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The Ultima Weapon in Final Fantasy VII.

The Ultima Weapon (アルテマウェポン Arutema Wepon), also known as Atma Weapon, is a sword that appears in many games in the Final Fantasy series. It is usually one of the strongest swords in their respective games, and draws strength from its user; the higher the holder's HP, the stronger the Ultima Weapon becomes. The Ultima Weapon's blade glows bright blue, showing its mystical powers. Acquiring the Ultima Weapon usually requires the player to perform some sort of subquest, either defeating a powerful boss or acquiring rare items.




Final Fantasy

A Knight using the Ultima Weapon.

The Ultima Weapon only appears in the Dawn of Souls and PSP remakes of the original Final Fantasy. It is the only weapon besides the Masamune that is equippable by all upgraded classes, and its damage is based on the user's HP, having a maximum Attack power of 100 (rounded up from 99.9). It is obtained in a treasure chest after defeating Death Gaze and can't be obtained by defeating him again. The only way to get multiple copies of this weapon is by means of glitching.

Final Fantasy III

Luneth as Freelancer attacking with Ultima Weapon.

The Ultima Weapon can only be obtained in the DS version of Final Fantasy III. It is a reward from the Mognet side quests "Fix Sara's Pendant" and "Find Orichalcum". The party obtains the Orichalcum after they defeat Aeon in Cid's basement and give it to the Legendary Smith in Falgabard. It can be equipped by the Freelancer, Warrior, Knight, Dark Knight, Red Mage, and Onion Knight classes. When equipped, it increases all stats by 15, rivaling the Celestial Gloves, and has an Attack bonus of 155, making it the second most powerful weapon in the game (behind the Onion Sword).

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

The Ultima Weapon is dropped by the boss of the same name. Unlike other incarnations of the weapon, it just takes the form of a modest iron sword.

Final Fantasy V

Bartz attacking with the Ultima Sword.

In the Advance version, the Ultima Weapon is found in the chest containing Neo Shinryu, and can only be obtained after Neo Shinryu is defeated.

Final Fantasy VI

Celes using the Ultima Weapon (max length).

The weapon's original appearance, the Ultima Weapon (originally translated as Atma Weapon) is found in the Cave to the Sealed Gate, as it is there where the Statues are sealed away. A boss of the same name, Ultima Weapon, is on the Floating Continent, which is the same island that the Cave to the Sealed Gate is on. A second Ultima Weapon can be stolen from Rest during the final battle. It is not compatible with Bushido, Runic, or the Gauntlet, and it also cannot be thrown. Terra, Locke, Edgar, and Celes can equip it.

The Ultima Weapon was created during the War of the Magi as a magical weapon for use in battle, which was said to reflect the power of that who wields it. Although its Battle Power is 255, its damage is calculated very differently than most weapons. The damage the Ultima Weapon does is based on the level of the character who is equipping it, and his or her current HP level compared to his or her max HP. When HP is high, the Ultima Weapon deals a large amount of damage. When HP is low, it deals a small amount of damage. The sprite used for the Ultima Weapon in battle is a sword of varying lengths. The higher the damage dealt is, the longer the sword is. This weapon has the opposing effect of the Valiant Knife, which grows stronger if the user has lower HP.

Final Fantasy VII

The Ultima Weapon is Cloud's ultimate weapon which is received after defeating the Ultimate Weapon boss. The damage it deals depends on Cloud's current HP in relation to his maximum HP; the higher it is, the higher the damage dealt is. Its graphic also changes with the wielder's HP; the higher the wielder's HP is, the brighter the blade is; the lower the wielder's HP, the darker the blade is.

Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII-

Ultima Weapon makes a recurring appearance in Dirge of Cerberus, this time as a handgun, visually indistinguishable from Cerberus, Vincent Valentine's weapon of choice. It is a modified version of the Model Gun, a gag weapon found in Edge, however it requires massive amounts of gil to modify it into the Ultima form.

This particular weapon fires standard handgun bullets, but deals massive amounts of damage, based on consecutive hits to an enemy, similar to the way the machine gun does increased damage.

