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The Undead

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Necromancy, the power over the death is an illegal and unnatural practice that only the most experienced or foolish humans would dare follow. Through magical ritual it is possible to animate the corpses of the dead and/or bend the spirits to your will. Both the spirits and animated corpses are often clarified as the Undead.

Sometimes it's even possible for a person to become an undead by sheer will. Often a result of a disire so great that dead couldn't stop them. Most of them lose there mortal body and wander the world as ghosts, and are rarely seen by the living.


Type of Government: Government type unknown.
Level of Technology: Technology level unknown.
Cultural Traits: Cultural traits unknown.

  • Skeleton: Animated bones of the once long deceased. Often Skeletons have no regeneration powers and would stop functioning if the bones it self are damaged to bad.
  • Zombie: a possessed or animated recently deceased corps. Zombies need a more powerfully ritual as most of the zombies have regeneration powers. And if strong enough they can return from even the most potent damage.
Notable Zombies:
  • Ghosts:


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Final Fantasy

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From Final Fantasy Wiki

The Undead, also called the Living Dead, are a recurring type of enemy from the Final Fantasy series. Undead enemies vary in appearance, abilities and strength, but most share a few key characteristics: they are resistant to dark and poison spells, but are vulnerable to healing magic, fire and holy. They are immune to HP draining attacks, often employing such attacks themselves, and commonly can infect party members with debilitating status ailments. In most games, as they are vulnerable to healing spells and items, Undead can be often killed simply by throwing a Phoenix Down at them, or by casting a Raise spell.

Recurring classes of undead creatures include Ghosts, Skeletons, Mummies, Vampires, and Liches, all of which change forms and have different variations throughout each game.

Characters can become Undead in Final Fantasy V by equipping the Bonemail and in Final Fantasy VI by equipping a Lich Ring. In fact, Undead is also known as the status effect Zombie in the series.




Final Fantasy

Undead enemies appear in many locations and areas in the world map. They can simply be killed with Dia, a spell specifically for the White Mage job class. The Black Mage's Fire spells are also very useful.

The enemies in the Shadow family are cloaked skeletons that often appear in large groups and are very fragile. The Shadow and Wraith are very weak enemies, and the Specter and Ghost are like glass cannons: they hit multiple times for large damage, but can be felled quite easily.

Skeletons also appear in large hordes, but are similarly susceptible to weak Fire or Holy-based attacks. Other enemies in this group are the Skuldier, Bloodbones, and the Dawn of Souls exclusive Bonesnatch, which is marginally more powerful.

Enemies of the Zombie genus include the Ghoul, Ghast, Wight, and Revenant. They share the common trait of being able to inflict Paralysis with their physical strikes.

The Vampire is a boss in the Cavern of Earth, and its stronger counterpart, the Vampire Lord, inhabits the Flying Fortress and the Chaos Shrine. Both are far more durable than other undead enemies in Final Fantasy.

Mummies are also present in this game, but do not have any special abilities or characteristics. The King Mummy is just as weak as its common counterpart, but the Pharaoh has a large sum of HP and can often be found guarding treasure chests. All can inflict Sleep with their melee attacks.

Final Fantasy II

Many Undead enemies in this game are known to cause paralysis, as well as use drain attacks that replenishes their HP based on half the damage they cause.

Final Fantasy V

The number of the undead are in the ship graveyards Siren is also undead as she can turn undead at will.

Final Fantasy VI

Undeads are mainly found in the Phantom Forest.

Final Fantasy VII

Undead enemies are encountered in the Cave of the Gi, including the boss Gi Nattak along with his accompanying Soul Fires. They were created when the vengeful souls of the Gi could not pass into the Lifestream. Other undead enemies include:

Final Fantasy VIII

Undead creatures in this game appear sparingly in dungeons, fields, and as bosses.

Final Fantasy IX

Final Fantasy X

While there are less undead creatures there is a spell that can give zombie status and there is also an undead boss battle.

Final Fantasy XI

Undead are a genus in opposition to Arcana. They are characterized by immunity to drain/aspir/absorb spells, tendency to menace travelers at night, and a habit of attacking players when they're at low health. They encompass the following families:

Final Fantasy XII

The undead creatures are encountered in the following categories.

Final Fantasy Tactics

Undead creatures will revive 3 turns after they are KO'ed.

