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This article is about the quest. For the dungeon, see Underground Pass (dungeon).



Official quest description: There are rumours of a secret passageway that can be used to get to the other side of the mountains west of Ardougne. Now it's just a matter of finding it.
Release date: 3 March 2003 (Update)
Start: Talk to King Lathas on the second floor of Ardougne castle.
Difficulty: *****
Length: Extremely Long
Members only: Yes
  • Completed Biohazard
  • 25
  • 50 strongly recommended
Items needed:
  • Armour and a weapon needed to fight 3 Greater Demons
  • 2 ropes (4 are recommended)
  • a bow and arrows
  • Spade
  • Tinderbox (optional, you receive it later on in the quest)
  • Plank (optional, you receive it later on in the quest)
  • Lots of Food is recommended, but do not bring 1 bite foods like shark or curry as it is a waste of money, once you get to the massive room that you find the dwarves you can buy food 75 gp each so bring 300 gp or more
  • Monkfish and up for the agility traps. Failing to escape them causes 15 damage and more.
  • 4+ Agility potions or summer pies are VERY HIGHLY recommended for players with low agility as the quest will not state that you need at least 50 agility to complete the quest comfortably. It can take several hours to get to Iban without it. Teleporting items are also useful.
  • Prayer pots. 1 is necessary if you conserve prayer and flash.
  • DO NOT fill your inventory completely, leave 2-4 spaces for items received during the quest. (NOTE: you can receive food throughout the quest in case you run low. You should use the extra food first as they heal less per slot).
  • A Catspeak Amulet can optionally be brought with for flavor text at a certain point in the quest.
  • Super energy potions are recommended.
Monsters to kill:



Starting the Quest

To begin, talk to King Lathas on the upper floor of Ardougne castle. It's located near the south-west side of East Ardougne. He'll tell you about the underground pass and the evil Iban who guards it. Iban is the alleged son of Zamorak. He'll ask you to check in with Koftik who is waiting for you just outside the entrance. If you forgot your rope, a good thing to do can be to pickpocket a nearby Warrior woman to get 18 coins, then you can buy a rope in the nearby General store.

This time, you'll be allowed to go right through the front gates to West Ardougne, so head through and walk all the way west through the city until you find the cave entrance with Koftik standing outside. Talk to him and he'll explain more about the Pass and tell you to meet him next to the bridge further inside. During the quest you may occasionally get messages from Iban that state "I see you adventurer", or "You can't hide from me".

Getting in and Across the Bridge

File:Undeground pass1.png

  • 1 Cave entrance
  • 2 Koftik
  • 3 Place to shoot the arrow from
  • 4 location of the plank respawn
  • 5 Pit you cross with rope
  • 6 Grid
  • 7 Furnace
  • 8 Start of wall traps
  • 9 Well


  • B Giant bats, level 27
  • G Goblins, levels 5 and 13
  • O Ogre, level 53
  • S Blessed Spider, level 39
  • Z Zombie, level 24

When you walk inside (1), you'll see three paths branching off in different directions. Whatever you do, DO NOT take the middle path. The swamp there can potentially drag you down and send you tumbling down a very painful hillside you'll have to climb back up again. Instead, take either the left or the right paths. Climb over the rocks there to go around the swamp and get to where Koftik is standing next to a fire (2). Talk to him and he'll tell you it looks like there have been others in the cave already. He'll give you a damp cloth. (If you've gotten to this point with a full inventory, you will have to drop something in order to hold the damp cloth and you won't necessarily get a chance to pick it up again as you cross the bridge automatically once you activate it.) If you need, you can talk to him at any time to get more. Use the damp cloth on an arrow, then use the result on the fire to get a Fire arrow, or a lit arrow if you used a bronze arrow. Note: Ogre arrows and broad arrows cannot be used for this. Equip a bow and this arrow. (Note: If you accidentally die or teleport out you can speak to Koftik to get another damp cloth). Use Bronze arrows to make your fire arrows as higher leveled arrows are considered a waste of money.

