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For the 26th century Federation starship of the same name, see USS Phoenix.
For the mirror universe counterpart, see ISS Phoenix-X.

The USS Phoenix-X (NCC-75948) was a Multi-Vector-class starship launched in 2374. It was a special experimental Federation starship for the X-Project. The X was added as part of the name, and not as a count of "Phoenix" starships. The ship served both Starfleet and, secretly, Section 31. (Star Trek: Phoenix-X)




The X-Project

In 2286, Earth was taken hostage by a ravenous Whale Probe. When the probe was given what it needed to let the Earth go, Section 31 took that moment to steal information and components from the Probe's propulsion systems. The acquired information and components would eventually lead to the development of the Phoenix-X`s transwarp drive.

In order for the information to be converted to schematic form, the shadow organization had them sent to Starfleet Intelligence. After decoding them, Starfleet intended on adapting the principles of the schematics to the previously transwarp-fitted USS Excelsior. Unfortunately, the tests were sabotaged by the re-interception of Section 31.

Over the next 80+ years, the schematics were put into developing the actual technology by Section 31's Tech-Team. The Tech-Team, under the guise of being Starfleet engineers, introduced their developed transwarp concept to Starfleet. In concept, the transwarp drive would also have normal warp capabilities incorporated. In 2368, the approval for the drive to be placed on a modified class based on a newly conceived Prometheus class, called the Multi-Vector class, was granted. The X-Project became official, but was known to only a select few within Starfleet. The vessel was named the Phoenix-X by project leader Admiral Theseus.

The Phoenix-X launched from the Beta Antares Shipyards in 2374, with a mission to test its new engine. After a month of testing, the engine was deemed a failure. The X-Project was put to rest, and the Phoenix-X was given a normal commission within the fleet.

In the following month, the Phoenix-X was reassigned to a recently demoted (Admiral to Captain) Daniel and given a full crew complement. ("The Tiloniam System", "Experimentalism", "Departments", "The Tilonian System", "Forbidden Crossing, Part I")

Section 31

During the better part of the 24th century, Section 31 conspired to develop the transwarp drive from the whale species. What they neglected to reveal in an official stance was the ultra-transwarp concept behind the drive. This was much of the reason it took so long to develop. Not only was the drive meant to harness warp and transwarp capabilties, but it was also able to reach a previously undiscovered transwarp domain level that led to speeds faster than transwarp.

Before being brought to the Beta Antares Shipyards in 2374, the Phoenix-X was built in association with a long-presumed extinct Obsidian Order at an unknown deep space station facility called Teketekon Station.

When the Phoenix-X was launched on its X-Project mission, tests began to run the transwarp drive. These tests were actually successful, but due to the conspiracy by Section 31 the tests were reported failed to Starfleet.

The ship was then given a normal commission and transferred to the command of Captain Daniel. Daniel, who had just been exposed for being a changeling within Starfleet, was forced into an agreement between himself and Admiral Theseus to keep the transwarp capability a secret. This secret was also extended to the crew of the Phoenix-X through Daniel's command.

Admiral Theseus continued to act as an extention of Section 31 to the Phoenix-X, continually ordering the ship on unconventional missions. In some cases, missions or experimental test techologies would be ordered upon the Phoenix-X by other captains, admirals, or even Federation Council members in league with Theseus.

About six years after the launching of the ship, Section 31's Elena and Nelkast came into direct communication with the Phoenix-X, becoming the ship's sole mission directors. This was brought about through the influence of Wallace, who had been infiltrating the Phoenix-X as security chief over the years, gaining an appreciation for the crew. Being sent back to Section 31, Wallace hoped a more direct contact to the organization would allow him to keep a close and protective eye on the ship. ("The Tiloniam System", "Experimentalism", "Secret Shuttles, Part III", "Particle Mechanics", "Departments", "The Deterioration")


While in construction, the Phoenix-X was given a false registry by Section 31: NX-00001. The purpose for this was to list it within the Starship Inspection Scheduler and allow the ship to be skipped over on inspections. Luckily, the registry was never called into notice by Starfleet.

On the other hand, the real registry of the Phoenix-X at this time was NX-75948.

Only a month later, after the ship's test-run of the transwarp engine, the X-Project was deemed a failure. Instead of decommissioning the ship, the Phoenix-X was given a commission, thus taking on the registry NCC-75948. The rogue undetected registry was also automatically converted to NCC-00001. ("Life 2")

Starfleet service

In 2375, the Phoenix-X was placed in command of a small seven-ship fleet. The fleet was posted in the Flortarios sector to protect against the Dominion threat. The war soon ended in the same year. ("Home", "The Bajoran Trove")


Like the Prometheus, the Phoenix-X had the ability to be divided into three separate pieces when in multi-vector mode. Each piece had warp capability, but not necessarily transwarp capability. Aboard the Phoenix-X, these pieces were called "vectors", as from the title "multi-vector mode" - and each vector was numbered: i.e. Vector 1, Vector 2 and Vector 3. The ship has been known to separate into these vectors for missions instead of emergency situations. ("The Nega'Jem, Part I") In some cases, certain vectors have been stolen from the ship, without authorization. ("Crash Bandicoots", "Secret Shuttles, Part II")

Vector 1

Vector 1 was the top portion of the ship. Of many other rooms, it contained the Bridge, the Captain's Ready Room and the Conference Room.

Vector 2

Vector 2 was the middle portion of the ship. It contained Main Engineering, and was the only vector to maintain transwarp functionality when all three vectors were separated.

Vector 3

Vector 3 was the bottom portion of the ship. It contained a control room which handled the cloaking device, and would maintain cloaking ability for the vector alone when all three vectors were separated. This vector was used outside of its emergency mode on several occasions, and would often be the choice for missions or unauthorized separation.



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USS Phoenix-X - ISS Phoenix-X

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Memorable quotes

"Damn you Phoenix-X! Now the Vulcan's aren't the clown-like outgoing race we all knew them to be! And we're Section 31... we know all the changes to the timeline."
Elena, "Forbidden Crossing, Part I"

Background information

  • The class of the Phoenix-X wasn't decided until the episode "Cookies".
  • The history of the ship would periodically be adjusted throughout the run of the series, and posted on the website. Its history wasn't clearly explained on the early episodes. The Phoenix-X`s actual connection to any sort of secrecy wasn't clearly explained until "Experimentalism". Its connection to Section 31 wasn't explained until the third season.

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