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The USS Musgrave was a Saber-class starship in service to the Starfleet Corps of Engineers in the late 24th century. As of 2376, she was commanded by Captain Manolet Dayrit. (SCE eBook: Interphase, Part One)

In 2376, the Musgrave was to transport DTI Agent Stewart Peart and Lieutenant Arex Na Eth from Starbase 211 to Starbase 129. When Peart discovered this itinerary would take him away from his correct destination, he borrowed one of the Musgrave's shuttlecrafts, taking it to Starbase 37. (NF - No Limits short story: "The Road to Edos")

Later that year, the Musgrave transported Ambassador Worf from Qo'noS to Starbase 24, after which the ship was called to respond to an emergency in the Trivas system. (ST novel: The Brave and the Bold)

In 2381, the Musgrave was assigned to Maxia Zeta IV, to help clear a deposit of farantine at the dilithium mine there.

Crew manifest

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