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The USS Swiftfire (NCC-76125-A) was a Federation Akira-class heavy cruiser built in 2373. The second Federation ship to bear the name it was launched on stardate 50762.2. Commanded by Captain Jonathan Masters the Swiftfire saw extensive action during the Dominion War. Surviving the war the ship continued to serve with distinction throughout the Federation. (Star Trek: Swiftfire)





The Swiftfire-A was rushed into commission on stardate 50762.2 and placed under the command of Captain Jonathan Masters so that it could participate in the hunt for the renegade USS Fury. During the mission the ship's untested engines were pushed too hard and caused power fluctuations, which would lead to the port nacelle exploded. The ship was seriously damaged and was towed back to Federation space for repairs. ("Vengeance")

Following its repairs the ship completed a proper shakedown cruise just as the Dominion War began. The ship was immediately sent to the front lines to reinforce the Fifth Fleet in Sector 432 on the Cardassian border. The ship was assigned to the 268th Tactical Wing in the fleet. ("Deployment")


The Swiftfire first saw action with the Fifth Fleet in defence of Sector 432 just over a week into the war. During that time the ship destroyed several Jem'Hadar vessels before retreating with the fleet to the Guyra system. ("The Front")

The Swiftfire took part in the search for the missing Klingon Third Battlegroup. The ship discovered the static time bubble that had disabled the Klingon fleet and helped collapse the bubble and assist the Klingons in fighting off the Jem'Hadar. ("Regression")

During the Battle of Guyra the ship was assigned as the lead vessel of cruiser wing 6 of the 268th Tactical Wing. The wing's assignment was to protect Guyra III during the battle. ("Over the Horizon")

The Swiftfire was chosen to join the USS Enterprise-E on a mission to destroy a Cardassian biogenic weapons convoy inside Dominion held space. During the engagement against the convoy and its heavier then expected escorts the Swiftfire is damaged but plays a critical role in distracting a Keldon-class battleship and allowing the Enterprise to fulfil the task force's mission. ("Moral Actions")

After the heavy losses suffered by the 268th Tactical Wing at Guyra and in the month following the battle the Swiftfire, and the surviving members of the tactical wing were incorporated into the 3rd Tactical Wing. The 3rd joined the Klingon Ninth Battlegroup for the Raid on Sector 432. ("Pressure Points")

The Swiftfire and the Fifth Fleet are rotated off the front lines to the Vulcan border. The Swiftfire was then pulled out of the fighting along the border as part of the Fifth Fleet's elements assigned to Operation Return, moving to Starbase 375. ("Pressure Points", "Rode the 600")

During Operation Return the Swiftfire was one of the around two hundred vessels that broke through Dominion lines and headed for Deep Space 9. ("Rode the 600")

The Swiftfire is assigned to defend Deep Space 9 following its recapture by the Federation. ("Unfinished Business")

While on patrol near the Cardassian border the Swiftfire stumbled on an operation by Starfleet Task Force 59 to hunt down a Jem'Hadar super carrier. The Swiftfire joined the task force for the operation and played a pivotal role in destroyed the super carrier by using one of its warp cores as a projectile. The ship was heavily damaged in the encounter and was ordered to return to Earth for repairs. ("Task Force 59", "The Founder Ploy")

Around stardate 51480.8, the Swiftfire arrived in the Sol system, docking at Earth Spacedock for repairs. The crew were given three weeks of leave while the ship was repaired. The ship's repairs included the installation of a new warp core. After just two weeks on stardate 51531.16 the Swiftfire was ordered to launched, redeployed from the Fifth Fleet to Task Force 59. ("No Rest for the Wicked")

On the journey from Earth to join the task force near the Breen border the ship was caught in a temporal causality loop. The ship repeated the time period at least six times, all ending with the destruction of the ship. The loop was finally broken when the cause of ship's destruction was found and stopped. ("Q, Time and Again")

The Swiftfire need major repairs after receiving a heavy damage during a battle with the Dominion. The ship was stuck hiding in Cardassian space after its warp drive failed. The ship was forced to make a run about to friendly territory at Warp 4 and was only saved by the intervention of the USS Sparrow and USS Sherman. The ship received repairs at Starbase 129 before rejoining the task force. ("Change in Command")

During the Liberation of Nthony C the Swiftfire was one of the three Starfleet vessels involved. ("For the Federation")

The Swiftfire was modified to operate deep within the Badlands. The ship was equipped with metaphasic shields and improved manoeuvring thrusters. This made the ship far more manoeuvrable and able to deal with the adverse environment of the Badlands. ("The True")