In addition, Zalbaag Beoulve is reincarnated as an undead creature at Orbonne Monastery.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

Undead creatures will revive 3 turns after they are KO'ed. However, Tactics Advance introduced several abilities that defeated the undead permanently, such as the Archer's Burial skill.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift

Undead monsters in this game turn into tombstones when their HP reaches 0, and will be raised when three full turns have passed. They can be permanently removed from the field by either skills such as Burial or Excorcise (which has a low chance of working on an active undead, but 100% hit rate when the undead is in a tombstone form or under some status ailments), or by using a Phoenix Down or casting Raise (or most other revival skills, such as Phoenix) on the tombstone. Unlike previous games, in which the undead can be defeated by just throwing a Phoenix Down, it only defeats the enemy if it's a tombstone, as when the undead is still on the field, it deals slightly less damage than a Hi-Potion. Note that undead can be removed from the battlefield without such holy banishment, such as by the Alchemist's Transmute ability.

Vagrant Story

Undead is an entire class of enemies. They include:

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Guild Wars

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From GuildWiki

Except for the obvious differences (lack of skin, hair, a working circulatory system, etc.) the undead army are very much like any living human army. They have military ranks, a chain of command, and a set of marching orders. The bulk of the army is made up of once-live humans. However, there are tales that when this force marches into battle, the animated skeleton of a once-grand dragon marches with it.

There is much speculation about the undead of Tyria and what their goals might be. Many believe that they are the remnants of Orr, those lost souls who were so disturbed by the destruction of their home in the Cataclysm that they refuse to pass into the next life. Others believe there is a more sinister force motivating these creatures, a malevolent being who has raised the resting dead to do his bidding. Some even say this mysterious leader is a powerful lich lord who rules them all from behind the front lines. But most of this is just campfire tales and barroom gossip, for there is no one who lives today who can claim to have seen this creature in the flesh (so to speak).

Known Sub-Types

The undead army includes every creature in the skeleton, mummy and zombie families, as well as a number of creatures from the ghost / phantom / wraith family and one creature from the elemental family.

Region Family Type Collectable Drop
Prophecies Campaign
Pre-Searing Skeleton Image:NA-icon-small.png3 Raging Cadaver
Warrior1 Restless Corpse
Skeletal Limb
Kryta Ghost / Phantom / Wraith1 Mesmer17 Wraith
Elementalist17 Smoke Phantom
Decayed Orr Emblem
Zombie2 Warrior11 Grasping Ghoul
Warrior18 Executioner
Ranger18 Bone Dragon
Ranger24 Rotting Dragon
Monk18 Damned Cleric
Necromancer14 Zombie Warlock
Necromancer18 Necrid Horseman
Necromancer30 Rotscale1
Skeleton Warrior16 Hellhound
Ranger13 Skeleton Ranger
Ranger17 Skeleton Bowmaster
Monk12 Skeleton Monk
Mesmer13 Skeleton Mesmer
Elementalist13 Skeleton Sorcerer
Ring of Fire Islands Ghost / Phantom / Wraith1 Elementalist24 Portal Wraith Decayed Orr Emblem
Nightfall Campaign
Istan Ghost / Phantom / Wraith1 Elementalist15 Tomb Wraith Skeleton Bone
Skeleton Warrior10 (24) Relentless Corpse
Necromancer10 (24) Restless Dead
The Desolation Elemental1 Elementalist24 (26) Carven Effigy Mummy Wrappings
Mummy2 Warrior24 (26) Awakened Blademaster
Ranger24 (26) Awakened Gray Giant
Monk24 (26) Awakened Acolyte
Necromancer24 (26) Awakened Defiler
Mesmer24 (26) Awakened Head
Mesmer24 (26) Awakened Thought Leech
Paragon24 (26) Awakened Cavalier
Dervish24 (26) Awakened Dune Carver
Mummy Wrappings
Eye of the North Expansion
Far Shiverpeaks Ghost1 Elementalist21, 22, 23 Shock Phantom  ?
Skeleton Monk21, 23 Skeleton Priest
Mesmer22, 23 Skeleton Illusionist
Elementalist20, 21, 22 Skeleton Wizard
Undead Bone
Zombie2 Dervish20 (26) Crypt Slasher
Warrior20 (26) Crypt Ghoul
Depths of Tyria Zombie2 Warrior28 Ancient Blademaster
Elementalist28 Ancient Effigy
Paragon28 Ancient Cavalier
Dervish28 Ancient Tomb Carver
Dervish24 Crypt Keeper
Warrior24 Zombie Brute
Necromancer24 Zombie Necromancer
Monk24 Chained Cleric
Warrior20 Evil Corpse
Undead Bone
Necromancer28 Decayed Dragon  ?
Skeleton Warrior21-24 Skeletal Hound
Ranger24 Skeleton Archer
Elementalist24 Skeleton Wizard
Mesmer24 Skeleton Illusionist
Monk24 Skeleton Priest
Undead Bone
Ghost Ritualist22, 23 Ash Phantom
Monk21 Crypt Banshee
Mesmer22 Crypt Wraith
Diessa Chalice
Necromancer/Assassin28 Restless Dead  ?
Realms of the Gods (Core)
Fissure of Woe Zombie2 Necromancer30 Dragon Lich Dark Claw
Skeleton Army Warrior24 Skeletal Berserker
Ranger24 Skeletal Impaler
Monk24 Skeletal Bond
Mesmer24 Skeletal Ether Breaker
Elementalist24 Skeletal Icehand
Umbral Skeletal Limb
  1. These creatures are not vulnerable to holy damage.
  2. These undead are fleshy creatures.

