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Final Fantasy VI Enemy
Ultima Buster
Japanese アルテマバスター
Romaji Arutema Basutā
SNES Name Atma
PS Name Atma
GBA Name Ultima Buster
"I'm Atma... ... Left here since the birth... Forgotten in the river of time... I've had eternity to... Ponder the meaning of things... And now I have the answer..."
—Atma, Snes
"I am the one known as Ultima... Forged an eternity ago and left here... Forgotten in the mists of time... Long have I pondered what I should do... Long, long have I pondered... But now it seems I have an answer..."
—Ultima Buster, GBA
Ultima Buster is a boss in the game Final Fantasy VI. It is even stronger than its cousin. It attacks with powerful magic, such as Quake, Firaga, Blizzaga, Thundaga, and Southern Cross. When its HP gets low, it can also use Flare Star, Meteor, and Tsunami. Reflect Rings can defend against most of this, as can proper elemental defenses. However, Ultima Buster can charge up and eventually cast Ultima, which will do close to 3,000 points of damage to the entire party.

If Celes is in the party, you may want to have her use Runic to absorb Ultima.

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