Final Fantasy VIII

Ultima Weapon, carrying Cloud's ultimate weapon.

An enemy of the same name carries a sword similar to Cloud Strife's Ultima Weapon. Additionally, Squall Leonheart's strongest weapon, the Lion Heart, is physically similar to the original Ultima Weapon due to its blue blade.

Final Fantasy IX

Ultima Weapon as seen in Final Fantasy IX.

The Ultima Weapon is Zidane's ultimate weapon and is acquired during the Chocobo Hot and Cold side quest, on the ruins of the Shimmering Island. As with many of Zidane's weapons, the Ultima Weapon in this version is a dual-bladed sword with shorter blades than most incarnations of the weapon. The Ultima Sword is one of Steiner's better weapons and can be bought in Daguerreo late in the game. It teaches him the Stock Break Sword Arts.

Tetra Master

Ultima Weapon
  • Card 072
  • Location: Treno, Card Stadium

Final Fantasy X

Ultima Weapon was the original Japanese name for Tidus's Ultimate Weapon, however it was translated in the North American and PAL English versions as Caladbolg. It does more damage in relation to Tidus's HP.

Final Fantasy XII

The Ultima Blade.

The Ultima Blade (アルテマブレイド, Arutemabureido) is a Greatsword which can be found in the Subterra area of the Pharos,in the northeastern room.It can also be purchased from the Bazaar with the items Gnoma Halcyon, 2x Adamantite and 2x Death Powder.

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings

The Ultima Weapon is Vaan's second strongest unmodified weapon, obtained from defeating Zodiark in The Well of Whispered Oaths (the final forged weapons exceed the base attack power of the Ultima weapon if the highest quality material are used). His strongest weapon is the Anastasia (after twelve wins in the Midlight's Deep).

Final Fantasy XIII

The Ultima Weapon is a model of a gun-sword obtainable by Lightning.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

The Ultima Sword, Ultima Lance, Ultima Hammer, and Ultima Maul are one of the most powerful weapons in the game, all created by finding the Greatest Weapon scroll, and then obtaining Ultamite and Orichalcum so it can be forged. Its Attack power is +35.

It isn't the hardest weapon to obtain, but can be the most time consuming to obtain. In order to obtain the Greatest Weapon scroll you would need a character in your caravan to be an Alchemist and have played through at least 13 years, participating in at least one Myrrh collecting excursion in order to count as part of playing through a year. In that same fashion there must also be a character part of the Blacksmith family and another in the Merchant Family, each one having played through at least 3 years. Then you will be able to purchase the forging materials and will have a blacksmith who can forge the weapon for you.

It is not, however, the strongest weapon in the game, as that spot is reserved for Longinus (+40), the legendary spear which is only wieldable by Lilties. Its power is even matched by Gungnir, Mystic Hammer, Dreamcatcher, and the even rarer dark sword, Ragnarok.

Its true strength lies in its ability to make enemies flinch with every strike. Ordinarily one would have to pull off a 3-hit attack combo in order to make the foe flinch, or use a charge attack. With the Ultima Weapon though one could use simple combo strikes and the enemy would flinch with every hit leaving the player free from being struck back.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time

"A sword carried by one who saved the world. For Clavats only."
—Ultima Weapon's description

The Ultima Weapon is a Clavat exclusive weapon. It has an attack power of 127 and can only be created with a scroll.

Dissidia Final Fantasy

Cloud's Ultima Weapon in Dissidia.

The Ultima Weapon is a level 99 weapon that can be equipped by all characters. It increases Attack by 68 and when the character's HP is at its max, it increases all stats by 2. Also, Cloud and Tidus's Ultima Weapon versions also appear: both characters change their default weapons to these on their EX Modes.

Non Final Fantasy Appearances

Kingdom Hearts series

In the Kingdom Hearts series, the Ultima Weapon key chain is usually the hardest item to synthesize, and is the most powerful keyblade available with well-rounded stats and a long range. It is typically a gold, white, and blue keyblade with a serrated blade due to swirl designs along its length.

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