Hard mode levels are in brackets

Animated Undead
Name Level Skill Notes
Bone Fiend 1..18 Animate Bone Fiend ranged attack
Bone Horror 1..18 Animate Bone Horror
Aura of the Lich1
Malign Intervention2
Bone Minion 0..13 Animate Bone Minions one corpse produces 2 minions
Celestial Horror 25 Star Servant summoned rather than animated
party members gain 25 health and 3 energy each time it hits
Flesh Golem3 3..26 Animate Flesh Golem leaves an exploitable corpse
Shambling Horror 1..18 Animate Shambling Horror creates a Jagged Horror when it dies
Jagged Horror 0..16 Animate Shambling Horror2
Jagged Bones2
attacks inflict bleeding
Vampiric Horror 1..18 Animate Vampiric Horror whenever it deals damage, it heals its controller for an equal amount of health
  1. This skill creates one minion, plus one more for each corpse within earshot.
  2. These skills create minions upon the death of the target creature rather than creating them immediately.
  3. This minion is a fleshy creature.

For a listing of known types of undead units see Category:Undead.

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From the RuneScape Wiki, the wiki for all things RuneScape

Undead are monsters or NPC's in RuneScape that are dead, but haven't stopped moving; often having been revived by a necromancer or created purely from magic. This includes everything from reanimated corpses to ghosts and spirits. Generally, undead monsters can be affected by the Crumble Undead spell, as well as the Strength and Attack-based enhancements of the Salve amulet (e).


The following monsters are undead:


Some of the infamous nasties of the undead.


  • Even though Vampires and Ghouls are considered undead in many other sources, they are not in RuneScape.
  • The Mahjarrat often show up in form that looks like undead.
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From Wookieepedia, the Star Wars wiki.

Rajine's zombies attack Mace Windu

Undead Sentient

Planet of origin


Height of average adult


Skin color

Various decaying skin

Hair color

Various decaying hair



A zombie was a sentient creature that had been reanimated from the dead.



Through Sith alchemy the Sith were able to create Korriban zombies as guardians of the Valley of the Dark Lords.

The Zelosian people believed that zombies existed on their planet. That particular phenomenon was later attributed to parasitic worms infesting corpses and causing zombie-like movement.

Zombies were known to be used by the energy vampire Rajine, who utilized their services against trespassers and as palace help. Although it is unknown whether this effect would be had upon all zombies, Rajine's minions were turned against her using a Jedi holocron.

During the Second Battle of Geonosis, the Jedi Luminara Unduli went missing during a storm. She entered a temple and disappeared. Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker were sent to investigate with a squad of clone troopers lead by Commander Cody. They found Geonosians controlled by a hive mind that was so strong, it could resurrect dead warriors, similar to zombies. This was achieved by using Brain worms.

The Rakghoul Plague was able to turn beings into mindless creatures similar to zombies.

