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This article is about the dungeon. For the quest, see Underground Pass (quest).
Location on World map
Arandar Underground Pass West Ardougne
Ourania Cave
A player standing at the entrance to the Underground Pass.

The Underground Pass is one of the ways of reaching Tirannwn, the western lands of RuneScape. It plays a major role in the Underground Pass quest.

In the early years the Underground Pass was a trading route used by the Elves. Later, when Prifddinas became under control of the evil elves, Iban (the spiritual son of Zamorak) took control of the Pass. During the "Underground Pass" quest, it is the player's job to kill Iban. After that, the Pass is under the command of King Lathas from East Ardougne. As of 9 November, the map has been updated to add bordering to certain areas underground.


Getting through the Underground Pass

A player in the Underground Pass.

The following only contains information on how to get through the Pass after the quest is done.

You will not be able to enter Iban's Temple and enter the Elven lands until you have spoken to King Lathas at the start of Regicide. For using the Pass, it is recommended to have a high agility level. Thieving level 50 is another advantage.

These items are needed: a rope, a spade, a bow, and a few arrows (in case you fail. NOTE: only the basic arrows will work; the only basic arrows are bronze, iron, steel, mithril, adamant, rune, and dragon and they cannot be poisoned), and some good food.

  1. Enter the pass through the cave entrance at West Ardougne.
  2. Then, talk to Koftik, and he will give you some damp rags. Use them on an arrow, use this arrow on the fire, and go to the little chamber north. (Note: It is possible to miss, so taking more arrows may be a good idea).
  3. From here, you can fire the arrow at the guide rope, and cross the bridge.
  4. Now, go to the little chamber to the north and take a plank.
  5. Continue going south, then east, and use a rope on an old spike on the ground next to one of the gaps. (Note: It is possible to fail the obstacle and fall. In which case just climb back up; you will need a new rope, so taking two ropes may be a good precaution).
  6. Continue following the path through two rockslide obstacles. You will come to a grid of spike traps. For each person the path to cross these is different, so it is suggested that once you found your path, you write it down somewhere.
  7. Pull a lever and you will go through a gate.
  8. Continue going west, and as you run past the wall traps, you might take some damage. If you have a good thieving level you can try to disable them.
  9. At this point it is suggested that you use rapid heal with the altar and/or rest to avoid wasting food.
  10. Climb down a well, and head to the cells. Enter the first cell and use your spade on a heap of mud. Then follow the path and walk over a small path (if you fail, you get back to the cell area).
  11. In the next area you have a couple choices. You can either picklock the door if you have 50 thieving (make sure you don't step on the bubbles), or you cross the bridges (the higher your agility level, the easier this is). If you have level 50 thieving, going through the doors is recommended.
  12. Keep following the path to the south. Go through the pipe. Go through another area, and go through a tunnel on the north side of the cave.
  13. Keep moving until you get past some paladins. Use the plank you found earlier on one of the "flat rock" traps to get past.
  14. You can now enter a big door to the main area. Cross the bridges to reach Iban's temple in the middle of this area. (if you fail, you are in an area filled with soulless creatures, but you can climb back up)
  15. In Iban's temple, you can talk to Koftik and he will give you a stew to heal you (only once). Enter the Well of Voyage, follow a short passageway, and you can enter the Elven lands! An altar, and summoning obelisk are just west of the well to recharge prayer and summoning.

Maps of the Underground Pass


First level

  • 1 Entrance
  • 2 Koftik
  • 3 Place where to shoot the arrow
  • 4 Plank spawn place
  • 5 Pit you cross with rope
  • 6 Grid
  • 7 Furnace
  • 8 Start of wall traps
  • 9 Well


  • B Giant bats, level 27
  • G Goblins, levels 5 and 13
  • O Ogre, level 53
  • S Blessed Spider, level 39
  • Z Zombie, level 24

Second level

The second level of the Underground Pass.
  • 1 Entrance and crates
  • 2 Place to dig with spade
  • 3 Ledge
  • 4 Agility maze
  • 5 Easy route - Requires level 50 Thieving
  • 6 Exit to next area (Obstacle pipe)

Third level

The third level of the Underground Pass.
  • 1 Entrance
  • 2 Unicorn
  • 3 Paladins
  • 4 Well
  • 5 Door to next room


  • S Skeletons, level 22 and 26
  • Z Zombies, level 24

Temple of Iban

File:Temple of Iban map.jpg

This is the last level, where you will find Iban to complete Underground Pass.





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