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Artwork by Yoshitaka Amano
Sprite(s) Umaro's in-game sprite Umaro's menu sprite
Japanese name Umaro
Kana ウーマロ
Romaji Ūmaro
Job Berserker
Skill None
Limit Break None
Age 4
Birthday September 19
Height 6'10" (2.08 m)
Weight 436 lb (198 kg)
Blood Type Red
Birthplace Northern Narshe
Treasure Terrato Magicite
Hates Caterpillars
Final Fantasy VI Character
"Admirer of bone-carvings, as strong as a gigas, a sasquatch pal with muscle!"
—SNES version description
"A yeti with a love for bone carvings. Stronger than a gigas... but a bit unruly."
—GBA version description

Umaro is a playable character in Final Fantasy VI. He is a Yeti who lives deep in the mines of Narshe, uses primitive stone tools, and answers only to the Moogle. He is a secret character who can only be recruited in the World of Ruin.


Development Information

Umaro was originally supposed to be randomly encountered on the world map and could only be caught with a bait. According to Hironobu Sakaguchi, Umaro has a strong sense of honor and feels like he owes a debt to Mog, because Mog shared some food with him when he had collapsed from exhaustion.[1]


Umaro is a giant Yeti. He is the largest of the party, and has frightening features. Despite this, Mog seems to know how to control him, as Umaro will listen to him.


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The player first encounters Umaro in the World of Balance, when he pokes his head out of his mine, which is unreachable at this point (a resident of Narshe even says that he "saw some Moogles playing with a Sasquatch!"). However, after acquiring Valigarmanda in the World of Ruin, the party can enter his cave. When they take his precious stone (the Magicite Midgardsormr), he gets angry and challenges the party to a fight. If the player wins, he lets the party pass. If Mog is in the party, he will order Umaro to join the party.

In the ending, Umaro crushes some rocks to open up a passage.

Equipment and Stats

Umaro has the highest HP, vigor, and defense in the game. However, his magic stats are sub-par. In addition, he cannot use any equipment other than the Bone Club and Snow Muffler, both of which he comes with (aside from the Bone Wrist in the GBA version). He can equip Relics, although he cannot equip the Merit Award.


Umaro's SD artwork

Umaro is a Berserker, and thus has no command window, and is completely uncontrollable. The abilities he can use depend on what Relics he has equipped. If he is equipped with no Relics or some generic ones, he only uses either his physical attack, or charges into his opponent. If he is equipped with the Rage Ring, he can toss a random party member at the opposition. Precedence goes to characters who are Asleep or Muddled, as throwing them will remove those status ailments. If he is equipped with the Blizzard Orb, he can also use an attack called Storm, an Ice-elemental attack.

Umaro has no Desperation Attack, as he does not have a Fight command.

Musical Themes

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Umaro's theme is named after him, and is the theme played in his mine. It is mixed into the ending.


Main article: Yeti (Final Fantasy VI)

Before Umaro joins as a party member, he must first be fought as a boss.

Appearances in Other Games

Umaro and others in Secret of Evermore

Umaro, along with other Final Fantasy VI characters, makes an appearance in Secret of Evermore.


  1. V-Jump issue (in Japanese)

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