Stormtroopers were infected with some kind of virus on the Imperial prison barge Purge which turned them into something like zombies..

Around 1 BBY an Imperial biological weapons project had been tasked with engineering a virus, under the codename of Blackwing. The virus seemed to turn almost any being, living or dead, who came in contact with it to a mindless flesh-craving undead creature. These creatures seemed to possess only primitive feral instincts after being turned, but were able to communicate and learn from each other through what seemed like unintelligible screeching. They were also capable of operating machinery and handling weapons, such as blasters, and were even able to pilot ships, such as X-Wings and TIE Fighters.

Han Solo and Chewbacca once visited an uncharted planet which was haunted by dead, living skeletal figures. These zombies were once the 1,000 crew members of a Great Interplanetary Ark that had crashed on the planet some time before. The souls would haunt the villagers every night, because they never made the land. However, Solo laid down two lines of tandgor gems to light a runway for the ghostly form of the Great Interplanetary Ark to land, finally putting the souls to rest.[1]

Zombie Storm Trooper concept art for the Star Wars Galaxies Death Troopers update.


Non-canon appearances


Notes and references

  1. Planet of the Dead

External Links

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SWG Wiki

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From SWG Wiki

This collection is activated by killing any of the listed mobs on Dathomir.


  • Undead Level 5 x100
  • Undead Level 10 x100
  • Undead Level 15 x100
  • Undead Level 20 x100
  • Undead Level 25 x100
  • Undead Level 30 x100
  • Undead Level 35 x75
  • Undead Level 40 x75
  • Undead Level 45 x75
  • Undead Level 50 x75
  • Undead Level 55 x75
  • Undead Level 60 x50
  • Undead Level 65 x50
  • Undead Level 70 x50
  • Undead Level 75 x50
  • Undead Level 80 x50
  • Undead Level 85 x50
  • Undead Level 90 x50
  • Undead Level 95 x50

Reward: Badge, XP, Title "Undead Decapitator"

  • The easiest way to complete this collection is to find the matching CL Undead Boss and kill the surrounding NPC.

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From TibiaWiki



Creatures are the inhabitants of Tibia aside from human players and NPCs. Every different type creature has its own characteristics which make it unique.

Creatures share the entire world of Tibia, so they can be found all throughout the land. They will generally stay with other creatures of their own kind, and different creatures prefer different environments. This is why you can find Deer and Rabbits in grassy places. Slimes will always be found near water (usually underground), Dwarves spend most of their time in the mines and Demons prefer places deep underground. Usually, the most dangerous places are the hardest to reach.

Creatures sorted by:

Creatures by:



Amphibians are water-residing creatures who can breathe through their skin and spend part of their lives on the surface.

Toad.gif Frogs Quara_Predator.gif Quara


Arthropods are common throughout marine, freshwater, terrestrial, and even aerial environments.

Crystal_Spider.gif Arachnids Blood_Crab.gif Crustaceans Ancient_Scarab.gif Insects


Demons are mystical beings who use force and destruction to terrify mortals.

Madareth.gif Archdemons Demon.gif Demonlord Juggernaut.gif Demons
Demon.gif The Ruthless Seven Golgordan.gif The Ruthless
Seven Minions
Ghazbaran.gif Triangle of Terror


The dangerous elementals are apparently uncontrolled by any other creature. Their motives are hidden, but they are obviously intelligent in their tactics. They have also mastered many strong magic spells.

By their very nature, different types of elementals are almost never found together, but there is no apparent conflict between them.

Defiler.gif Bio- Death_Blob.gif Blobs Ice_Golem.gif Cryo- Massive_Energy_Elemental.gif Electro-
Lord_of_the_Elements.gif Elemental Lords Massive_Earth_Elemental.gif Geo- Massive_Water_Elemental.gif Hydro- Hellfire_Fighter.gif Pyro-


Humanoids are a group of creatures that have characteristics of humans. That may refer to their appearance, their logic solving and other qualities.

Dwarf_Miner.gif Dwarves Elf_Arcanist.gif Elves Behemoth.gif Giants Goblin_Scavenger.gif Goblins
Orc_Warlord.gif Orcs Island_Troll.gif Trolls


These humans have either chosen to or forcefully been removed from civilization. As a result they tend to murder and pillage; be alert when in human inhabited areas outside of the cities.