If you try to use the arrow on the bridge guidewire from where Koftik is, you will get a message saying you can't get a clear shot. Move into the small room (3) to your north. Look across the subterranean river and you can see where the guide rope holds up the bridge. Click on it and you'll fire your lit arrow at the rope. If you succeed, the bridge will drop and you'll automatically walk across the bridge. The lever next to you will drop the bridge and you'll automatically cross it, so do not pull it unless you want to leave. Getting back will take another arrow. Before you leave, take the plank (4) nearby it is key to getting through some of the traps later.

The Pit and the Grid

Beware: falling into the pit while being followed by a pet causes your character to freeze inside. The only way out is teleporting. It is advised NOT to have any pet outside your inventory during this part of the quest.

Walk south a little to where you should see a pit (5). Don't go into the swampy area with the Blessed spiders, or you'll be sucked down. Instead, walk to the north branch of the pit and find an old spike on the floor. Use your rope with the old spike and you will create a rope balance to walk across. If you fail, you'll fall into the pit and have to climb up, then start again from the very beginning of the Underground Pass.

If you do succeed, continue to follow the path until you see Koftik standing in front of a grid of mesh (6). This bit can be frustrating. You'll have to use trial and error to figure out which squares will drop you into a pit and which will support you. It's different for every person, so you'll have to figure it out for yourself. If you stand on ANY square for too long, you will fall. Make sure to remember what it is, since you'll need to come back this way again when you want to do Regicide. This path will always be the same from now on, so record the correct sequence or you WILL take heavy damage in future quests. Once you finally do get through to the other side, pull the lever in south to get onto the other side of the gate. Don't feel like you have to complete this obstacle in one go, even with monkfish you may need to make two trips.

It is recommended to save this image and use it as a template for marking your path:

The Orbs and the Well

To the north of you is a furnace (7). For the moment ignore it, but remember where it is. To the west of you will be a narrow corridor. Approach (8) it carefully, as there are five traps in the wall. (These are the 'odd markings'). Right click and disarm them, but be prepared to heal if you fail. If your Thieving level isn't high enough, just heal up as much as possible and run through (if you accidentally stop on a trap, you will take up to 9 points of damage numerous times each second). Whichever way you choose, you will eventually get through into an area with a large, rather sinister looking well (9) in the middle and an altar. There are four different paths branching off from this room.

  1. Start with the very north one. This will be the easiest one. Use the plank you picked up earlier on the flat rock to disarm the trap. Go past all three of the traps and pick up the orb of light at the end of the tunnel. If you didn't grab a plank, you'll have to disarm the traps, which is very difficult. However, for some players merely clicking on the trap and then running over it results in no damage and no traps being set off, making the plank unnecessary.
  2. The next one (the next one to the left, north west) is fairly easy as well. Fight or run through the various spiders and level 53 Ogres to grab the orb and run back again. No real tricks here.
  3. In the west, this is same as the first one. Use your plank to get over the traps, or try to disarm them. There's just more of the traps this time.
  4. Walk through the tunnel. However, when you get to where the orb is, don't pick it up. Disarm the trap underneath it or a log will swing down and hit you for 10+ damage. To disarm the trap, you will have to search the flat stone underneath the orb which may require a spin of the camera angle to actually see. Note: You may "succeed" several times, but don't be fooled - The trap has reset itself. Simply continue to search the flat rock and disarm the trap until you see you have automatically grabbed the orb. The log may swing down and deal high damage when disarming fails.

Note: The orbs cannot be telegrabbed.

Now that you have all four of the orbs, back track a little bit. Go back to where the furnace was (remembering to be careful of the traps in the wall). Use each of the orbs on the furnace to destroy them. You will now be able to climb down the well (You will have to pass the wall traps again twice, if running low on food supplies a technique is to rest, turn on rapid heal and wait for hitpoints to regenerate, praying at the chaos altar)

File:Undeground pass2.png

  • 1 Entrance and crates
  • 2 Place to dig with spade
  • 3 Ledge
  • 4 Agility maze
  • 5 Easy route
  • 6 Squeeze-through obstacle pipe

Koftik will be near here sounding a little bit strange. Plus, if you are running low on supplies, you can search the nearby (1) crates to find 2 salmons and 2 meat pies to get you a little bit farther.

