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The USS Monitor is part of the same squadron as USS Takeda Shingen, USS Alamo and USS Midway. She was at the front of the Dominion War for several conflicts, and sustained heavy losses.

Monitor had its own Starfleet Special Operations detachment, Rapid Response Team 59.

She sustained very heavy damage toward the end of the Dominion War, forcing her to be in port for several months for repairs; shortly after she arrived at Utopia Planetia for repair, the war ended. Many crewmembers, such as Therav th'Shan and Raymond Quinn, transferred to other ships within the same squadron.

Former Crewmembers Presently on Other Vessels:

  • Lieutenant Therav th'Shan - RRT Mission Officer, later Acting Chief Tactical Officer/Chief of Security - now Tactical Officer/Mission Liason, USS Tethys
  • Lieutenant Junior Grade Raymond Quinn - Security Officer - now aboard USS Takeda Shingen in same capacity
  • Lieutenant Junior Grade Tov glasch Mor - Engineering Assistant - now full Lieutenant and Assistant Chief Engineer aboard USS Tethys

Deceased Crewmembers:

  • Ensign Thirizhalleh zh'Lenthar - Junior Science Officer
  • Lieutenant Leah Steinberg - Security Officer
  • Lieutenant Enrique Mendoza - Security Officer. He was mistaken for his Founder copy, and shot, by Ensign Gabrielle Madden.

Other Crewmembers:

  • Captain Masaru Hayashi - now Rear Admiral and Commander-in-Chief of the

Gamma Squadron

  • Lieutenant Commander Yungchen Tsering - Doctor of Osteopathy; Chief Medical Officer. Now Chief Medical Officer aboard USS Tethys
  • Ensign Eden Harmon - now Lieutenant and Security Officer aboard USS Tethys
  • Lieutenant Commander Donald Fergus - Chief Tactical Officer - whereabouts unknown



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