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This is the article about the gem. For the non-player character, see Jade (NPC).
A detailed view of a cut jade
A detailed view of an uncut jade

Jade is a type of semi-precious gem. It can be acquired using the Mining skill from the Shilo Village Gem Mine, mining a random gem rock during the Tai Bwo Wannai Cleanup minigame, while doing Museum artifact cleaning, or from panning at the digsite near the River Salve. They can also be found by pick-pocketing H.A.M members.

An uncut jade can be cut with a chisel by a player with level 13 crafting, and grants the player 20 crafting experience. However, there is a chance that the player will accidentally crush it to form a crushed gem, which gives only 5 crafting experience.

Cut jade may be sold to Gabooty's Tai Bwo Wannai Cooperative for 90 trading sticks, uncut may be sold for 18.

A cut jade is not used in the creation of jewellery, but players can use a chisel on an already cut jade to turn it into jade bolt tips for use in creating jade bolts via the Fletching skill.

Jade exists in RuneScape Classic, but its only uses are in the Legends Quest and as an item to sell to the general shops for money.

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