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The USS Pioneer (NCC-78399) was an explorer starship of the modified Sovereign class built by the Federation Starfleet, launched on stardate 64653.1 from Earth Spacedock. During her twelve years of service she became instrumental in shaping the face of the galaxy's 25th century. (Star Trek: Pioneer (PNR))




"Time is a companion who goes with us on a journey and reminds us to cherish every moment, because it will never come again."
Jean-Luc Picard

Maxwell's four-year command

Perhaps its best remembered adventures were those under command of Captain Peter Maxwell who became responsible for thrusting the ship into fame.


The Pioneer in the Triangulum galaxy.

The Pioneer was launched on stardate 64653.1. Its primary mission at the time was deep-space exploration of the Beta Quadrant. During the journey to starbase Beta Frontier the ship became the first to encounter the previously theoretical chronometric particle wave in the Gateway system. (Star Trek: Pioneer (PNR): "The World at the Edge of Time") The ships engines proved highly unstable inside certain spatial anomalies and thrust the vessel into the far side of the Triangulum Galaxy, becoming the second vessel to visit another galaxy (coincidentally the same galaxy as the first starship to, the USS Enterprise where first contact was made with the Sentrath. (Star Trek: Pioneer (PNR): "Beyond the Final Frontier")

During April of that year the ship along with the USS Christopher Pike was pulled into the mirror universe at a time where the New Terran Empire was taking shape and there were many instabilities across the quadrant. The ship inadvertently caused a conflict between the empire and the Alliance of Independent Governments which would last some years. (Star Trek: Pioneer (PNR): "Dark Reflection").

The ship participated in the Battle of Beta Frontier, at one point saving the USS Voyager. (Star Trek: Pioneer (PNR): "Destiny Of Freedom") It was also the first Federation vessel to encounter the Borg since 2385 when they were supposed to have disappeared. (Star Trek: Pioneer (PNR): "Messengers of Doomsday")

The USS Pioneer leaving Delta Vega.
In October the ship was ordered to conduct a survey of the Galactic barrier as new long-range sensor readings suggested it may have become unstable. This turned out to be a trick engineered by Gary Mitchell to steal the starship. (PNR}}: "In Thy Image")

In late 2387 the ship participated in the Skirmish at Planet Gateway in an attempt to repel Sentrath forces. During this battle it made first contact with The Guardians, creatures who had only existed in myth previously and made the startling discovery that the mysterious humanoid figure who had cropped up throughout Federation history was Captain Braxton. (Star Trek: Pioneer (PNR): "Time's Legacy")

Unusually, the crew of the Pioneer knew of Future Guy from his attempts to destabilize the 22nd century in Star Trek: Enterprise. However from Braxton's point of view he was yet to do this. This presents a puzzling situation which begs the question of whether once again Braxton was completing a predestination paradox.


The Pioneer just before the Battle of Attrexia. (Return Of The Empty Crown)

Over the course of the last year, unknown to the Federation, the government of the Romulan Star Empire had been overthrown by the Empty Crown and extremist group of Romulans who sought to destroy enemies of the crown, including the Federation. The new ruler, S'Ruul called for a diplomatic meeting with the Federation council and the USS Pioneer was sent to escort his ship. However, S'Ruul had secretly brought a small cloaked fleet along with him to damage Federation outposts as a warning. Luckily, captain Maxwell was able to forge an alliance with the Attrexians, defeating the fleet and sending the Empty Crown back to Romulus. This began a cold war between the two powers. (Star Trek: Pioneer (PNR): "Return of the Empty Crown")

The ship charted over 90 planets around the Ularen disturbance.
In June that year the ship was assigned escort of the First Federation starship Filez Permetaden when it again crossed into the mirror universe. (Star Trek: Pioneer (PNR): "A Mirror, Shattered) Pioneer was again made the test subject of Federation technology, this time the St. Helens-class runabouts. (Star Trek: Pioneer (PNR): "Something Kinda New")

During September Romulan activity around the Neutral Zone seemed to sharply increase. Believing a renegade Betazoid might know something about this, the ship was sent to the abandoned K-7 space station. Due to the amount of chronometric particles which had been soaking the hull for the past few years, when the ship passed close by a black hole it caused a reaction in the particles making them temporally active. When three of the crew beamed down to the station, they were thrown into the year 2268. This presented them with a predestination paradox and were forced to destroy a cloaked Suliban vessel working for a faction in the Temporal cold war. (Star Trek: Pioneer (PNR): "Tribble Trouble")

Later that year the Romulans did indeed make a move and S'Ruul dissolved the Treaty of Algeron as well as abolishing the Neutral Zone. A massive Romulan fleet passed through the zone with the intent of taking all Federation worlds in the Beta Quadrant. Starfleet and the Klingons promptly dispatched a fleet of almost equal strength to intercept the enemy at the Devron system. Prior to the fleets meeting a temporal vortex formed in the system bringing the USS Challenger, a ship reported missing in the 23rd century, into this time. The ship would participate in the coming conflict, the Battle of the Devron system, the opening battle of the Federation-Romulan War. (Star Trek: Pioneer (PNR): "Predestination")


