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University of Sanbra seal.

The University of Sanbra, on Sanbra, was well-known for The University of Sanbra Guide to Intelligent Life, written by Tem Eliss.

Pirate Callow Batta had been a professor of governmental and political history college at Sanbra for almost 20 years.[1] Eppington was another professor on the faculty.[2] Profex Rynalla, a dark side scholar and secretly adept, was affiliated with the department of ancient history of the University of Sanbra in 30 BBY. She researched the lost ways of the Sith in the campus and discovered that a lost Sith treasure known as the Bracers of Najus was in the remains of a crashed starship in the planet Leritor, which prompted her to go there and recover it. Another related trail in the University archives connected the wrecked Sith ship with an equally forgotten and trap-laden Sith fortress.[3]

The University had a branch research campus on the Jedi starship Chu'unthor.[4]

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