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Written by  David Bowie
Music by 
Lyrics by 
Date  1986
Publisher  Jones Music and Brookwood Productions KY
The owl that flies over the credits as "Underground" plays

"Underground" is the main/closing title song from Labyrinth, performed by David Bowie. The song was released on 12" and 7" singles worldwide. The 12" contained three remixes of the title track while the 7" contained an edited version of Underground with an instrumental version on the B-side. The song was produced by David Bowie and Arif Mardin. Additional production and re-mix was by Steve Thompson and Michael Barbiero.

A music video was produced to accompany the single release. It was directed by Steve Barron and featured David Bowie and some of the Labyrinth characters, including Hoggle. It also contained clips from the Labyrinth movie. The music video has never been released on a Labyrinth video or DVD but can be found on the video and laserdisc "Bowie - The Video Collection" and the DVD "David Bowie - Best Of Bowie".

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From The Vault

leader(s): Decker
headquarters: Hub Downtown
locations: The Hub under the Maltese Falcon

The Underground is the largest criminal organization, located in the Downtown district of the Hub. The Underground's hideout, or Decker's Underground, is located underneath the Maltese Falcon.



Decker is the head of the Underground, and never leaves the hideout (most likely not to risk being captured by the Hub Police). Your ability to speak with him is granted only by his door guard Kane, and even so, you will never be able to speak with him without Kane guiding you, and taking you directly back, removing the ability to enter the hideout without entering combat. Decker is considered the largest threat to the Hub and merchants who aren't willing to cooperate.

Next to the bartender is a room guarded by Kane, a minion of the Underground and possibly Decker's right hand. Kane makes sure only people Decker wants to see are let in, and handles all of his payments. Kane is recognizable as a very powerful and durable opponent.

Inside the hideout there are five other guards or members who protect and do business for Decker, but you can't speak with any of them, and they aren't given names. Other members could thrive throughout the streets of the Hub, but you wouldn't be able to tell.


The Friendly Lending Company, or the FLC, is a separate criminal loan shark company in the Downtown district, thus inevitably cooperates with the Underground. Lorenzo Giovanni, the owner of the FLC, never comments on affiliation with Decker (likely to maintain a positive appearance), but one of his guards, Avery, can be found fighting for the Underground when they are attacked by the Hub Police.

In the Dispose of merchant quest, Decker asks that the Vault Dweller kills both Daren Hightower and his wife due to their lack of cooperation. This suggests that all the major companies in the Hub cooperate with the Underground, considering Decker never asks for their extermination.



Surprisingly, there is no loot in any of the numerous storage units in the Underground. The only loot available to the player is that pilfered off of the dead bodies of Decker and his associates.


Dialogue Files: Decker, Kane, Avery and Sheriff Greene

The Hub

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Final Fantasy

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Location Lists

Final Fantasy
Final Fantasy II
Final Fantasy III
Earth/ Red Moon/
True Moon (IV)
Planet R (V)
World of Balance/
World of Ruin (VI)
The Planet (FFVII)
Final Fantasy VIII

Gaia/Terra (IX)
Spira (X, X-2)
Vana'diel (XI)
Ivalice (XII, RW, T, TA, TA2)
Pulse/Cocoon (XIII)
Hydaelyn (XIV)
Crystal Chronicles
Mystic Quest
Earth/Wonderland (Unlimited)
Earth (The Spirits Within)

The Earth is the name of the planet in the game Final Fantasy IV and Final Fantasy IV: The After Years. It is divided into an Overworld and an Underworld. It is known to Lunarians as the Blue Planet. It has two satellites: The True Moon and the Red Moon.



The Earth from the Lunar Whale

The Overworld is a location in Final Fantasy IV. It is the name of the surface of the Earth, and it is where most people live.

The Overworld

Battle Backgrounds


"I'd never dreamed there was another world beneath the surface of ours."
Rosa Farrell

The Underworld is one of three locations in the game Final Fantasy IV. It represents the inside of the Earth, and thus is filled with rock and lava. Its main inhabitants are Dwarves, however, a cave leads to a world in which the Summons exist. Airships cannot fly over the lava unless they are coated with Mythril.

The Underworld

Battle Backgrounds


The picture of Earth shown in the GBA release of Final Fantasy IV is actually the famous image of the Blue Marble.

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Marvel Database

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Team Template Team Template
The Underground

Official Name
The Underground
Team Aliases
Cable's Underground, Mutant Underground


Team Identity


Base Of Operations

Team Leader(s)

Former Members
Blaquesmith, Domino, Meltdown, Maverick, various members


First appearance

Weapon X Vol 2 #6
(April, 2003)



The Underground was a group assembled by Cable to oppose the activities of the third installment of the Weapon X Project.


Equipment: None known.
Transportation: None known.
Weapons: None known.


  • No special notes.


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This article is about dungeons found around Gielinor. For the room that members can build in their house, see Dungeon.
This article is about dungeons found around Gielinor. For Dungeon Maps, see World_map#Dungeon_maps.

Dungeons are usually subterranean areas (however not always) typically filled with hostile monsters, traps, and other hazards. They are often, but not always, part of a quest storyline.




