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Uninvited Guest
Series: Doctor Who -
Seventh Doctor comic strip stories
Doctor: Seventh Doctor
Author: Warwick Gray
Artist: John Ridgway
Published In: Doctor Who Magazine 211
Publication: 13th April 1994
Format: Comic - 1 part
Previous Story: Cuckoo
Next Story: Victims



In celebration of another successful "game" with the lesser beings of the universe, a small collective of Eternals gather for a grand ball. One of the artifacts peppering the ballroom is a clock, frozen at the moment of the death of the world it was taken from.

And sitting, with a mocking look on his face, at the head of the table is the Doctor.

Quickly identified as a Time Lord, the Doctor calmly tells the gathered Eternals about the impact of their "games". He outlines the sad history of the world they just played with, and how it ended in terror and atomic fire. Although he's dismissed by the chief Eternal, the Doctor states that he's brought a gift in celebration of their deeds. A crystalised fragment of the Time Vortex. He drops it casually and stands unphased at the heart of the storm the shattering of the crystal created. The ballroom in tatters, the Doctor walks off, commenting that his gift is a life.

A single, mortal life.

As he departs, the clock starts ticking, ticking away the moments of the now mortal lives of the former Eternals.


  • Seventh Doctor
    • Treats the Eternals, despite their obvious powers, with disrespect and mockery.
    • Carries a crystalised fragment of the Time Vortex.
    • Is immune to the storm the crystal created (presumably because he's already bound to the Time Vortex and mortal).
    • Avenges the deaths of millions in an atomic war the Eternals instigated for fun.


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