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United Coalition of Worlds
Political information
Type of government

Militarized state

Founding document

Treaty of Corellia

Head of State

Janos Snake

Societal information


Official language

Galactic Basic

Historical information
Date of establishment

24,296 BBY


Cruentusian War

The United Coalition of Worlds was an alliance of neutral planets set up in the late stages of the Cruentusian War by former Necasian Military commander Janos Snake in an effort to bring an end to the war. Following his desertion from the Necasians in 24,297 BBY, Janos spent a year building up an alliance of neutral planets. The armed forces of the UCW were relatively small, but compensated for this by using extensive EMP and ECM technology. Although it was dedicated to restoring peace, the UCW ideology did not support the concepts of democracy or freedom of speech.

Nonetheless, the UCW was a direct predecessor to the Galactic Republic, and would eventually evolve into it by the time of the Unification Wars.

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