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The USS Ulysses (NCC-66808) was a 24th century Federation Nebula-class explorer in Starfleet service under the command of Captain Entebe.

In 2371, the Ulysses conducted a mission to study proto-planetary masses in the Helaspont Nebula. (DS9 episode: "The Adversary"; ST roleplay module: Starfleet Operations Manual)

By the mid-2370s, the Ulysses had either been decommissioned or lost and replaced by a new Galaxy-class starship bearing the name. (ST video games: Armada, Armada II)


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The USS Ulysses (NCC-66808) was a Nebula-class Federation starship in service in the late 24th century. Under the command of Captain Entebe in 2371, the Ulysses studied protoplanetary masses in the Helaspont Nebula. (DS9: "The Adversary")

During the ship's mission in the Helaspont Nebula it discovered the inhabited planet of Echla. (Star Trek: Swiftfire: "The Only Thing Necessary")


Fanon continuities

Star Trek: Pendragon

Captain Timothy Sinclair commanded the Ulysses during the Dominion War. The ship was lost with all hands at the Second Battle of Chin'toka. (Star Trek: Pendragon)

In the "pocket universe" created by Darrum, Sinclair commanded the Ulysses into the 2380s. When Sinclair's mind rebelled against the world Darrum had conjured for him, he destroyed the ship by detonating the warp core, propelling himself back to his reality (in the Pendragon timeline). (Star Trek: Pendragon: "More to This Life")

Star Trek: Pioneer (STP)

In 2382, the Ulysses was destroyed immediately after coming out of warp at the very beginning of the Battle of Minark. (Star Trek: Pioneer (STP): "Torment and Woe")

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This article uses material from the "USS Ulysses (NCC-66808)" article on the ST Expanded wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.


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