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Final Fantasy VI Enemy
#282, #289, #299, #301
Japanese オルトロス
Romaji Orutorosu
SNES Name Ultros
PS Name Ultros
GBA Name Ultros

Ultros is an enemy in Final Fantasy VI that the party fights four times. He is for most part a comic relief villain.




First Battle

"Delicious Morsel, I'd love to get my tentacles around her!"
—Ultros, right before attacking Terra
Artwork by Yoshitaka Amano
In the first encounter, Ultros uses his Tentacle and Ink attacks as in all subsequent encounters. Unlike other battles, Ultros uses his Tentacle attack in a set pattern - he attacks Terra, then Sabin, then a group-Tentacle with a follow-up singular Tentacle on a random party member, then finally a Tentacle against Banon. Because of Banon's Pray power, most of Ultros' attacks besides Tentacle are negligible. Because the party automatically loses when Banon is KO'd, the trick is to kill Ultros before he attacks Banon, although if Banon is of a high enough level and/or in the back row, he can survive Ultros' Tentacle in which case the battle is easy. In the GBA version of this fight, Ultros will counter all offensive magical attacks with Ink, which damages and has a chance to Blind the party, thus reducing Terra's effectiveness as an attacker in this fight.

Second Battle

In this second encounter, Ultros uses his Tentacle and Ink attacks as in all previous encounters. He can also use L.3 Muddle and Imp Song to inflict status ailments on the party and uses Acid Rain. However, due to Ultros' lower HP than the previous battle and the party's increased ability to use magic, he is ultimately a mere nuisance. Sabin's Fire Knuckle is extremely effective as Ultros is weak to Fire and the battle is a side-attack: with a high-enough level and a Hyper Wrist, Sabin can kill Ultros in a single hit. Otherwise, Siren's Fire spell is very effective.

Third Battle

Ultros' in-game sprite

In his third encounter, Ultros uses his Tentacle and Ink attacks as in all previous encounters and slowly moves closer to the party and moves back as he takes damage. Ultros also has other attacks like Stone and Lode Stone. The true danger, however, comes from his "tri-elemental attack" - once Ultros is struck with three elemental spells of the same element, he will glow red and from then on counter-attacks any elemental spell with the Level 3 of that spell (for example, Firaga to counter Fire, Thundaga to counter Thundara, etc.) He also casts Protect and Haste on himself later in the battle.

Despite his powerful attacks and high HP which make him the strongest of his four battles with the party, Ultros is fairly simple to defeat as long as magic is used sparingly to avoid his counter-spells. When he has taken enough damage, Relm appears and joins the battle. Upon using Sketch on Ultros, she shows him what he looks like and Ultros is so horrified he flees.

Fourth Battle

In his fourth encounter, Ultros uses his Tentacle and Ink attacks as in all previous encounters. After taking several thousand damage he calls in Typhon. The battle ends when Typhon is killed; defeating Ultros is not even required. In addition, with his low defenses and poor attacks he is very easy to defeat despite his high HP.


  • One year after the apocalypse, Ultros is working as a receptionist in the Dragon's Neck Colosseum to pay off a large debt that would keep him there for a million years as his manager put it.

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