The Cages and Obstacle Maze

Head further down the cave and you'll find yourself in an area with a few cages. Pick the lock on the first one on the left (south-east). You'll notice that there's a rather odd looking patch of ground at the back of it (2). Use your spade on this to dig through and find a hidden tunnel that will take you through to the other side. Edge across the narrow ledge (3) (you can fall, but it only takes off a few hp) and you'll be near a (4) maze of raised beams. To get through it, you'll need to hop over a number of obstacles. If you fail, you need to climb back up one of the ramps nearby, often setting you back a few steps.

There's also another (5), much simpler way to get through. If you have 50 Thieving, you can go a little bit farther south. There's a door that you can pick the lock of. It completely bypasses the whole maze. You just have to be careful to avoid the places that are bubbling. Also, equipping a bow and arrows is a good idea. If you are unarmed and you accidentally attacked a rat/giant rat, you might walk to the dangerous areas before you realised so. Either way, go south and go through the entrance (6) to get into the next area.

The Caged Unicorn

File:Undeground pass3.png


In the next room, you'll find a group of skeletons and a unicorn in a cage. You'll need its horn, but you can't get into the cage to get it, so you'll need to figure out some other way. If you search the cage, you'll find a loose piece of railing. Take this and head south down the path leading to where the cage is. You'll find a large boulder here. Use the loose railing to pry it loose and crush the unicorn. Now you can go back down and retrieve the unicorn horn by searching the wreckage of the cage.

The Paladins

Heading north through the cave, you'll come to a small group of Paladins (3) who have made a sort of camp. They're all level 62, named Sir Carl, Sir Jerro, and Sir Harry. If you talk to Sir Jerro, he'll give you some more food to restock your supplies. Unluckily for them, you need the paladin's badges that they carry. And the only way to get those is to slaughter them. If you do need the food, make sure to talk to them before attacking them. After all, they won't be too happy with you for killing their friends.

Once you have all three badges (red, blue, and green) head a bit west, keeping your eyes out for the traps there. Again, you can foil them by placing the plank on them, or if you are in the act of eating when you cross at a run. Keep going west to where there's another well (4). Use the three badges (crests) and the unicorn horn on the well to open the large doors (5).

Remember this well if you want to recharge the Iban Staff later. This is where you recharge it when the charges are depleted.

The Lower Level

File:Temple of Iban map.jpg

Above is a map of the lower level of the dungeon.

The Dwarves

Now, you're in the largest area of the Underground Pass. And one of the most frustrating. Around all edges of the area is a rock ledge to walk on. The middle is a large, open area with a maze of walkways, most of which are broken. If you try to jump across them, sometimes you will fall and end up taking big damage when you hit the ground below, as well as being in a large area filled with Soulless. Even though it may be tempting, don't eat or throw away food to free up inventory space until you have no other option. Hastily eating the food given to you by the dwarfs to make room for everything you will obtain from here on will increase your chances of dying from a fall.

For now, ignore the walkway, though do take note of the locations where you can get onto them. Head as far south as you can. When you reach the south wall, go a little west, and there will be some stairs in the wall. When you walk down them, Koftik will appear, ranting insanely before disappearing again. Before he goes, though, he'll mention some dwarves that have taken up residence there. Walk a bit to the west to find them. There are three dwarfs named Niloof, Klank, and Kamen in a small fenced area with two buildings.

Niloof will give you some food when you talk to him. If you need more, you can talk to Kamen. He can supply you with unlimited meat pies, stews and bread. There are two ways he'll give it to you. You can buy some for 75 gp, or accept his offer of a drink. If you do take the drink, it will cause you a bit of damage and hurt your Agility a little. Still, free food is nice. Just don't do it before you're going to go jumping across the walkways. Warning: falling off the walkway deals 15+ damage!

