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The USS Yorktown was a Federation Constitution-class class I/class IX heavy cruiser starship in service to Starfleet in the 23rd century.


Service history

The Yorktown (with an assigned registry number of NCC-1704) was one of the initial batch of Constitution-class starships that were ordered for Starfleet appropriation on stardate 0965. She was built to Mk I specifications and entered service on reference stardate 1/9005, she was also assigned a different registry number, NCC-1717. (TOS references: Star Fleet Technical Manual, Federation Ship Recognition Manual)

At this time Captain Christopher Pike assumed command of the Yorktown with Number One serving as his first officer. Pike commanded the Yorktown for just over two years before assuming command of the USS Enterprise in 2251. (TOS novel: Vulcan's Glory)

The Yorktown was later under the command of Matthew Decker, with Anne Gauvreau as first officer. Captain Von Holtzbrinck took command after Decker went to command the USS Constellation. (TOS novel: Prime Directive)

Around stardate 2/0308, the Yorktown was refit to Mk III (Achernar-subclass) specifications. (TOS reference: Federation Ship Recognition Manual)

In 2263, Yeoman Lawford transferred to the Yorktown from the Constellation. (VGD novel: Harbinger)

In the early 2260s, Cadet Pavel Chekov took the Kobayashi Maru Test in a simulation of the Yorktown. (TOS novels: The Kobayashi Maru, The Disinherited)

In 2267, the Yorktown was on a patrol along the Federation-Klingon border in the area near the Kraith space station. Admiral Herbert Solow ordered the Yorktown to send an extraction team, led by Lieutenant Fenig, to the station to rescue Ambassador Robert Fox and his diplomatic team. (TOS novel: Demands of Honor)

In 2268, the Yorktown was transporting vaccines for a plague on Theta VII. The Yorktown was to rendezvous with the USS Enterprise to transfer the supplies, but the Enterprise was combating the Dikironium cloud creature. (TOS episode: "Obsession")

Shortly afterwads, the Yorktown was transporting the secret weapon Excalibur. Renegade Andorians damaged the ship in an attack. (TOS short story: "The Enchanted Pool")

On stardate 2/1102, the Yorktown was ordered to be scrapped and decommissioned by Starfleet. When the ship was finally decommissioned, she was restored to her original configuration, but because her bridge was badly damaged, the original bridge of the USS Enterprise was installed instead. Following the completion of restoration work, the Yorktown was declared a museum piece, and by 2370, she was attached to Starbase 178. (TOS reference: Federation Ship Recognition Manual; TNG novel: Crossover)

In 2370, Captain Montgomery Scott managed to steal the Yorktown from Starbase 178 so that he could travel into Romulan space and rescue Ambassador Spock, who had been taken hostage by the Romulans. In order to get across the Romulan Neutral Zone, Scott installed the cloaking device that the Enterprise had stolen in 2268 (which was being used as a museum exhibit). Unfortunately, Scott and the Yorktown were captured by the Romulans and sent to Outpost 43. With the help of Commander William T. Riker and Lieutenant Commanders Data and La Forge of the USS Enterprise-D, Scott was able to escape and they were eventually able to rescue Spock. Although the Yorktown suffered significant damage in the resulting battle with the Romulans, the Enterprise-D was able to save the starship and she was eventually repaired and returned to Starbase 178. (TNG novel: Crossover)

USS Yorktown personnel






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USS Yorktown (NCC-1717) was a Constitution-class heavy cruiser on active duty in Starfleet service in the second half of the 23rd century.

The Star Fleet Technical Manual had the registry as NCC-1704.

Sometime prior to stardate 3714.28, Yorktown — then commanded by Captain Eric von Ryan — discovered a damaged and uncrewed Klingon battlecruiser, the Krieger, drifting towards Starbase 16. (Star Fleet Assembly Manual 2)

After rendezvousing with the USS Enterprise in 2268, the Yorktown was bound for the Theta VII colony to deliver vaccines. (TOS: "Obsession")

Lystra Davis, a Starfleet Academy classmate (and former flame) of James T. Kirk, commanded Yorktown from 2269-74. (Orion Press)

Philip Reichardt would serve as Yorktown's commanding officer for one five-year mission in the 2270s. (Star Trek: Shadowstar Station: "Time, See What's Become of Me")

The Yorktown, under the command of Captain Joel Randolph, was disabled by the Whale probe near Earth in 2286. During his distress call, Randolph noted the Yorktown was without power, and their chief engineer constructed a makeshift solar sail in the hope that, once deployed, it could generate power to keep the crew alive. (Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home)

In 2293, Tuvok's father served aboard the Yorktown as a Starfleet officer. (VOY: "Flashback")  

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