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Final Fantasy VIII Boss
Ultima Weapon
HP (Level 1) HP (Level 100)
51,100 160,000
Elemental affinities
- - - -
- - - -
Japanese アルテマウェポン
Romaji Arutema Wepon
Location Deep Sea Research Center
(Deep Sea Deposit)
Scan Strongest, ultimate monster. It is said to be impossible to defeat.
HP Formula 1100(Lv) + 50000
Mug Three Stars
Common Drop Ultima Stone x100, Eden Card
Rare Drop Ultima Stone x100, Eden Card
Draw Regen, Dispel, Ultima, Eden
Card None
Taste None
Abilities Gravija, Light Pillar, Meteor, Quake
Status Immunity N/A
Other Information None

Ultima Weapon is an optional superboss in the game Final Fantasy VIII.


Reaching Ultima Weapon

After defeating and acquiring Bahamut in the Deep Sea Research Center, the player needs to return to the cockpit of the Ragnarok and then come back to the island with Zell in the party. Upon returning to the Research Center, a large vine structure will have grown in the place where Bahamut was previously. The player can descend this to reach the lower levels of the research center.

Then the player must descend the Research Center. The lower levels are reached by using units of steam pressure to open doors to lower levels. The player begins with twenty units, and must conserve ten for the bottom if they wish to fight Ultima Weapon. There is a point where the player can replace some units of pressure. If these extra units are used, then the final door can be opened, leaving the player with exactly ten units needed to fight Ultima Weapon. In this case, the excavation area can be transversed without fights if the Enc-None ability is used. If the player does not gain these extra units, Zell will force open the final door, and the player must transverse the excavation area facing off with many challenging fiends, which are fixed battles and cannot be avoided with the Enc-None ability. After reaching the very bottom, the player party can fight Ultima Weapon (by using the last of their pressure units), who is a centaur-like creature.


During the battle, the player can also draw the most powerful summon in the game, Eden, from Ultima Weapon. It is to be noted that this is considered by many to be the second hardest fight in the game, even outranking Ultimecia (the hardest fight being the fight against Omega Weapon). It is also unknown how much HP it truly has, for it says ????? in the Scan feature. This is due to the difficulty of the battle being determined by what level the player has achieved for the party.

During the battle itself, Ultima Weapon's most dangerous attack is the Light Pillar ability, which kills a single character, so a good stock of (Full-)Life spells and/or the Revive ability is necessary. A tactic which can easily defeat the boss is to cast Meltdown or Doomtrain on Ultima Weapon to give him the Vit 0 status effect, greatly increasing the damage done by physical attacks, followed up by casting Aura on Squall, and using Renzokuken. Depending on his junctions, the model gunblade being used, and the final attack of the Limit Break, this can take down Ultima Weapon in only a couple of attacks, or even one, should Squall's Lion Heart attack be used. If the player can gain a sufficient advantage, Ultima Weapon is a useful place to draw several lots of Ultima spells, which are very useful for junctioning.

Triple Triad

Ultima Weapon
Image:TTUltimaWeapon.png Level 7 (Boss Card) Element none
Refine 1 refines into 1 Ultima Stone
Drop n/a
Card Elastoid, Tri-Face
Win n/a


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