In the Badlands the ship was engaged by three Vendoth warships, the Av'ran, Tava' and Pri'tak. During the battle with the ships it was heavily damaged and required extensive repairs at Deep Space 9. ("The True", "A Dreadful Operation", "Into the Fire")

The ship joined the allied assault fleet that attacked the Chin'toka system in the First Battle of Chin'toka. Prior to the battle all the fighters and most of the Marines were transferred to another vessel that was part of the planetary invasion force, which would not enter the system until after it was secured by the assault fleet. The Swiftfire was assigned to the USS Galaxy's wing during the battle where it destroyed several Cardassian orbital weapon platforms. ("Into the Fire")

Around stardate 51973.67 the Swiftfire discovered the badly damaged starliner, Fairstar, hiding in a system close to the front lines. Task Force 59 took up defensive positions around the ship while an engineering team from the Swiftfire attempted to get the ship's warp drive back online. The force was unable to prevent the Fairstar's destruction at the hand of the Jem'Hadar. ("Waiting for the Sun")


The surviving Marines and fighter craft from the operation to secure the planets in the Chin'toka system returned to the Swiftfire. ("Section 214C")

On stardate 52042.37 after the reported death of Captain Masters in a shuttle accident, Admiral Jennifer Douglas released the Swiftfire's command codes to Commander Core, giving her official command of the ship. Core's command was short lived after the discovery that the report on Masters' death was falsified and his rescue by the crew of the Swiftfire. ("Crossfire")

While on patrol the science department on the Swiftfire was able to conduct scans on two systems, three comets, three rogue asteroids and five wreckage sites, one previously uncatalogued. ("Always on My Mind")

The Swiftfire was dispatched from Task Force 59 to undertake a mission to make first contact with the Echlans in the Helaspont Nebula. To help facilitate that Ambassador Dylan Whitechapel joined the crew to oversee the diplomatic efforts. The ship was on station for six days before the Echlans launched their first warp vessel. After the vessel suffered a power failure near the edge of the system the Swiftfire rescued the stranded pilot exposing its presence and initiating first contact. ("The Only Thing Necessary")


The Swiftfire returned to Earth for upgrades and was in system when the Vendoth attack on Earth began. During the battle the ship engaged numerous Vendoth warships and was present during the loss of Jupiter Station. The ship was boarded once and successfully repelled the attacking Ven. Marines from the ship were deployed to Spacedock to assist in its defence. The ship survived the battle. ("United We Stand")

Design features

Main engineering

The Swiftfire-A used a dual warp core system with a warp core located in each arm of the engineering hull. Individually the warp cores are smaller then what would be typically installed on a ship the size of an Akira. The ship is capable of operating with only one warp core operational but at a reduced performance. ("Vengeance", "Rode the 600", "No Rest for the Wicked")

Tactical systems

The ship was armed with six Type-X phaser arrays and fifteen torpedo launchers. Seven launchers were located on the saucer section. One below the deflector dish, two forward of the deflector dish and two launchers located facing port and two facing starboard along the edge of the saucer section. The remaining eight were in the rear pod, four facing forward and four facing aft. ("Vengeance")

The ship was equipped with both photon torpedoes and the more powerful quantum torpedoes. ("Vengeance", et al) The ship also carried tricobalt devices, though they would only be loaded in the launchers if specifically ordered. ("Pressure Points", "United We Stand")

Through-deck shuttlebay

The signature feature of the Akira-class was its through-deck shuttlebay. There were five entrance/exit doors to the shuttlebay. Three at the bow on the leading edge of the saucer and two at the rear of the saucer section located between the dual engineering hull. Since the bay stretched through the ship craft would enter or exit from either the front of rear of the saucer. The deck of the shuttlebay was accessed through deck 11 and the bay was at least two decks tall. ("Deployment", "The True", "The Only Thing Necessary")

Auxiliary craft

In 2373, thirty-six Peregrine-class attack fighters and six Normandy-class dropships were assigned to the Swiftfire. ("Deployment")

In mid-2374, the Swiftfire also carried four shuttlepods, fourteen shuttlecraft, six work bee utility craft, a Danube-class runabout and a Venture-class scoutship. ("Change in Command")

These vessels were stationed onboard the USS Swiftfire-A:


see USS Swiftfire (NCC-76125-A) personnel for a complete list of personnel.

The Swiftfire had a standard crew of 500 personnel. In the first few months of the Dominion war the Swiftfire had 463 male personnel stationed on board. This meant that the ratio of male to female was two to one. This high ratio was due to all but twelve members of the 150 strong Marine company been males. ("Moral Actions", "Pressure Points")

The Swiftfire has around an extra 200 personnel stationed on board during the Dominion War made up of 150 marines from the 83rd Marine Company and the personnel of the 260th Fighter Wing. ("Deployment")

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