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This region is subject to conquest.


Region Details

Located in the northernmost reaches of the Quon continent, Valdeaunia is an area which is covered in snow and ice year-round.


  • Frost Turnip
  • Sage



Xarcabard (location)

Bearclaw Pinnacle

Description In the frozen caverns of Uleguerand Range, this frigid chamber is believed to be a gateway to numerous battlefields. It is said that Bearclaw Pinnacle is also the realm of a giant, bomb-like monster.

Points of Interest

•There are various zones to Bearclaw Pinnacle located throughout Uleguerand Range. •In the Chains of Promathia expansion, adventurers come here to battle the Snoll Tzar in mission PM 5-3 Three Paths. •Several ENMs are accessed from this zone.

Castle Zvahl Baileys

Castle Zvahl Baileys (location

Castle Zvahl Keep

Castle Zvahl Keep (location)

Throne Room

Throne Room

Description In the highest, darkest tower of Castle Zvahl, an epic battle once raged between an elite group of fighters and the all-powerful Shadow Lord. The Shadow Lord's throne room has been deathly silent ever since. The powerful demon himself is interred there in his icy, stone tomb.

Points of Interest

•The BCNM battle for the rank 5-2 nation missions, Xarcabard, Land of Truths, occurs here. •The final battle for A Moogle Kupo d'Etat - Evil In Small Doses takes place here as part of the mission MKD14 - Smash! A Malevolent Menace.

Uleguerand Range

Description This mountainous region is the highest area above seal level on the Quon continent. An Orc-created pass over the range exists, but the steep climb, combined with the snowstorms that blow in from every angle of the convoluted landscape provides a daunting challenge to intruders.

In a time when Orcs had little skill in navigating the seas, their army reached the northern cliffs by skirting a succession of islands, then marched over the Ulegeurand Range to stage their incursions into Xarcabard.

In an attempt to stem the tide of beastmen, the outnumbered knights of San d'Oria often clashed with the Orcish forces upon the mountain range itself. "Thousandfall Ridge," mentioned in the histories of the Warking Acheufagais R D'Oraguille was famous as a site for the fiercest battles. These days, daredevil explorers test their luck by sliding down its sheer slopes.

Points of Interest

•There are two slopes you can slide down from the peak of Uleguerand Range at F-9. Several ledges protrude from the slopes, which grant access to underground caverns.

•This zone contains several true-sight mobs of the Taurus family.

•Use caution to avoid holes in the snowy ground that can drop you into underground caverns.

•Elementals and bombs in this zone agro to magic.

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