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Final Fantasy VIII Boss
HP (Level 1) HP (Level 65)
13,050 176,250
Elemental affinities
- - - -
- Misses - -
Japanese アルティミシア
Romaji Arutimishia
Location Ultimecia Castle
Scan Ultimecia Junctioned to Griever. A powerful monster that combines Ultimecia's and Griever's forces.
HP Formula 2550(Lv) + 10500
Mug None
Common Drop None
Rare Drop None
Draw Firaga, Thundaga, Blizzaga
Card None
Taste None
Abilities Absorbed into time..., Dispel, Great Attractor, Holy, Meteor, Quake, Tornado, Ultima
Status Immunity N/A
Other Information None

Ultimecia's Griever Form, more commonly known to fans as Ultimecia-Griever, is fought in the third stage of the final battle in Final Fantasy VIII. In this stage of the battle, Ultimecia and Griever join forces when Ultimecia Junctions herself to Griever.


Ultimecia can cast Holy and Dispel at the start of the battle. She also has the ability to instantly kill your Guardian Forces, summon little monsters called Helixes, and absorb any K.O.ed characters into time. After Ultimecia summons one Helix, she begins to cast Ultima. If she can summon two Helixes, she gains access to Meteor and will begin using her special attack, Great Attractor, every other turn. Great Attractor deals powerful physical damage to your entire team, but it's nothing that can't be defended against with Protect. Try to kill Ultimecia before she can summon any Helixes, but don't be too concerned if she does - once she loses about 65% of her HP, her tail falls off and the Helixes disappear. Once her tail does fall off, she begins casting Quake and Tornado, but both of these are preferable to Great Attractor.

Squall should be Aura-ed and use Renzokuken, as it is fixed to attack eight times during each execution in this battle. Rinoa should also be Aura-ed, and either Combine with Angelo or Angel Wing a few Meteors. Quistis can act as healer or throw out Shockwave Pulsar, which is quite effective. Zell and Irvine should Aura the team and then use their Limit Breaks. Selphie is best off casting Aura and Curaga, and throwing out a Triple Ultima if she gets a chance.

After this form is defeated, Griever disappears for good. However, the party must now face Ultimecia one last time.

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