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A player training his Magic skill on Undead Ones

The Undead ones play a critical part in the Shilo Village quest. They are found in various dungeons visited during the quest and in a fenced off area just outside the village. This makes them decent training for Rangers, Mages, and meleers wielding halberds. When killed, some release a poison gas that can damage 2-3 hitpoints, however it is not poisonous as antipoison is not required. The gas only affects characters in a 1-square radius around where the undead one was when it was killed, so if you kill one you have a few seconds to run to avoid taking damage.

They can be used as a substitution for Zombies as a Slayer task for higher levelled players who wish to get more experience from their task, or those who use Duradel. They do not drop anything, though, and so are rarely killed.


Some of the (level 73) undead ones carry a macuahuitl, a type of weapon used by the mesoamerican Aztecs.


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