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The USS Valiant (NCC-74210) was a Federation Defiant-class escort starship in Starfleet service in the 24th century. This ship was in active service around the Dominion War of the 2370s, and was one of a number of vessels bearing this name of numerous vessels from history, all named for the common meaning of the term "valiant". (DS9 video game: Dominion Wars)

The Valiant was assigned as a training ship for the elite cadet corps Red Squad. During the training cruise mission, the Dominion War broke out and the ship was trapped behind enemy lines. During the attempt to return to Federation territory, the Valiant was attacked by a Cardassian battle cruiser and all the regular officers, including Captain Ramirez, were killed or critically wounded, leaving the cadets in command.

After collecting detailed intelligence concerning a previously unknown Jem'Hadar battleship, the crew attempted to destroy the vessel. In the conflict, the Valiant was quickly destroyed and only two cadets survived the battle. (DS9 episode: "Valiant")

Dorian Collins, the only member of Red Squad to survive, spent some time thinking about her experiences. (DS9 short story: "Dorian's Diary")

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The USS Valiant (NCC-74210) was a Federation Defiant-class starship launched from the Antares Ship Yards in 2372.

In 2373, the Valiant was assigned as the training vessel for the elite Red Squadron and sent on a three-month cruise to circumnavigate the Federation. During its cruise the Dominion War broke out and the ship quickly found itself behind enemy lines. While trying to return to Federation territory it was engaged by a Cardassian battle cruiser, the Valiant destroyed the battle cruiser though at the cost of the ship's officers, leaving the vessel under the command of Cadet Tim Watters.

Watters then undertook the captain's secret orders to track and collect data on the new Jem'Hadar battleship. After several months the Valiant managed to fulfil its mission, Watters then decided to attempt to destroy the battleship. During the engagement the Valiant was destroyed, only three people onboard managed to escape alive. (DS9: "Valiant")

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This article uses material from the "USS Valiant (NCC-74210)" article on the ST Expanded wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.


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