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The Unggoy Minor is the lowest and most common Covenant Unggoy rank.



Minors are the lowest form of rank in the Grunt ranking system, essentially being little more than cannon fodder, although in large numbers, they prove much more of a threat. Bearing light-orange methane breathers and armor, Elites and Brutes often send them into battle with little or no compunction. They are almost always infantry and are the most common and most easily killed enemy in the Covenant Army.

They are known to carry Plasma Pistols, Needlers, and rarely, Fuel Rod Guns. The only time in Halo 2 that they wield Plasma Rifles is on the level "Delta Halo". The Grunts on the Shade turrets at the bridge have Plasma Rifles. Most of the time they stay on the turret until death though, so they usually don't use it against you. When playing as the Arbiter, you may also give them one. In the level Uprising, they can also hold a Rocket Launcher if you give it to them. They are one of the most common enemies, tied only with the Flood Infection Forms. However, on Heroic, and especially Legendary difficulties they are somewhat uncommon, mostly replaced with Grunt Majors and Ultras.

Minors are the rough equivalent of the UNSC Private. Theoretically equal in rank to Kig-Yar Minors, they will often be seen in groups with several other Grunt Minors, usually being led by a Major Grunt, Elite or Brute. If their leaders are killed, they will either lose their morale and flee, send wild plasma bolts flying in a desperate attempt, or in Halo 3, arm plasma grenades and run toward you in a suicidal attempt to take you with it. Once they flee, Minor Grunts are easy to kill.


Unggoy Minors are one of the most commonly encountered and iconic enemies throughout the Halo trilogy. They appear in almost every level where you meet Covenant in all 5 Halo games. They are considered cute among many fans. Unggoy Minors seem to panic only when their leader is killed. As mentioned before, Minors have appeared in Halo, Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo Wars, and Halo 3: ODST as well as in many of the books.


  • Minor Grunts usually don't throw Plasma Grenades, but when they do, they sometimes throw it at point-blank range and result in killing themselves instead of you. However, if the Catch skull is on, these Grunts can be much more dangerous and throw grenades very often.
  • Minor Grunts are usually led by a Minor Domo or a Grunt Major. They will usually run in fear and attempt to find cover if their leader(s) have died, though they will often regain composure and attempt to shoot after ten to fifteen seconds or if they are cornered.


Known Grunt Ranks
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