The war began very badly when at the start of the year a Vorsoth forge was discovered near the Ularen disturbance. From it a large army of Vorsoth emerged with the ability to conquer the Alpha Quadrant powers. All Starfleet, Klingon, Tholian and other major powers diverted their fleets to repel the invasion. The Pioneer led the Federation task force and suffered major damage during the conflict. (Star Trek: Pioneer (PNR): "Tarlus' Ressurection")

The Pioneer was present during the Battle of Rigel III, the first major victory for the crown. (Star Trek: Pioneer (PNR): "Reality's Threshold") And later the climatic Battle of the Sol system. (Star Trek: Pioneer (PNR): "The Ancient Adversaries", "Future's Past")


In 2390 with the end of the war the ship returned to normal service. In April the ship encountered a Sentrath vessel, the first since 2387. Its single pilot found adjusting to life in the Milky Way very hard and so Captain Maxwell and the senior staff decided to give up the RAaD fighter they captured three years previously and send the pilot on his way. (Star Trek: Pioneer (PNR): "Helix")

Escaping the Tarkanus gravity well.
For the next two months Pioneer was given a simple assignment of studying gaseous anomalies. (Star Trek: Pioneer (PNR): "Stardust") It would become the first vessel to successfully chart the Tarkanus gravity well where it made numerous first contacts. (Star Trek: Pioneer (PNR): "Raptor") During the brief Tholian-Gorn Conflict the Pioneer represented the Federation, a neutral government, during peace talks. (Star Trek: Pioneer (PNR): "Blast Wave")

In October an accident caused by Ria McCarthy and The Guardians caused the destruction of the Guardian of Forever and the collapse of space-time. During this event the USS Pioneer came into contact with various parallel versions of itself until the portal was recreated by Ria and the boundaries between realities was strengthened. (Star Trek: Pioneer (PNR): "Moebius")

After this, Captain Maxwell was promoted to the rank of Admiral and Ian Tyson left Starfleet. Jessica Newson was placed in command of the Pioneer.

List of first contacts

Newson's command

2391 - 2392

In 2391 command of the USS Pioneer was given to Jessica Newson who was, at the time, the youngest captain in Starfleet. As well as this change there were many crew transfers and promotions including that of Nicole Robertson taking a more influential role as Chief science officer.

These first two years of Newson's command were mainly spent categorizing distant celestial objects and although this was certainly not what the ship is best remembered for, during this time the crew became closer to each other and developed more personal relationships. The first two years are however considered overshadowed by the previous captain.


In 2393 the ship's mission of deep space exploration came to an end. Through a series of unlikely events captain Newson came briefly into contact with The Guardians and former crewmember Ria McCarthy who warned her that coming events may shock her. (Star Trek: Pioneer (PNR): "The Time Tunnel", series "bible")

Technical data

Physical arrangement

The Pioneer has a total of 29 decks and is 685 meters long and had, equipped with 12 phaser banks and 5 torpedo tubes.

Unlike the original configuration vessels of the class, the USS Pioneer was designed more for crew comfort, acting closer to a city in space than a warship. Upgrades included a swimming pool, bowling alley, a three-dimensional football court, movie theatre, night club (in which Ensign McCarthy would often work as a DJ) and several others.

The ship was equipped with a docking port which could be extended to join with other ships when transport was not possible. (Star Trek: Pioneer (PNR): "The World at the Edge of Time")

Deck 1

Deck 1 is located at the very top of the vessel containing the bridge, captain's ready room, and conference lounge.

Decks 3 - 10

Decks 3 through 5 contain only crew quarters. Decks 6 and 7 are where the majority of the ship's shops and restaurants are located as well as the Paradox Nightclub and movie theatre. Deck 10 contains the mess hall.

Mess hall
Federation starships named Pioneer through the ages.
Slightly larger than an Intrepid-class vessel's, the mess hall is a relaxed environment where any crewmember can order food and drink. Hanging on a wall is a large set of paintings showing every Earth starship to be called Pioneer.

Deck 16

Deck 16 (or the engineering level) contains main engineering and other vital system controls.


Commanding officers

Command crew

Alternate Pioneers

Mirror universe

See ISS Pioneer.

"The World at the Edge of Time"

Ria McCarthy's quarters were altered by a form of the Manheim effect causing two points in time to converge creating a vessel in neither the past nor the future.

"Destiny of Freedom"

In an alternate timeline, the USS Pioneer was completely obliterated at the Battle of Beta Frontier with a sole survivor, Captain Maxwell. Thankfully this Maxwell met up with Daniels in 2401 and corrected the changes.

"Time's Legacy"

Ria McCarthy saw a blurred future version of the vessel in late 2387, a vision possibly induced by The Guardians.

It remains unclear whether this was in fact a future Pioneer or a dream.


In 2390 the barriers between quantum realities began to break down and many different Pioneer's briefly met each other.


Main article: SS Pioneer (UESR-78399)

In 2393 the Earth science vessel SS Pioneer was commanded by Captain Ria McCarthy. This change in the timeline was caused by another incursion into the past by Future Guy.

Background information

  • In an early draft of Star Trek: Pioneer the USS Pioneer was a Triangulum-class vessel sent to explore the galaxy M33. In later versions it was described as both an Akira-class and Steamrunner-class starship before finally becoming a Sovereign-class vessel.

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