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Assimilation of Onderon

Unification of Dxun
Theta, observing the Norac's ambush.

Conquest of the Death Watch


16 ABY



  • Theta unites the Mandalorian clans of Dxun under the banner of the Death Watch.
  • The Death Watch is reborn.

Death Watch

Dxun Clans



Various clan leaders


100 Soldiers, plus all that joined his cause

1000 Soldiers (About 100-400 per clan)


128 Soldiers

146 Soldiers spread across multiple clans

The Unification of Dxun was the prelude to the Conquest of the Death Watch, in which the Death Watch's leader, Theta, launched a war demanding that all clans unite under the Death Watch banner or perish. He and his men marched across the moon and fought every clan they encountered until ultimately, they gave in. By the end of 16 BBY, Theta had succeeded in forcing all the clans into joining him.




Theta's first strike

"Trust me, they'll see it my way, and if not, well..."
—Theta, promising Gilad's messengers that he'll get the Madalorians to fight for the Remnant.

When Gilad Pellaeon offered Theta's clan Imperial funding to wage war against the New Republic, his clan elders refused. Theta tried to convince the elders to rethink their answer. They refused and retaliated by banishing him from the clan. Theta began to recruit the younger members to his cause. In time, Theta returned and killed the elders and took command of the clan. He stated that the clan was to become the new Death Watch and that this was only the first battle into creating an army worthy of waving the Mandalorian banner across the New Republic capital of Coruscant.

Attacking Clan Abesh

"I really wish you would just watch your step, I'd like to most of you to survive."
—Theta, mocking Clan Abesh as they charged into a minefield

Theta took the Death Watch east to Clan Abesh, the easternmost clan on Dxun. With his group of 100 soldiers, Theta demanded that Abesh serve under him for the glory of the Mandalorians. The clan refused and attacked the Death Watch. Theta and his meen retreated, to which Abesh followed. little did the clan know, but Theta had set up a mine field, killing a wave of troops. Soon after Clan Abesh surrendered, joining the Death Watch.

Clan Norac's ambush

"Really, I actually wasn't expecting that."
—Theta, commenting on the ambush attack

Theta kept marching on, making his way to Clan Norac. before he could reach the location, he and his troops were ambushed. The Death Watch fought back, defeating the Norac. They captured the Norac's Elder and demanded him and his clan to join the Death Watch. The Elder, seeing the Death Watch's handling of the ambush, agreed and Norac joined the Death Watch.

Clan Tracyn's Inferno

"Who uses fire in a jungle? You've got to be kidding me."
—Theta, commenting on Tracyn's fire attack

The Death Watch, now over 500 strong, marched toward the second largest clan, Clan Tracyn. Upon entering the camp, they were greeted by the elders, who wished to speak to Theta alone. Theta spoke to the elders for some time, noting their interest in his ideals. It wasn't before long when Theta noticed the smoke billowing under one of the doors. He attacked the elders, finding out that they were impostors. Meanwhile, the Death Watch fought the Tracyn clan while they prepared a fire attack. Before long, the camp was set ablaze. Theta and the others regrouped, then struck back, escaping the flames and striking down the clan. The survivors of Clan Tracyn willingly joined the Death Watch.

The final battle against Clan Ordo

Theta: "Ordo huh? You don't look-"
Di'kut: "Just shut up already!"
―Theta, interrupted by Di'kut Ordo

With Tracyn at his command, all Theta had to do was force Clan Ordo to join his cause. He marched his force towards the old Neo-Crusader camp where Clan Ordo had remained for all these centuries. Sure enough, talk of the Death Watch had reached Clan Ordo's ears and they had already prepared themselves for battle. The Death Watch fought valiantly at the gate, finally breaking through. Once inside, the Death Watch launched a fire attack, and while the Ordo clan fled, they were attacked by an ambush party. Theta realized that he would have to kill Di'kut Ordo, the leader of Clan Ordo, in order to control the clan. He marched forth and dueled him. In the end, Di'kut fell. Clan Ordo joined the Death Watch. The clans of Dxun had united under the Death Watch.


After the battle however, the Death Watch couldn't just sit back and relax. Gilad began to fund the group, hoping they would attack the Republic soon. Theta gathered his new force together to prepare for their first target of the start of a new war, Onderon.


The unification of Dxun was the first time in thousands of years that the various clans of Mandalorians were merged under one banner. Canderous Ordo of Clan Ordo was famous for it's unification of the scattered clans during the Jedi Civil Wars. Theta also had used this battle to prove himself to the Imperial Remnant that he could get the job they wanted done. With his might, the Death Watch would soon prove to be a worthy opponent against the New Republic.

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