The Kalphite Queen lurking at the Kalphite Lair in the Kharidian desert.

Kharidian desert



Fremennik Province


Feldip Hills



The Treasure Room in a dungeon owned by a player.

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From Wookieepedia, the Star Wars wiki.

"Underground" was the primary cantina on Tilnes. It was located at the center of the tunnel networks of the mining moon, and it served as a gathering place for individuals from the different mining companies. The politics of the companies were forgotten here. "The Underground" was run by a Rodian named Maris Gen.



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From Teletraan I: The Transformers Wiki

Not about the Autobots forming a rock group to stop Dr. Robotnik.

The battle for the Mini-Cons leads both forces underground, and another warrior enters the conflict.

Hungarian title: A Föld Alatt ("Under the Ground")



So... Come here often?

Underground, in the ruins of the Mini-Con ship, Red Alert and Hot Shot work to salvage what they can, while the kids take a passive interest. Hot Shot whines that this kind of labor isn't his forte, and Rad offers to take his place. Just then, Optimus sends a message over the PA system, instructing everybody to return to the control room to prepare to go after another activated Mini-Con panel. The computer determines the panel to be in an urban area, and the kids suit up. The Autobots warp to their destination.

Within the ambiguous city, the Autobots determine the Mini-Con panel to be underground, and Alexis finds an entrance into the city's subway system for the Autobots to drive into. But a problem emerges when an active train heads directly for Optimus who doesn't have enough room to maneuver out of its path. Only at the last second is Optimus able to turn away and avoid killing the astonished train operator. The danger past, the Autobots break up and explore the underground, searching for the Mini-Con.

So who's the red car, then?

Hot Shot casually drives by civilians in what appears to be an underground shopping area, confused at why the bystanders find his presence to be irregular. Red Alert drives alongside a train, confusing some children. And Optimus Prime observes that driving around the subway system is like exploring a maze. Elsewhere, the Decepticons have infiltrated the sewer system, to Cyclonus' distaste. When Megatron has trouble maneuvering, he and the Decepticons deploy their Mini-Cons to search for them.

Following a staircase Alexis has found, the kids locate a subway station that is evidently out of commission, and Alexis declares her ambition to become President of the United States. Under her administration, no subway station will fall into disrepair. Indifferent to Alexis' political agenda, the Street Action Team Mini-Cons combine into Perceptor and locate the new Mini-Con within a ceiling panel, but the panel is inches away from Perceptor's grasp. Using a ladder, Carlos is able to get a grip on the Mini-Con panel and pull it out from the ceiling, getting caught by Alexis. Rad decides they should take the panel to the Autobots, when the three come under a sudden attack from a blue hook.

"Step 5. Press down on child's head."

Running away from their new attacker, the kids run into an area where they are trapped by non-functional subway cars. The kids jump into one of the cabs, but find themselves trapped between their assailant and the Decepticons' Mini-Cons. Thinking quickly, the kids jump out a window and ride away, hiding in a cavern. Laserbeak is deployed to find Optimus.

Receiving information pertaining to the Mini-Con from Black-Out, Megatron blasts his way into the sewer, while Optimus gets the same information from Laserbeak. Megatron and his cronies are the first to locate the kids, and they quickly surround them. Just then, the children are saved by the mysterious assailant from earlier. After the mysterious robot transforms, the Decepticons manage to bury him, the Mini-Con panel, and the kids beneath some rubble.

The Autobots arrive just in time to see Cyclonus pick up the Mini-Con panel and activate it, revealing it to be Drillbit. Having technically won the battle, the Decepticons retreat. The Autobots quickly prepare to try to unbury the kids to see if they're still alive, when the orange assailant emerges from the dirt, having used his body to protect the kids. Hot Shot identifies the bot as Smokescreen. Smokescreen apologizes for not meeting up with the Autobots earlier and Rad is happy to have made a new friend, who was only briefly trying to maybe kill him.


Original airdate: November 1st, 2002 (North America)

Written by: ???

Featured characters

(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)

Autobots Decepticons Humans Others



"Once I become President, I'll change all that, you'll see! I'll put an end to the misuse of public property and THEN I'll work on saving the environment and I'll end world hunger."

Alexis, acting like a complete hippie.

"Hello kids, looks like you picked a 'dead end' if you know what I mean!"

Cyclonus, trying to be funny, but failing miserably.

"Stay where you are, and nobody gets hurt, once we have the Mini-Con, we'll be on our way. Then you Autobots can dig in the dirt all you like.."


Other Notes

Continuity errors

  • When deploying their Mini-Cons, instead of Crumplezone, Cyclonus deploys Longarm. When confronting the kids on the subway cart, instead of Longarm or Crumplezone, there's Bonecrusher. Crumplezone finally appears when the Decepticon Mini-Cons are running after the kids.

Miscellaneous trivia

  • Hot Shot passes by a mother and child looking into a store window, and on display in the store is a toy car that uses the same animation model and colors as Hot Shot.
  • For some reason, Smokescreen is mysteriously threatening to the kids, almost killing them several times.

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