood infection and an unknown alien intrusion. The AI autonomously initiated "Stage 3 Defense Protocols", which included activating Sentinels, cleansing rings, and Super Sentinels to clear away the Flood and the "unknown alien intrusion". Every time the Spirit of Fire approaches a cleansing ring it will say "Decontamination sequence commencing". It was most likely destroyed with the destruction of the Shield World.


  • The AI's voice does not resemble that of any other known Forerunner AI. While AIs like the Monitors have a more natural voice, this construct speaks in a robotic monotone. It's seemingly what could be classified as a "dumb" AI, as it seems to only follow a strict programming and doesn't even take note of the presence of "Reclaimers", as it only refers to them as "unknown aliens".

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