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The USS Madrid (NCC-43294) was a Centaur-class destroyer in service to the Federation Starfleet in the 24th century. By the late 2360s, the Madrid was under the command of Captain Mariah Darby. (Star Trek: Daedalus)

Lieutenant Commander Christopher Mackenzie was assigned to the Madrid as first officer in 2368. Three months after Mackenzie's assignment, the Madrid was ordered to track down the famed smuggler and arms merchant "Black Jack" O'Connor. After being given the run around through several star systems, the Madrid tracked him down to Klaus VII and Mackenzie was able to apprehend him.

The following year, the Madrid was the first starship to respond to a distress call from the Federation colony on Julinor IV. On arrival, the Madrid engaged two Breen privateer vessels and chased them off rescuing 3,000 colonists in the process.

Unfortunately Hojron, one of the colonists brought aboard the ship for medical treatment was a terrorist working for notorious criminal, Drevan. On Drevan's orders, Hojron was able to detonate a trilithium explosive aboard ship and was able to cause massive damage, as well as killing dozens of crewmembers, including Captain Darby. With Mackenzie now in command, he ordered all remaining personnel to abandon ship and attempted to activate the ship's self-destruct sequence before the Madrid entered the planet's atmosphere.

Unfortunately, the Madrid's computers had also been sabotaged by Hojron and the self-destruct sequence failed to activate before entering the atmosphere. The resulting matter-antimatter explosion in Julinor's atmosphere resulted in mass ecological damaged and left over 1,000 dead. The Madrid survivors were later rescued by the USS Enterprise-D. ("Clan Mackenzie")

In the resulting Starfleet board of inquiry, Mackenzie was exonerated of any responsibility for the devastation on Julinor, but he resigned his commission because he held himself responsible. ("Clan Mackenzie", "New Frontiers...", "Preceding Reputations")


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