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The University of Coruscant, or Coruscant University, was an institute of higher learning, with over a dozen campuses (including the Coruscant School of Music and Southern Campus) located around the planet. The central administrative building of the University was located in the Fobosi District. The University handed out honorary degrees, the recipients of which also received gold rings.

It was founded c. 15,500 BBY by Borz'Mat'oh and Supreme Chancellor Fillorean, following the end of the Duinuogwuin Contention. The staff of the University could publish their treatises and essays via the Coruscant University Press.

In 22 BBY, one week before the scheduled vote of the Military Creation Act, 7,000 students of the University's Southern Campus camped outside the Senate Building, protesting the Act. One of the students at this time was Lela Mayn.

During the Imperial era, its Vice Chancellor was Zokor Polpot, and one of its students included a member of the Sivrak family.

Under the New Republic, a multi-species committee of sentientologists were responsible for officially classifying species as sentient, semisentient, or non-sentient.




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