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The USS Premonition was originally concieved as a temporal research vessel, and served as a testbed for the advanced temporal drive research being done at the top secret Manheim Temporal Research Facility.


However, with the Borg invasion and the assimilation of several key planets including Earth, Vulcan, Andor, Tellar, Bajor, Qo'noS, and Romulus, the remnants of Starfleet turned the ship into a full scale battleship. The Premonition was launched in 2382, and immediately used its temporal drive to travel back to the year 2376; two days before the start of the Borg invasion of the Alpha Quadrant.

The Premonition travelled back to 2376 to warn Captain Picard and the Federation of an iminent Borg invasion by Locutus. Under the command of Captain Thaddius Deming, the Premonition was originally badly damaged after being pursued into the past by two Borg Spheres, before being assisted by the USS Enterprise-E. Deming and his ship stayed to assist the Federation repel the Borg threat, and participated in the battle for Earth. Locutus's cube was destroyed but he managed to escape in a Borg Sphere fleeing back in time to destroy the USS Enterprise-D shortly after its first mission to Farpoint Station. Fortunately, the USS Premonition followed Locutus back and destroyed the Sphere before it could attack the Enterprise and alter history. (ST video game: Armada)

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