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The USS Okinawa (NCC-13958) was an Excelsior-class explorer in service in the 24th century. For fourteen years, starting in 2350, James Leyton was captain of this ship. Benjamin Sisko was the ship's Chief Engineer in 2360. The ship served with distinction in the Tzenkethi War. Okinawa had an illustrious service career. (DS9 episodes: "Homefront", "Paradise Lost"; DS9 novel: Hollow Men; ST video game: Legacy, RPG reference: Starfleet Operations Manual)

In 2360, Captain Leyton brought the Okinawa, with Curzon Dax aboard, to Renaga, where they rescued Sisko, Tuvok, Selar and Zetha. (TLE novel: Catalyst of Sorrows)

Soon after, Benjamin Sisko switched to the command division and was promoted to Lieutenant Commander. He served as Leyton's first officer when the Okinawa fought on the front lines during the Tzenkethi War. (DS9 episodes: "Homefront", "Paradise Lost")

While serving on the Okinawa, Sisko was fascinated by space, particularly for the innumerability and constancy of stars. (DS9 novel: The 34th Rule)

Sisko recalled those who had died aboard the Okinawa during the Tzenkethi War in 2375, after the end of the Dominion War. (DS9 short story: "Requital")

The Okinawa was still in service in 2378. (ST video game: Starfleet Command III)




  • The war service of the Okinawa and its crew is to be featured in a Star Trek: The Lost Era novel. This probably took place between 2360 and 2363. [1]
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The USS Okinawa (NCC-13958) was an Excelsior-class Starfleet starship in service during the mid-24th century.

Aboard the Okinawa, Benjamin Sisko was promoted to lieutenant commander and made first officer under Captain James Leyton's command. This was prior to Sisko's service aboard the USS Saratoga.

The Okinawa was involved in the Federation-Tzenkethi War, including one occasion upon which the crew encountered three Tzenkethi raiders. The raiders fled into a nearby asteroid belt. Sisko felt pursing the raiders would be risky, but Leyton overruled him; a decision Sisko admitted was the correct one years later in 2372. (DS9: "The Adversary", "Homefront", "Paradise Lost")

The Okinawa participated in the final major engagement of the war, the Battle of the Helaspont Nebula where it played a crucial role in the Federation victory. (Star Trek: Swiftfire: "The Only Thing Necessary")

In an alternate timeline, the Okinawa was part of Leyton's fleet defending Earth against Operation Return in the Federation Civil War. (Star Trek: Pendragon)

In the late-24th century, the Okinawa is a part of Task Group 8-3. (Starfleet Command (RPG))

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