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"Know pain! But not for long..."
Lulu casting Ultima in Final Fantasy X
Cecil and Rosa casting Ultima in the DS version of Final Fantasy IV.

Ultima (アルテマ, Arutema) is a recurring Black Magic spell throughout the Final Fantasy series. Ultima, usually the most powerful spell, requires a lot of MP to cast, targets all enemies, bypasses magical resistance and barriers, and overpowers normal magic defenses.

It should be noted that although Final Fantasy XII doesn't have a spell version of Ultima, the Esper Ultima's ultimate attack, Eschaton, was called Complete Ultima in Japan. The same attack appears with a different translation in Final Fantasy Tactics. In Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates, an upgraded version of Ultima exists called Ultiga, and is the second strongest spell in the game.




Final Fantasy II

Found at the Mysidian Tower, Ultima actually serves as a plot device. The Wild Rose Rebellion needs its power to stop the Palamecian Empire from advancing. However, Minwu gives his life to unlock the seal on it.

Ultima's offensive power is dependent on its current level, as well as the current level of all the other spells the caster has. It should also be noted that though it is identified as White Magic (Spirit has a chance of improving when Ultima is cast) it does not rely on the Spirit status for determining damage.

Final Fantasy IV

Ultima is one of the new spells that can be accessed using the Twincast command through the new Augment Ability system in the Nintendo DS version. Ultima is cast when both Cecil and Rosa have the Twincast command. At a base attack of 999, its power is superior to that of Meteor, although it costs 99 MP and takes twice as long to cast.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

Ultima Spark

Cecil and Golbez can Band together to use Ultima Spark, which can break the damage cap of 9,999.

Final Fantasy VI

Ultima is the game's most powerful offensive spell that can be used by the player. Its Spell Power is 150, it cannot be evaded, and ignores Defense. It costs 80 MP to cast. It can be learned at a x1 Learning Rate from the Ragnarok Esper or the Paladin's Shield. Terra Branford learns the spell naturally when she reaches level 99.

Final Fantasy VII

"Extreme Magic Attack"
—Description of Materia

The Ultima Materia can be obtained in Corel after the Huge Materia mission there. If Cid is successful in stopping the coal train, one of the villagers gives it to the party as thanks. If Cid fails to stop the coal train, the player must buy the Materia for 50,000 gil. It can only be cast once the player has leveled up the materia. It costs 130 MP to cast normally, 144 MP if paired with a first level MP Turbo, or 196 MP if paired with a Mastered MP Turbo. It can also be quite devastating linked to the Quadra Magic materia, allowing it to be cast four times in succession.

Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII-

Ultima is the strongest non-elemental Magic Materia.

MP Cost: N/A Target Type: N/A Materia Generation System: N/A Level 1 - Default - Base Damage: N/A

Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-

Ultima reappears as the ultimate spell in this game, Zack can get this Materia from many chests around the world, or by fusing certain materia. The spell is an upgraded form of the spell Energy and deals intense damage to all enemies through a Flare-like explosion. However, Ultima cannot be Double Cast and it also has a very long casting time.

Final Fantasy VIII

Ultima is one of the most powerful offensive spells and often the best spell to Junction to any stat. For example, junctioning 100 Ultima spells to Elm-Def-J will make a player absorb all forms of elemental damage. It can be drawn from Ultima Weapon and Omega Weapon, as well as drawn on the Island Closest to Hell, the Island Closest to Heaven, and at several draw points, for example at Dobe's office on Fisherman's Horizon; the only non-hidden one in Shumi Village that is accessible for a fee of 5,000 gil. It is also possible to refine 1 Ultima from 1 Ultima Stone, of which Ultima Weapon has a chance of dropping 100. Three can also be refined from one Energy Crystal, which is dropped by Elnoyle.

Final Fantasy IX

Kuja destroys Terra with the Ultima Spell.

