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The USS Reliant (NCC-1864) was a Federation Miranda-class medium cruiser in service to Starfleet in the 23rd century. (ST roleplay module: Starfleet Operations Manual)

The Reliant was originally built as a Anton-subclass research cruiser. On reference stardate 2/1410, the Reliant was ordered to the Morena shipyards for a refit to Mk IV Anton specifications. While the ship was being dismantled for the engine refit, Starfleet Command decided to mount a different engine configuration unto the Reliant than was included on other Mk IV's. Due to this change, several external design changes had to be made, and Starfleet decided to make the Reliant the prototype of a new subclass: the Reliant-subclass. Following the extensive refit, the Reliant reentered service on stardate 2/1509. (TOS reference: Federation Ship Recognition Manual)

By the late 2270s, the Reliant was under the command of Captain Clark Terrell. In 2281, the Reliant proceeded to the planet Halka after learning that they had been attacked by the Orions. Lt. Commander Pavel Chekov led a landing party to the surface and learned that a local boy named Lojur took up arms against the Orions, and was subsequently banned from his village by the Elders. Chekov took pity on the boy and beamed him aboard the Reliant. (TLE novel: The Sundered)

In 2284, the Reliant was detached from active service and assigned to assist Dr. Carol Marcus and her Project Genesis team find a suitable uninhabited planet for testing. In 2285, Terrell and Chekov beamed down to a planet they believed to be Ceti Alpha VI. When they discovered Khan Noonien Singh and his followers, they discovered that they were, in fact, on Ceti Alpha V, and that Ceti Alpha VI had been destroyed.

Using Terrell and Chekov, Khan took control of the Reliant and marooned the crew on Ceti Alpha V. After engaging the USS Enterprise and inflicting heavy damage, Khan took the Reliant to the Regula 1 Space Laboratory where he captured the Genesis Device. A cat-and-mouse game with the Enterprise in the Mutara Nebula led to the Reliant being crippled. At a distance of +4,000 kilometers, Enterprise warped out-as Reliant was ultimately destroyed by Khan's detonation of the Genesis Device inside the nebula. (TOS novelization: Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan)

Following Khan's defeat, the Enterprise traveled to Ceti Alpha VI and recovered the surviving members of the Reliant's crew. From there they were safely transported to Starbase 12. (TOS comic: "The Wormhole Connection")


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The USS Reliant (NCC-1864) was a late 23rd century Miranda-class starship. In 2285, while serving as a support vessel for the Federation's Project Genesis, the Reliant encountered Khan Singh, who commandeered the ship and attacked the USS Enterprise, resulting in the Reliant's destruction. (Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan)

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This article uses material from the "USS Reliant (NCC-1864)" article on the ST Expanded wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.


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