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The USS Vitality (NCC-95238-P) was an ancient vessel brought back to life in a very different time in the galaxy. (Star Trek: Vitality)

Note: The Vitality was the last known human vessel to be operating, in this continuity.



In the 36th century, the Klokians and the omni'X are at war with each other... a war so big that it plunges the entire galaxy into peril. Their major goal: To possess spheres of omnipotent contained energy. One of these is being kept on the Vitality. In 3578, the EMH aboard the last Federation starbase brought back clones of previous Enterprise officers to help complete a mission to bring the sphere back to the High Command safely. (VTY: "Vitality")


The Vitality had an organic engine, in which the engine was in a symbiotic relationship with the ship. The engine resembled a tree-trunk.

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