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The USS Sovereign (NCC-73811) (also registered as NX-90201 and NCC-17454) was the prototype for the Sovereign-class starships in service to Starfleet in the 24th century. She was commissioned in 2372 as the first of its class. (TNG video game: Bridge Commander; RPG references: Starships, The Price of Freedom)



In June 2370, the Sovereign was launched however, initial testing of the Sovereign's new additions to its defenseive and offensive systems proved disappointing. Design flaws in the regenerative shields led to phase synchronization instabilities in the graviton polarity generators powering the upgraded shields. The enhanced deflector system, which was upgraded with a new gravimetric distortion package, required extensive amounts of power that caused a drain on other essential systems. It was deemed too inefficient by Starfleet standards and the Sovereign was sent back to the Mars shipyards for storage and design reference. Many of these problems would be fixed by 2372 however. (TNG video game: Bridge Commander, SCE eBook: The Future Begins)

From 2372 through 2375, Captain Montgomery Scott served as the vessel's chief engineer, part of that time under Captain George Sanders. The ship's chaplain during this time was named Blackwell. (SCE eBook: The Future Begins)

Sanders must have taken command in 2373 or later, because prior to that he was in command of the USS Malinche, as per the DS9 episode: "For the Uniform".

The Sovereign's blueprints and schematics were incorporated into the USS Enterprise-E's computer systems. Unfortunately, many of the systems used aboard the Sovereign and Enterprise were different, especially offensive and defensive capabilities. (TNG eBook: A Sea of Troubles)

When the Sovereign was tested, the prototype regenerative shields failed. However, the Sovereign became the baseline for 2 anti-Borg design technologies: The regenerative shields on the Prometheus class and the Defiant class ablative armor.

The Sovereign was assigned to the Maelstrom in 2374 for research. In 2378, she was slated for a massive refit with an escort of 2 Klingon Bird-of-Preys. She was attacked by Romulan Warbirds who mistakenly believed that the destruction of the Vesuvi Star was the test-firing of a Federation weapon and that the two Sovereign class ships were part of a Starfleet effort to claim the Maelstrom. During the attack, the Sovereign sufferred minor damage but was saved by the USS Dauntless. She was later escorted to Starbase 12 by the USS Zhukov (NCC-26136)

Following the refit, the crew of the Dauntless was transferred to the Sovereign and helped by turning down the Cardassian rebellion. During the conflict, the Sovereign made first contact with the Kessok race and manged to destroy numerous Cardassian Galor class and Keldon class starships, as well as the Nor class Station, Litvok Nor. The Sovereign was part of the joint Federation-Klingon-Romulan-Kessok task force that launched an assault on the Cardassian controlled system Omega Draconis. After destroying multiple Cardassian Hybrid ships, and successfully contacting the Kessok colony on Omega Draconis III, she later pursued Legate Matans Keldon into a Solar orbit where she disabled his remaining Star-Destroying Probe and, later destroyed Matan's ship. She was assigned to the Maelstrom until the present. (ST video game: Bridge Commander)

In 2381, the Sovereign was docked at Starbase 22 following the Borg Invasion of 2381. (ST novel: A Singular Destiny)

Alternate realities

In an alternate reality, the USS Sovereign was Jean-Luc Picard's command, in place of the USS Enterprise-E. (TNG novel: Q & A)

List of USS Sovereign personnel

See USS Sovereign personnel.

Commanding Officer:

  • Captain Randle (-2374-)
  • Captain George Sanders (-2375-)
  • Captain Tejeda (-2376-)
  • Captain Jonathan Soto (2378)
  • (player in Star Trek: Bridge Commander) (2378-present)
  • Captain Jean-Luc Picard (-2380-) (alternate timeline)

Executive Officer

Chief Science Officer

Chief Engineer

Chief Tactical Officer

Chief Helm Officer


Recreation Officer




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The USS Sovereign was the prototype for the Sovereign-class starships used by Starfleet in the late 24th century. At the time of her launch, the Sovereign was one of the most advanced starships in the Federation.

Montgomery Scott served as Captain of Engineering aboard the Sovereign in 2374, under the command of Admiral Alynna Nechayev. In 2381, the Sovereign was commanded by Admiral Kathryn Janeway. (Star Trek novels: Spectre, Captain's Glory)


Registry and launch date

Since the ship was never actually seen in a canon production, various continuities have assigned it different registry numbers and launch dates. These include:
  • NCC-74222 and 2371 (Star Trek: The Adventures of Argus, Trekmania)
  • NCC-73811 and 2370 (Bravo Fleet HQ, Dixon chronology)
  • NCC-73811 and unknown (Star Trek: Bridge Commander)
  • NCC-73811 and 2372 (Star Trek: Prometheus, Star Trek: Unity)
  • NX-75000 and 2371 (ASDB, Star Trek: A Call to Duty)
  • NCC-75000 (Star Fleet International)

Fan continuities

Ships of the Star Fleet (Chris Wallace)

In 2377-78, Fleet Admiral Lamia Jedrek was Task Force 71's commanding officer aboard the flagship USS Sovereign (NCC-75000). (Ships of the Star Fleet, Vol. 4: Star Fleet Operating Forces. )

Star Trek: The Adventures of Argus

Commissioned in early 2371 under the command of Captain Toran, the USS Sovereign (NCC-74222) was Commander Jonozia Lex's assignment prior to the USS Argus in 2373. He served as the ship's as second officer/science officer.

In late 2373, the Sovereign became the flagship of Admiral Alynna Nechayev following Toran's promotion to Rear Admiral and his departure to oversee the completion of the remaining Sovereign-class vessels still under construction.

Star Trek: Prometheus

Atana Ral was assigned to the USS Sovereign following her graduation from Starfleet Medical Academy.


Star Trek: Pendragon

The USS Sovereign was launched from Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards in 2371. Captain Montgomery Scott served as chief engineer on her shakedown cruise, and later performed the same function for the USS Enterprise-E.

At the time of the Changeling crisis on Earth, Admiral James Leyton ordered the Sovereign recalled from a diplomatic mission to head the blockade of Sector 001. During the Federation Civil War that followed, the Sovereign became Leyton's flagship, giving him a strong advantage early in the conflict.

During Operation Return in 2374, the Sovereign's crew mutinied against Leyton, and the admiral transferred his flag to the USS Lakota. (Star Trek: Pendragon: "True North", "Sword of Damocles, Parts I & II")

See also: Sovereign class

Star Trek: Unity

The USS Sovereign (NCC-73811) was created after the Battle of Wolf 359 as a ship designed to defend against the Borg, similar to the USS Defiant. It featured ablative armor, regenerative shielding, bio-neural gel packs, and an enhanced deflector system. The ship was tested after the USS Pegasus was retrieved, and did poorly because of a power drain caused by the enhanced deflector system and the malfunction of the regenerative shielding system. However, another few years of work sorted out those problems, and the Sovereign successfully completed a number of assignments, most notably in the Kessok Incident in 2376.


Aft view

During late 2385, the Sovereign was assigned to Unity One Starbase under Captain Puto. The ship defended the station against two Borg attacks and tracked fleeing ships from the Battle of Gateway to the Azure Nebula, making first contact with the Iccobar. Shortly after this mission, the Sovereign was reassigned and replaced by the USS Odyssey-A. (Star Trek: Unity)

Two months later, the Sovereign was upgraded with four more type XII phaser arrays, two pulse fire quantum torpedo tubes, stronger shields, and an increased torpedo armament.

The Sovereign was later assigned to Beta Quadrant exploration under the command of Captain Jack Gore.

Starfleet International

See: USS Sovereign (NCC-75000) (SFI)

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