Valkyrie.gif Amazons Barbarian_Brutetamer.gif Barbarians Monk.gif Monks Necromancer.gif Necromancers
Assassin.gif Outlaws Pirate_Corsair.gif Pirates Yakchal.gif Sorcerers Enlightened_of_the_Cult.gif Voodoo Cultists


Hybrids are a result of inter-species relations, as such the offspring inherits qualities from each parent species.

Chakoya_Toolshaper.gif Chakoyas Dworc_Voodoomaster.gif Dworcs Minotaur_Guard.gif Minotaurs Werewolf.gif Misc

Magical Creatures

Magic creatures of Tibia are defined as being being able to manipulate magic at will from birth. Creatures such as Minotaur Mages and Elf Arcanists do not have a rightful place here because they were taught in the arts.

Braindeath.gif Beholders Marid.gif Djinns Mimic.gif Shapeshifters


Mammals are warm-blooded, vertebrate animals characterized by the production of milk in female mammary glands and the presence of hair, three middle ear bones used in hearing, and a neocortex region in the brain.

Kongra.gif Apes Black_Sheep.gif Artiodactyls Panda.gif Bears Husky.gif Canines Mammoth.gif Elephants
Tiger.gif Felines Squirrel.gif Glires Bat.gif Misc Mutated_Human.gif Mutated Mammals


These creatures either have no characteristics of any monsters and cannot be classified by real world names. Or their group is just so broad they cannot be classified.

Rotworm_Queen.gif Annelids Gnorre_Chyllson.gif Arena Bosses Terror_Bird.gif Birds
Ferumbras.gif Bosses The_Mutated_Pumpkin.gif Event Creatures Deathslicer.gif Traps


Reptiles are cold-blooded animals that tend to be scaled and lay eggs.

Frost_Dragon.gif Dragons Lizard_Templar.gif Lizards Thornback_Tortoise.gif Misc Sea_Serpent.gif Serpents

The Undead

This category concerns all the fiends that walk the earth undead or ethereal. It also includes those who are followers of the undeath god, Urgith, and will try to use their wicked magic to resurrect the dead and use them as their minions; they're commonly known as Necromancers.

Phantasm.gif Ghosts Ashmunrah.gif Pharaohs Undead_Dragon.gif Skeletons The_Count.gif Undead Humanoids

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City of Heroes

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From City of Heroes Wiki


Some powers, such as the Undead Slaying Axe and the Ghost Slaying Axe, do extra damage to true undead.

True Undead

The following enemies are treated as True Undead.


Some Arachnos can be found as ghosts in some of Veluta Lunata's missions.

  • Wolf Spider Ghost
  • Wolf Spider Phantom
  • Wolf Spider Shade

Banished Pantheon

Circle of Thorns


The Ghosts faction was originally bugged, with the Lost Souls and Female Apparitions affected as if they were True Undead while the Spirits and Male Apparitions were unaffected. This was fixed on December 7, 2006.



Shivans, while affected like True Undead, only take 60% of the additional damage.

Spectral Pirates





Unseelie Court



Ghosts and Spirits

There are some temporary powers that are specially focused on ghosts. These powers will not affect other types of undead.

The following enemies are affected by ghost weapons.


Some Arachnos can be found as ghosts in some of Veluta Lunata's missions.

  • Wolf Spider Ghost
  • Wolf Spider Phantom
  • Wolf Spider Shade

Circle of Thorns



Spectral Pirates



Enemies that are not undead

There are several enemies that at first may seem to be true undead, but are instead animated through other means.


Banished Pantheon

Banished Pantheon spirit masks and totems are not undead. Instead, they appear to be animated spirits from another realm.


Council Vampyri are created through scientific means, and are not True Undead.


Infected originally were treated as undead, but are actually diseased. This was fixed on December 7, 2006.


Dr. Vahzilok animates his Cadaver and Abomination through scientific means and they are not True Undead.

Mastermind Henchmen (Necromancy)

In order to provide a fair balance for human players, any PvP against a Mastermind's henchmen from the Necromancy power set will not deal additional damage even though the henchmen are technically True Undead.

Powers that focus on True Undead

The following Temporary Powers deliver additional damage against True Undead.

Powers that focus on Ghosts

The following Temporary Powers deliver additional damage against ghosts.

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