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Unicorn horn is a members-only item. When used with a pestle and mortar it becomes Unicorn horn dust, which is used in the Herblore skill to make several kinds of potions: anti-poison, super anti-poison, and Sanfew serum. Unicorn horns are also the tertiary ingredient in infusing Unicorn stallion pouches. Unicorn horn is in high demand from herbalists and summoners. When ground using a mortar and pestle, the horn sells for 10gp more that a normal unicorn horn. Either will sell very quickly. Players can obtain unicorn horns by several means:

  • Killing Unicorns that always drop horns. Unicorns, however, do not appear in large numbers anywhere, so it can be slow to get horns this way.
  • Killing Black unicorns that always drop horns. Aggressive black unicorns often appear in greater numbers than unicorns. However, they are located in remote areas or in the dangerous Wilderness. Black unicorns are quite numerous in the level 21 wilderness, but players need to beware of Revenants (or player killers on PvP worlds), which wander around the wilderness. One somewhat safer place to hunt them is from the Mystic's Camp in low-level Wilderness north of the Grand Exchange. The camp itself is not in the Wilderness, and black unicorns can be found in fair numbers quite nearby. Some occasionally even wander into the camp itself.
  • Buying unicorn horns from other players or on the Grand Exchange. This can be somewhat expensive, as there is often a good demand for the horns.
  • Creating and then killing Unicows in the Creature Creation minigame. This is fastest means of getting unicorn horns without purchasing them, as each unicow always drops several horns. This method requires completion of the Tower of Life quest. Any version of the Ardougne cloak from the Ardougne Diary increase yield here.
  • As a reward from the Soul Wars minigame, buying them with Zeal points and selecting the 'gamble' option.


  • When examined, the unicorn horn from the Underground Pass quest is described as "a withered unicorn horn", rather than the usual "this horn has restorative properties" text.
  • Unicorn horns used to be obtained by Non-members, but Jagex has fixed it.



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