The Witch

Anyway, talk to Niloof about a witch named Kardia who knows how to kill Iban. Once he's told you that, climb up the staircase again and head east then north until you get to the first location where you can get on the walkways. If you fall, just go to the south of the room full of Soulless's. Walk along the walkways and take the first turn to the left (south) to find Kardia's house. It is a very long way, and you may come across a cat along the way - (pick it up, it will save you doing the next bit). Listen at her window, and you'll hear her talking to herself about her missing cat Note: You could also look for the cat first to save some time. Do not attempt to open the door or you will take 20 damage from the witch. Head north, take a left, hop across the gap, then take the north branch of the path. continue along it, until you reach a platform. Once you are at the platform, look at your minimap. The cat will be a yellow dot. Head towards it, and pick up the cat. Once you have the cat in your inventory, return to the witch's house. Do not drop the cat or it will run away and hide. If this happens, just wait around for a while and it will reappear at the same location. Use the cat on the door. You'll automatically hide behind the corner while the witch gets her cat. While she's distracted, sneak into her house and search the chest. You'll get a stat restore potion, a super attack potion, the history of iban (an old journal that relates some info about Iban), and a doll of iban. The doll is the most important part. You now need to collect four elements of Iban to imbue the doll.


Iban's Doll


Iban's Shadow

To get Iban's shadow, you need to kill three level 91 demons named Doomion, Othanian, and Holthion. Head north of the witch's house and take the first left (west), at the next platform head south all the way down until you reach where the demons are. Kill each one any way you like (mage or ranged recommended since the demons are too bulky to walk into the walkways, but melee is easy if you have 43 prayer and a good weapon and armour) and pick up the amulet of doomion, amulet of othanian and amulet of holthion that they drop respectively. Once you have all three of them, head just north of where Doomion was to the chest there. Opening it will destroy the amulets and give you Iban's shadow. Use it on the doll.

Iban's Body

Go back to the dwarves and talk to Klank. (If you don't mind losing 18-20 health, just fall down on one of the bridges, and it will take you to the lair of the Soulless, where the dwarves are nearby.) He'll give you Klank's gauntlets and a tinderbox. Make sure you keep it. Next, grab a bucket from the larger of the two buildings and go into the smaller one. Use the bucket on the barrel inside to get some of the dwarf brew that Kamen was giving you earlier. Take this and head to the far south-east corner of the area, where dwarfs and souless live. Dump the bucket of alcohol on top of the tomb and light it up with your tinderbox. After you're done watching it burn, a pile of Iban's ashes
 will be left behind. Pick them up and use them on the doll.

WARNING: Searching the tomb will result in Iban shouting "Leave me be!" and using a spell which can deal 10+ damage

Iban's Blood

Head straight north from the tomb and keep going past all of the Soulless until you reach a corridor full of blessed spiders. Walk inside until you find a giant level 89 spider named Kalrag. Kill her. When you defeat her, you'll automatically soak up the blood with your doll. Now you might want to run, because all the spiders nearby will attack you for killing their mother. Despite not being a multi-combat area, they can gang up on you after you kill Kalrag. Note this part of the quest is almost impossible if your combat level is under 79, because you will always be attacked by the level 39 blessed spiders and when you try to attack Kalrag, a message will be displayed that you are already under attack. Players with combat level under 79 should run to the east side of the spider den, where two skeletons lie against the wall with one space between them. It is recommended for the player to wear full rune so that the blessed spiders deal very little damage. Equip the bow and arrows you brought to pass the bridge. Zip into the space, so that most spiders cannot fight you, unless they come straight in front of you. Shoot Kalrag with all haste possible, and pray that she is near enough. Once she starts attack you, protect from melee should be activated and she would not be difficult. After your kill, run out of there!

Another way is to just stand near her and kill the little spiders. There's a chance that Kalrag will attack you before the other spiders, as she is aggressive too.

Iban's Spirit

Now make sure you put on Klank's gauntlets. From the spider den, head north-west to the far corner of the area. There's another staircase you can climb up to reach the upper area. Or you could simply go back through the main old ladders near the dwarves and take the path west, then go north. Either way, there will be several cages with half-soulless in them. Search every cage. You may have to use a different walkway from the edge to get to more cages. (If you're not wearing your gauntlets, the half-soulless will bite you and cause some damage.) Eventually, you will find the skeletal remains of Iban's dove. It could take a while, but when you find them use them on the doll.

