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Final Fantasy VIII Boss
HP (Level 1) HP (Level 65)
4,600 43,000
Elemental affinities
- - - -
- - Weak Immune
Japanese アルティミシア
Romaji Arutimishia
Location Ultimecia Castle - Master Room
Scan A sorceress trying to change the world by compressing time and taking power from all sorceresses.
HP Formula 600(Lv) + 4000
Mug None
Common Drop None
Rare Drop None
Draw Haste, Slow, Reflect, Demi
Card None
Taste None
Abilities Absorbed into time..., Bio, Blizzaga, Dispel, Double, Holy, Maelstrom, Meltdown, Quake, Thundaga, Tornado
Status Immunity N/A
Other Information None

Ultimecia is the final boss in Final Fantasy VIII. Fought in her castle in the future, this battle will start with three random party members selected to fight her.


Ultimecia's first form is the weakest, but can cause a lot of pain if the player does not take her out quickly. She randomly chooses three characters in the party to battle against, and if any character is K.O.ed and left alone for too long, she will absorb that character into time, permanently removing them from the battlefield and replacing them with a new character.

This means that the player can actually fight the final boss battle without Squall in their party. However, the player has to keep on their guard, because if the strongest character falls and is absorbed into time there isn't anything that can be done about it except to restart.

Ultimecia possesses a wide range of spells, as would be expected of a Sorceress, and if she casts Double on herself first, things could get interesting. If she does cast Double, Dispel it, and stick with the tried-and-true Final Fantasy VIII boss strategy of Meltdown, Aura, and Limit Breaks. After she is defeated, the party faces Griever.

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