Ultima is not a spell available to the player, but Trance Kuja uses it on the party when he loses, with disastrous results. The spell animation itself differs greatly from the usual "enormous green and white explosion" present in almost every other of its iterations, and instead appears as a series of thick, fuchsia energy orbs fired by Kuja that rain destruction on everything in their proximate vicinity.

Final Fantasy X

Ultima is one of the most powerful offensive spells. It is located in Kimahri's section of the Sphere Grid, near the very center of the grid and surrounded by four Level 4 Locks, though only three need to be unlocked to learn the ability. On the Expert Sphere Grid it can be found in the top right corner beside Doublecast. Ultima is subject to both the aforementioned Doublecast skill, as well as Lulu's Fury Overdrive. 90 MP is consumed to cast it normally, but both Lulu and Yuna's Celestial Weapons are equipped with the One MP Cost ability, making this rather trivial when the spell is already acquired so late in the course of the game.

Final Fantasy X-2

The Ultima spell can only used by equipping the Megiddo Garment Grid and Spherechanging through each colored gate. The spell will then appear in the Black Magic skillset. Alternatively, it can be used by a character wearing the Lady Luck dressphere by achieving three 7s in a row with Magic Reels. Ultima can also be used through Yuna's Festival-Goer ability Ultima Geta. Also the Black Elemental fiend uses it a the near beginning of the battle.

Final Fantasy Tactics

There are three separate versions of Ultima. The first Ultima is that used by Ultima Demons. Both Ramza Beoulve and his sister Alma (and Luso in The War of the Lions) can learn this version of Ultima Blue Mage style, in only a handful of battles, so it can easily be missed. It can only be learned from Celia, Lettie, and the final boss Ultima in her first form. The second spell named Ultima is used by the boss Ultima's first form. This is too powerful for Ramza to utilize, but Alma can still learn it, provided she can survive it. The final version of the spell Ultima is Divine Ultima. This is available exclusively to the boss Ultima's second form.

The spell Ultima usable by players delivers non-elemental damage on all opponents in its spell radius, which is that of a normal spell.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

While Ultima does not appear as a spell, it does exist as the highest ability of each races, being Ultima Shot for Humes, Ultima Sword for Bangaa, Ultima Charge for Moogles, Ultima Masher for Viera, and Ultima Blow for Nu Mou. The five races' Ultimas all cost 999 AP to learn, and all are learned from rare but very weak weapons, making mastering Ultima abilities quite a bit harder. They are considered Weapon Skills. The game does include what are dubbed Ultima's family spells, its brother, Omega, and their father, Alpha, though they are not usable by the party.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift

As was the case in the original, the Ultima abilities are the highest-powered ability available to most races. All of them require 990 AP to learn, but the weapons that teach the skills are stronger. No new Ultima ability was added, but Gria can acquire Ultima Shot. Seeq, notably, do not have an equivalent of Ultima. All Ultima-abilities cost 32 MP, and thus the user must wait four turns before using any of them, however by using the Clan Privilegies MP Channeling or MP Efficiency that number can be taken down to being used every second turn, if also combining that with the Halve MP Ability, Ultima abilties could be used every turn!

Race Job Ability
Hume Hunter Ultima Shot
Bangaa Gladiator Ultima Sword
Viera Assassin Ultima Masher
Nu Mou Sage Ultima Blow
Gria Hunter Ultima Shot
Moogle Moogle Knight Ultima Charge

The actual spell Ultima is cast from the summoning of the Scion, Ultima. It fully heals all party members and deals moderate Holy-elemental damage to all foes.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates

Ultima is cast by piling Fire, Blizzard, Thunder, Cure, and Clear.

Dissidia Final Fantasy

Ultima is an HP attack for Terra and Kuja. Terra's version chains from "Holy Combo", and creates a blue sphere of energy around the opponent that explodes. Kuja's version summons many magical orbs to fall on the opponent. Kefka has Ultima as a Brave attack, in which he fires a small magical orb that explodes in a flash of blue energy a moment later.


Ultima is Latin for "The Last."


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