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The USS Sentinel (NCC-63088) was an Akira-class Federation starship in service in the late 24th Century.

The Sentinel visited Starbase Deep Space 9 in 2375, during which Nog discovered the ship had a surplus graviton stabilizer on its manifest which Chief O'Brien needing for the USS Defiant. Acting on O'Brien's behalf, Nog initiated a complex series of trades that saw the extra stabilizer eventually being swapped for a phaser emitter from the USS Musashi. (DS9: "Treachery, Faith and the Great River")

The ship was commanded by Captain Alyson Foxton. (Star Trek: The Adventures of Argus: "U.F.O.")


While the Sentinel was first mentioned in "Treachery, Faith and the Great River" its class and registry weren't. The class of the ship comes from the e-book series Star Trek: Corps of Engineers, where the ship has a different Captain from the one featured in Argus continuity.

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