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The USS Intrepid (NCC-1730) was a Constitution-class Federation starship in service in the late 23rd century.

Construction and Service History

Construction of the Intrepid began in 2268, following the destruction of the original USS Intrepid by a space amoeba. By mid 2269, construction was almost completed, but was set back when the ship's warp nacelles were used to repair the USS Enterprise in orbit of Talin IV. (TOS episode: "The Immunity Syndrome" and novel: Prime Directive).

Despite the hold-up the Intrepid was fitted with replacement nacelles, and soon began shakedown cruises under Captain T'Noy. One of its first missions in 2269, was to participate in The Great Starship Race along with the USS Enterprise, USS Hood, and USS Great Lakes. (TOS novel: The Great Starship Race).

In 2276, the Intrepid was one of many starships to escort the Enterprise back to Earth following its testing of the inversion drive. (TOS novel: The Wounded Sky).

By 2276, Captain Suvuk was in command of the Intrepid. She was assigned to patrol the Romulan Neutral Zone along with the Enterprise, the USS Constellation (NCC-1728) and the USS Inaieu, after receiving news that the Romulans were preparing to attack the Federation. (TOS novel: Rihannsu: The Bloodwing Voyages, #1: My Enemy, My Ally).


  • T'Noy
  • Suvuk
  • Setek
  • Sehlk
  • Si'jsk
  • Sobek
  • T'Kiha
  • T'Leiar

Appearances and References

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