Note: If you die and lose Iban's Doll, don't worry, just go back to the Dwarves and talk to Niloof, he will return the doll to you, as complete as it was before death, so you won't have to do everything again.

Killing Iban

Now to finally destroy Iban and bring an end to this quest. You'll need to jump your way to Iban's temple in the very dead-centre of the area. You'll probably fall a few times along the way, but keep at it. Once you're there, kill a Disciple of Iban to get Zamorak robes. (Kill more if you want to make a small profit, the robes are a 100% drop).

Make sure the robes are all you're wearing, then enter the temple.

Be sure to let at least one free space for the staff and two other spaces if you want the runes as you'll be teleported out without a chance to get them from the floor. The next part can be tricky to get through though you don't have to actually fight Iban. What you need to do is use the doll on the well in the centre of the room. What makes it hard is that Iban will be launching spells at you. Numerous bolts of blood-red lightning hit the floor at the same time, and this might cause serious lag in slower computers. If any of them hit you, it sends you flying back to the door of the temple. Try to time it so that you RUN when there are no magical spikes. When you do manage to get the doll into the well, though, Iban will be destroyed and the temple will begin to collapse.

Note: Protect from Magic does NOT protect against Iban's attack.

You'll be teleported to a cavern where you can find Koftik, who'll be sane again. Leave the cavern and head back to Ardougne and tell King Lathas of your success to finish the quest.


File:UP Quest Reward.png


  • This quest was the last one to be converted from RuneScape Classic. In fact, it was added to RuneScape 2 three weeks after the debut of the current RuneScape. Anyone who had started the "Underground Pass" quest while on RuneScape Classic would have to re-start the quest once again if it was not completed by the final move to "RuneScape 2"
  • When you speak to Koftik near the pit and the grid he makes a reference to the 1994 film 'Pulp Fiction.'
  • Throughout the quest, spooky messages (presumably spoken by Iban or Zamorak, or Soulless) will appear in your chatbox. If you don't want to see these messages, you can simply turn off game chat. Those spooky messages are: "I see you adventurer... You can't hide.", "Hear me...", "Death is only the beginning.", "I'll swallow your soul.", "The power of the gods could be yours.", "Kill, maim... murder.", "Blood, pain and hate.", "Iban will save you... He'll save us all.", "Join us!", "Make them all pay!", "I will release you..."
  • Some NPCs such as King Lathas will say that Iban is a crazed zealot claiming to be the son of Zamorak. Interestingly, Zamorak, in the God letters, endorses the idea of Iban as his son, at least in the sense of being a spiritual heir. He states this as a means of evading the question of whether Iban is his son by blood, so it is likely that this is not the case.
  • Interestingly, in the room with the caged unicorn, after killing the unicorn, the room can be seen where the creature is still alive, but not entered. This means after killing the unicorn, the player is sent from the west version of the room to the east one.
  • You do not need to disarm all traps. By stopping directly in front of a trap then clicking the other side of it you will by-pass them. (step here)(trap)(step here)
  • If you try to open the coffin, A message will appear in the message box saying "Leave me be!" then it appears to cast a version of the Claws of Guthix, but the spell the yellow in colour instead of the regular purple version.
  • For quite some time, this was one of the most difficult quests in the entire game, and remains a challenging quest today.
  • This quest and the dungeon it takes place in both bear a striking resemblance to Undermountain, a multi level dungeon in Dungeons and Dragons.
  • In RuneScape Classic, the border to the west was labelled 'Unpassable Mountain Ranges' or something of the sort on the world map. With the release of this quest, the mountains are passable, but only via the pass. Now, the current western border is an ocean.
  • Near the section of the dungeon with the wall traps, there is a stone tablet. On this tablet, the word "damned" can be seen. This word was blocked by the chat filter at the time of this quest. The word on the tablet wasn't changed, but the word is now removed from the filter and can be said freely.
  • There is a glitch on the lower level where players can exit off of the path and walk in the air to the east of the trap to the west of Othainian.

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